Best Kentucky Sports Betting Apps & Mobile Sites

Several states neighboring Kentucky have legalized gambling on sports and other types of gambling over the past few years. Kentucky itself is making strides in the direction of local sports betting legalization. The state legislature has considered bills legalizing Kentucky sports betting sites each of the last three years, and in 2022, the state house passed it. But the legislature hasn’t been able to reach a consensus in order to pass any sports betting bills in the Senate.

Kentucky’s governor has spoken out in favor of providing sports bettors with a local, legal option, but the soonest that companies within Kentucky could be able to start placing legal bets for state residents is likely 2024.

Betting on horse racing is legal, but other forms of gambling like retail sportsbooks and online sports betting, are prohibited. However, that doesn’t mean that Kentuckians who are betting fans are out of luck. It’s still possible to wager on professional sports teams as well as college sports and to win real money in the process. 

Offshore sportsbooks have a long history of allowing people to gamble online in areas where doing so locally isn’t allowed. That includes Kentucky, whose residents have been using them and collecting gambling winnings for years. There are no state or U.S. Federal laws that prevent Kentuckians from using offshore books. Instead, these sports betting operators are bound to the betting regulations of where they are located, which in turn allows Kentuckian sports bettors to participate freely.

In recent years, more and more gamblers have begun using their phones or tablets to place bets, rather than a computer, and the best sportsbooks offer mobile betting platforms for all devices that have all the functionality of the full site on a computer.

There are hundreds of online betting sites located offshore, and our team of experts is here to help you wade through the crowded field and find offshore sportsbooks with safe, secure apps and mobile sites. After a methodical evaluation of the top sports betting mobile sites, they’ve compiled a list of the best ones in Kentucky.

We’ll also provide in-depth reviews to list the factors that helped determine each site’s spot on our list as well as a look at the history of sports betting in Kentucky, the current legal status of sports betting and where things seem to be headed.

The Best Kentucky Sportsbooks in 2023

Kentucky Betting Guides

If you’re a resident of Kentucky and you’d like to learn more about available betting options in your state, we recommend giving these educational guides a gander. We cover everything from online casino gaming to horse betting, and even sports betting in Kentucky.

List of the Best Kentucky Betting Apps & Mobile Sites 

Our group of sports gambling experts rated Kentucky’s best sports betting apps and mobile-optimized sites in several different areas and came up with a ranking of the 10 best offshore sports betting sites available in Kentucky.

Each mobile site and app in the top 10 has a long history of dependable, trustworthy operation and treating gamblers fairly. They all offer opportunities to bet on all major sports, as well as many less well-known leagues, teams and events around the world. They also offer a wide menu of different betting markets, including parlays, teasers, prop bets, live betting, point spreads, and moneyline betting.

  1. – Best mobile sports betting site in Kentucky  
  2. Heritage Sports – The best mobile site for live betting in KY   
  3. Bovada – Most diverse prop betting menu in the state
  4. BetOnline – Kentucky’s fastest payouts   
  5. BetAnySports – Best reduced juice in KY 
  6. BetUS – The state’s best welcome bonuses and VIP service   
  7. WagerWeb – Bitcoin users get same-day payouts   
  8. JustBet – High lines and low minimums 
  9. Everygame – Biggest selection of sporting events from around the world 
  10. GTbets – Weekly promotional offers for loyal customers 

Reviews of the Best Kentucky Betting Apps & Mobile Sites 

Our panel of experts considered several different factors while assembling its list of the 10 best mobile sites and sports betting apps in Kentucky. Each member of the top 10 has different specialties, so we present a detailed analysis of each mobile site or app in our rankings.  

Every gambler has different priorities when placing bets on their mobile device, so the strengths of some online betting sites may be a better match for your personal needs and individual preferences than others that we ranked higher. So, our detailed pros and cons list for each app or mobile site will help you find the one that is the best match for your betting capabilities.

Some of the factors we considered were user-friendly interfaces, betting limits, the size of the minimum bets, competitive betting odds, the variety of payment methods available, customer service, and bonuses for new users and existing customers.

1. Bookmaker – Mobile Site With Biggest Betting Limits

After reviewing the key factors that make a sports betting app or mobile site elite, our panel of experts has placed at the top of their rankings. Bookmaker’s mobile site has the functionality of the main site, meaning that everything you can do on the full site is just as easy on a phone or tablet. While our rankings focus on mobile sportsbooks, Bookmaker also offers an outstanding online casino that works just as well on devices. 

Bookmaker caters to all levels of gamblers—experienced and brand new, high rolling and conservative. Their betting lines are the highest in Kentucky, which professional gamblers love, but there are also some of the lowest minimum bets in the state, which will benefit cautious newcomers. And Bookmaker is known for never cutting off a bettor on a winning streak, a frustrating practice many online and in-person casinos are known to do.  

The site features a clean, organized user interface that is easy for newcomers to navigate and allows bettors to get their money down quickly, without too many clicks. Bookmaker also publishes its lines earlier than anyone else, again, allowing serious gamblers to bet without delay.    

Bookmaker also has an outstanding loyalty program and a variety of sign-up promo offers, however, they do lack an online poker offering.


  • High limits and low minimum bets allow bettors of all types to find the appropriate level of risk  
  • Lines and odds are published before anyone else 
  • Offers an elite loyalty program and bonuses 
  • Mobile site is easy to use and has the same functionality as the full site 


  • Loyalty program doesn’t cater to professional gamblers  
  • No live online poker room 

2. Heritage Sports – Our Top Choice for Live Betting in KY  

Heritage Sports homepage

Heritage Sports comes in at No. 2 on our list of top mobile sports betting sites and apps in Kentucky. In its earliest days, Heritage was invite-only. They’re now open to all gamblers, but they still have that elite feel and the ability to make customers feel like VIPs. They offer outstanding customer service, fast payouts and a cashback rebate program. 

Heritage also excels in the actual betting experience. They offer reduced juice odds of -108, instead of -110, on many sporting events, and competitive odds on most games and matches.  

The mobile site offers the same experience as the full-blown web page does. That includes Heritage’s large mobile casino, which has a live dealer section. 

Heritage is the best mobile sports betting site in Kentucky when it comes to live betting, which has exploded in popularity. Gamblers looking to bet on sporting events while they’re in progress will want to take advantage of the best live betting platform out there. Heritage Sports was one of the first sports wagering sites to embrace live betting and still leads the way. And the mobile site allows you to find and place live bets quickly before the odds change.  


  • The fully optimized mobile site has all the same functionality as the full-blown website 
  • Offers the best live betting experience in Kentucky 
  • VIP treatment  for all customers, including cashback rebates and customer service 
  • Reduced juice lines and competitive odds 


  • Welcome bonuses aren’t as high as competitors 
  • No live online poker room available 

3. Bovada – Best Mobile Site for Prop Betting in KY

Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

While our rankings are based on the quality of each site’s mobile platform for sports betting, it helps to have a site that is able to handle all of your betting needs, on your phone or tablet.  

Bovada offers the full casino experience. It has a large racebook, a giant online casino and America’s busiest poker room. It also offers the chance to bet on non-sports markets, like entertainment. It has an outstanding user experience in all areas, and all of it is available on the mobile site, which gives the same experience as using the full site on your computer.  

Even without all the other betting options, Bovada would land near the top of our list, just on the strength of its sportsbook. It has the biggest menu of prop bets in Kentucky, including low-risk props that are basically a step above giving you free money.  

Bovada’s mobile site offers the top user experience in Kentucky on your phone or tablet. Some online betting sites have mobile sites that are a boiled-down version of their site—fewer options and tougher to use. But Bovada has essentially the same mobile experience as anywhere else. Things work just as well on your device as on a computer.  

Bovada has a variety of welcome bonuses, and the rollover requirements are much lower than many other sites. Bovada’s bonuses have a 5x rollover requirement, which means you can access your money more than twice as fast as at many of the competitors.  

Betting limits are as high as $5,000 for some events, which is high enough for recreational gamblers. Pros may want to go higher, however, which is a source of frustration for them on Bovada.   


  • The most prop bets in Kentucky, including easily winnable ones to get you started 
  • America’s busiest live online poker room and an outstanding online casino 
  • Mobile platform is nearly identical to the full site 
  • Extremely low rollover requirements on bonuses 
  • Downloadable app for poker offering


  • Betting limits are higher elsewhere 
  • Releases lines and odds later than the competition 

4. BetOnline – Offers Opinionated Lines to KY Bettors  

BetOnline Homepage

BetOnline offers sports gamblers a bit of variety, as one of the only sportsbooks in Kentucky that has opinionated lines. Across the industry, the standard is to offer the same odds on either side of a point spread or over/under the total. Usually, it’s -110. Sites that offer reduced juice may lower that to -108 or -105, but even then, it’s the same odds on both sides of the cutoff.  

However, BetOnline will have lines that aren’t symmetrical. For instance, they might offer -112 on one side of the cutoff and -108 on the other, or -113/-107. That gives you the opportunity to find more value than at other sites. It takes skill and knowledge, but you can shop around and boost your profit margin significantly if you play the opinionated lines the right way.  

In addition to its sportsbook, BetOnline offers an online casino with more than 500 different titles. Their live poker room is a member of the third busiest poker network in the United States. 

The mobile sports betting platform is a contender for the best mobile betting experience in the state. They have upgraded their software in recent years, and the mobile site is now a contender for the most improved. All the features of the main site are available. BetOnline also has a separate poker app that you can download. 


  • One of the few sites to offer opinionated lines  
  • Third busiest poker room in the U.S., with a dedicated app 
  • Online casino has over 500 different games 
  • Recent renovation has improved mobile platform to one of the industry leaders 


  • Charges fees for some types of transactions 
  • Some poker players have complained about the room 

5. BetAnySports – Best Reduced Juice For Bettors in Kentucky 

BetAnySports Homepage

BetAnySports was recently upgraded by our team of experts and is now one of the few sports betting sites in Kentucky to boast our highest possible grade, an A+. There are a number of reasons why BetAnySports got the bump up from its previous A rating. One of the biggest is that it offers the best reduced juice odds in the state.  

Not many sportsbooks offer reduced juice, but BetAnySports has made its reputation by giving gamblers the chance to boost their profit with the equivalent of a discount on every bet they make.  

The industry standard is to offer odds of -110 on either side of a cutoff (point spread or point total). Reduced juice means that a site lowers those odds, usually to -109 or -108.  However, BetAnySports regularly sets them at -105. What does that mean? If you lose a bet, you’re only down 50% of what you’d lose at other competitors. It may not seem like much, but over time, it builds up and substantially reduces the number of bets you need to win to beat the house edge.  

BetAnySports pays for those discounts by cutting expenses elsewhere. Its bonuses aren’t as high for new users as other competing sites might offer. You’re basically giving up a little money upfront to get some of it returned every time you make a bet. Ongoing promotions for loyal customers are also lower than many competitors. The user interface—both the full site and mobile platform—also doesn’t have as much style or offer as many features as other sites. Still, it lets you find the event you’re looking to wager on and place your bet quickly. They also don’t cut costs in customer service, which is a strength of the site.   


  • Reduced juice offers the best value in Kentucky 
  • Pays out quickly and has a long history of being safe and reliable   
  • Low house edge on most betting markets, including money lines, props, and futures 
  • Has multiple live betting platforms  


  • Interface isn’t as easy to use as some competitors   
  • Bonuses and promos are low 

6. BetUS – Biggest Variety of Bonuses and Promos

BetUS homepage

BetUS earned a spot in the top 10 and the honor of offering the biggest bonuses in Kentucky. They also have the most flexible bonus program, allowing new users to choose from a variety of welcome bonus options, depending on how much of a rollover they want to be attached. Basically, the bigger the bonus amount, the higher the rollover, and the longer it will take before you can withdraw any of the money.  

BetUS also offers separate welcome bonuses for the online casino and the sportsbook, allowing you even more flexibility. In general, BetUS has a standard welcome offer that offers a match bigger than 100%, meaning they give you more free money than you deposit, and the match can go up to 200%, meaning you triple your money just by depositing it. The average BetUS welcome bonus also can pay as much as $3,000. It would be difficult for any betting fan not to take advantage of bonus offers like these.

The mobile site is easy to navigate. It’s well organized and the layout makes common sense. So new users will not have trouble learning the ropes while gambling on their phone or tablet. Everything is easily accessible.  

BetUS also has more personality than most mobile sportsbooks. It has weekly podcasts featuring sports celebrities like NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and also has video content at BetUS TV, which offers analysis and previews of big sporting events.  


  • Very flexible bonus options, with choices on the amount, rollover rate and casino/sports book distributions.  
  • Welcome bonuses match more than 100% of your deposit and can triple your money 
  • Creative video previews and weekly podcasts  
  • VIP program and nice mobile platform 


  • Lines and odds are not released as early as other sites 
  • Rollover requirements are relatively high and go up as bonus amount does 

7. WagerWeb – Same-Day Bitcoin Payouts 

WagerWeb Homepage

WagerWeb is a sister site of the No. 2 site in our 10 best sports betting mobile sites and apps in Kentucky - Heritage Sports. They share many of the same features, which explains why WagerWeb also landed in our top 10.  

Founded in 1994, WagerWeb also has been around for nearly 30 years. That’s a long record of dependable, safe operation and a well-deserved reputation for treating gamblers fairly. That includes fast payouts, including same-day for crypto users. 

WagerWeb’s mobile-optimized site runs on all devices. There are no lags in loading pages and no unexpected crashes or problems. It also allows you to place bets quickly, letting you use your mobile device for live betting on in-progress events. The user interface also looks good and is easy to navigate for WagerWeb’s online casino and racebook.  

WagerWeb gives bettors a taste of reduced juice, like Heritage, and also offers a 1% cashback promo for loyal customers. The welcome bonuses pay up to $1000 in matching deposits when you register for a new account.


  • Mobile site is fast and easy to navigate 
  • Reduced juice, similar to second-ranked Heritage Sports 
  • Offers 1% cashback promo and welcome bonuses up to $1,000 
  • Very quick payouts 


  • Customer service isn’t 24/7. It ends after the last game of the day 
  • Betting limits are lower than competing sportsbook operators

8. JustBet – Best “Hidden Gem” in Kentucky 

JustBet Sportsbook Homepage

JustBet doesn’t have the same name recognition as the other mobile sports betting sites and apps on our top 10 list, but it’s a hidden gem that offers just as good a mobile gambling experience as the more well-known options., which is our pick for the best overall mobile sportsbook site in Kentucky, is a sister site of JustBet, and they both share many of the same features and offer a very similar gambling experience.

Just like Bookmaker, JustBet features high limits for experienced gamblers and a user-friendly interface that’s easy for new gamblers to navigate. It is one of the first gambling sites in the state to post lines and odds, just like at Bookmaker.  

One area where JustBet stands out is in the simplicity of its software. They go with a minimalist approach, not overwhelming users with a lot of glitz and unnecessary options and features. The site is uncluttered, making it easy to find the games you want to be on and the markets you want to wager. There are also plenty of shortcuts, which help to reduce the number of clicks it takes to navigate—a frequent complaint about mobile sites, which can’t display as much on a page as a larger full-blown website. With one click, it can take you to games with betting windows closing soon or the day’s most popular bets. The betting slip is also down-to-business and easy to quickly fill out and submit. 

The mobile site is just as simple and navigable as the full site, with dropdown menus that are based on common sense, making it easy to find what you need. It’s fast and easy to get your bet placed, both on the main site and a mobile device, which makes JustBet a great option for live betting.


  • Fast-loading pages and uncluttered layout help with live betting 
  • Plenty of shortcuts on user interface to find what you need quickly 
  • Betting limits are very high 
  • Odds and lines are among the earliest to publish 


  • No search function on pages 
  • Doesn’t offer a live online poker room 

9. Everygame – Worldwide Menu of Sports  

Everygame Sportsbook Homepage

No mobile gambling site in Kentucky offers a combination of old and new like Everygame. They offer nearly 30 years of experience. Originally known as Intertops, they’ve been in business longer than anyone else and offer a reputation of quality and security built up over decades.  

Old often means obsolete on the internet, but the site has been rebranded and upgraded, giving the newly christened Everygame new, cutting-edge software that is state of the art.   

You’ll see the benefit of the upgrade when you start navigating one of the most stylish user interfaces on mobile sports betting sites in Kentucky. The mobile online casino and poker room also have outstanding user experiences, thanks to the smooth-running software. The casino at Everygame is also home to more casino games than anyone in the state.  

Everygame is also home to more sports than anyone else, with a menu of teams, games and matches from around the world. You’ll find lesser-known sports and relatively obscure leagues from as far away as Asia, Australia and Europe, in addition to all the usual options from the United States. While there are a large number of games going on at any one time, it’s still easy to navigate Everygame, thanks to a host of shortcuts and widgets. 

The mobile site is just as easy to navigate as the main site. It offers shortcuts to help you move around quickly, including a list of the sporting events that are about to start. 


  • Offers the chance to bet on more sports, leagues and events from around the world than anyone else 
  • Mobile interface is stylish and state-of-the-art after recent upgrade   
  • Biggest menu of casino games  
  • Easy to navigate both the full site and mobile version 


  • Verification of new accounts can experience delays 
  • Pages sometimes load slowly on mobile site 

10. GTbets – Most Creative Sports Betting Feature 

GTbets is a unique, creative sportsbook that has some great ideas you won’t find anywhere else. They know how to take care of their loyal customers, sending out a weekly email summarizing the latest promotions available for them that week.

A popular feature you won’t find anywhere else is the favorite team reward. You can register your favorite team in a variety of sports on the website, and when you place a bet on that team, GTbets will tilt the line a little bit in your favor. For instance, if your favorite NFL team is favored by three points, the spread when you bet them will be just -2.5, as GTbets rewards your loyalty with an extra half-point.

GTbets helps you research your betting before putting down money by offering a statistics section with information on pro and college teams. It also has a user-friendly betting slip that lets you adjust bets based on your risk tolerance.

The mobile site is easy to navigate and works on all devices and operating systems. GTbets also has reduced juice lines on football games and offers a variety of welcome bonuses. 


  • Favorite team feature rewards bets on the team you root for 
  • Weekly menu of promotional offers sent to all customers  
  • Stats section helps you research your bets 
  • Reduced juice for football lines 


  • Charges relatively high fees when withdrawing money from your account 
  • No search function available for pages on mobile site 

How We Rank the Best Kentucky Betting Apps & Mobile Sites 

There are several factors that determine which mobile sites make our top 10. That means that our top-ranked mobile sites and betting apps need to do a number of different things well. We evaluated each of the sites on a wide range of characteristics and weighed each of them based on how important we considered them in the overall gambling experience. Here are some of the factors we looked at.  

Mobile Betting Experience 

A sportsbook app or mobile platform should be easy to use. Our 10 best sportsbooks in Kentucky allow you to do everything on your mobile device that you can on the full site. Apps and mobile pages should be fast-loading, easy to navigate, user-friendly and be laid out in a way that makes sense. They should be easy to read and have shortcuts or menus that allow you to quickly find the bet you want to make and get your money down.  

Sports Betting Apps

Performance and quality are both equally important in a sports betting app. Users on a device should have a similar experience to people using the main site on a laptop or desktop. Top-ranked mobile betting apps are safe and reliable, and they offer a wide menu of sports, banking methods, and bonuses.

Mobile Betting Bonuses

Not all bonuses are created equally. They can differ on how much of your deposit is matched, the level at which the amount is capped, the rollover requirements attached to the money, and the areas on the site where the bonus money can be used.

Top-rated online sportsbooks should offer flexibility, allowing you to trade off one feature for another—for example, opting for a lower bonus amount that has fewer rollover requirements. Additionally, we went over non-matching bonuses, such as risk-free bets and free plays.

We also looked at all possible strings that might be attached when trying to withdraw the money. Other factors like minimum deposits, bonus percentages, maximum amounts, wagering requirements, rollovers, and expiration dates, also weigh heavily.

Live Mobile Betting & Streaming

In-play betting requires pages that load fast and bet slips that are easy to fill out and submit. Odds are changing constantly, and the game is going on as you’re betting, so delays can make your bet outdated before you place it.

The best mobile betting sites offer live, in-progress bets on many different sports and many different markets. Many sites also offer live streaming of events, so you can watch as you bet.

Banking Options

When you need your money, online sportsbooks should make it easy to get. The process of depositing and withdrawing funds should be fast and easy, without unnecessary delays or exorbitant fees.

The top mobile sites have simple, secure transactions that don’t take too long to complete. Fees should be kept to a minimum. Sites should offer many different payment options to fund your account and to receive money.

Many sites also offer extra perks and bonuses for users of cryptocurrency. 

Customer Service

If you have a question, concern or problem, the top sports betting mobile sites can help you with it any time of day. They should offer 24/7 customer service in multiple languages. The support agents should be professional and capable, and hold times should not be extremely long. There should be several methods of getting help, including live chat, email, and telephone.


Security is a non-negotiable for us. If there are any concerns or questions about a mobile site or app’s security, we dropped it from consideration in our rankings. Everyone in our top 10 has a flawless security record, and a reputation that has been cultivated over years, if not decades, for safe, secure online gambling.

Is mobile sports betting legal in Kentucky?

At the moment, mobile sports betting is not legal for companies based in Kentucky. That could be changing, but it isn’t coming quickly. While states to the north, south and east have all legalized in-person sports betting, Kentucky has failed to pass proposed sports betting bills that would do the same in their state each of the last three years.

The house introduced another sports betting bill in 2023, and the governor has made it clear he supports gambling expansions, but even if the bill survives the senate, the approval and the licensing process that will follow would take up most of the year. So it will likely be 2024 at the earliest that any sportsbook operator in Kentucky could begin accepting bets on sports.

That gives Kentucky residents looking to bet on sports two options. They can cross the borders to West Virginia, Ohio or Tennessee, or they can use an offshore sportsbook, such as the ones that make up our top 10.

Kentucky law is aimed at companies in the state looking to offer gambling services, not residents looking to gamble. So there are no laws in Kentucky or in the U.S. federal code prohibiting Kentuckians from betting at offshore sites or winning money.

How to Sign up for a Kentucky Betting App & Mobile Site

Getting started on a sports betting mobile site or app in Kentucky is fast and easy. The entire process takes just a few minutes, from start to finish. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open a Sports Betting Account

Once you’ve decided which app or mobile site you’re going to use, go to the site’s homepage and click the “Join” button. Fill out the registration page with the requested information. You may need to verify by having them send a code to your phone.

Step 2: Choose a Payment Method

Next, you need to make your initial deposit and collect your welcome bonus. Go to the Cashier section and choose from the possible deposit methods listed. Then enter your information and the amount you want to deposit.

Step 3: Select a Welcome Bonus

New customers should be able to choose from several welcome bonuses. Many online sports betting sites offer deposit matches, a type of bonus where the amount of free money depends on how much of your own funds you put in to open your account. You also might get additional bonus money for depositing crypto. Be sure to enter any promo code that is required to collect your bonus.

Step 4: Choose a Sport to Wager on

Now you can start betting. Pick the sport, game and type of bet you want to make and fill out the betting slip.

Step 5: Place your Bet

The final step is to place your bets by submitting the bet slip. Good luck!

Mobile Betting Bonuses and Promotions Available in Kentucky

There are hundreds of mobile sites and apps looking to get you to bet on sports with them. To try to lure customers to sign up with them, most sites offer some type of welcome bonus. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll also offer loyalty bonuses to keep you betting with them.

Most sites are flexible, offering a number of different bonus offers. We’ll go through some of the most common types and explain what you’ll be getting.  

Welcome Bonuses

Just about every sports betting mobile site and betting app offers a sign-up or “welcome” bonus. It’s the most common type of bonus given out.  

Usually, a welcome bonus will match some or all of your first deposit. It could range from as low as a 50% match, meaning that if you deposit $500, you’ll get an additional $250, all the way up to a 200% match, which would mean your $500 is matched with an additional $1,000. Bonuses are usually capped at a maximum amount. Amounts may also be specific to different areas of the site—for example, a site may offer a maximum $2,500 bonus to use in the sportsbook and a separate $500 casino bonus.

Existing Customer Promotions

Sites also offer current customers loyalty bonuses to keep them happy. It could be a reload bonus, which is essentially like a welcome bonus on future deposits you make after opening the account. Books will also offer cash-back programs, loyalty points programs, enhanced odds, and risk-free bets.  

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are rare. It basically gives you free money, funding your first few bets for free.  

They could be offered in a dollar amount or free bet tokens.

Risk-free Bets

Risk-free bets are also common. You get a chance to win without the fear of losing money. Different sites market them as free bets or bet insurance. Usually, you place a bet using money from your account. If you win, you keep what you earned, and the risk-free benefit never comes into play. But if you lose, you get back the money you wagered, usually with a free bet credit. 

Note: None of the bonus money you get is completely free. It usually comes with rollover requirements and expiration dates, making it tougher to withdraw from your account. 

Kentucky Betting Apps & Mobile Sites for iOS & Android

Sports betting apps and mobile platforms in Kentucky should be compatible with all mobile devices—tablet and phone, Android and iOS.  

Kentucky Mobile Sports Betting on iPhone

To download native sportsbook apps in Kentucky, iPhone users need to go to the Apple Store. You can search the store for the name of the sportsbook’s app. Some online gambling sites offer a direct link to their app’s listing in the App Store. Once you find it, it can be downloaded to your phone.

If the sportsbook you chose doesn’t have an iPhone app, you can create a mobile progressive web app on your device for free.

Kentucky Mobile Sports Betting on Android

To download an Android sports betting app, go to the Google Play Store. You can either search the store for the app, or many sportsbooks offer a link to the listing on their web page. If no app is available, you can create a mobile progressive web app on your device.

Mobile Sites vs. Sportsbook Apps for Betting in Kentucky

Throughout this guide, we’ve lumped together mobile websites and betting apps as one category, but there are key differences. Both options allow you to bets on a phone or tablet, instead of using a computer. Here’s what is different about the two options:

Mobile Site

Using a mobile site doesn’t require any downloads. Bettors just go to a sportsbook’s mobile site directly from the browser on their phone. They just enter the website URL. If you’ve gone to any website on your phone or tablet—whether it’s a gambling site or not—you’ve used their mobile site without even knowing it.  


  • Instant access to the sportsbook
  • Don’t need to make storage space available on your device
  • Doesn’t need to be updated regularly
  • Accessible on most devices—phone or tablet


  • Site may be down for maintenance or other issues
  • Less secure than an app

Mobile App

To use an app, you must download and install the app on your phone or tablet. You then click it to open it when you want to use it.   


  • Quick and easy to start up
  • More secure than mobile sites
  • Guaranteed to work on your device


  • Many sites don’t offer apps or don’t offer it for all devices
  • Need to have enough storage space available on your device

Best Kentucky Betting App & Mobile Site

We’ve provided you with our choices for the 10 best sports betting mobile sites and apps, as well as detailed pros and cons of all 10. The rest is up to you. Consider your personal likes and dislikes and choose which sports betting app or mobile betting site is right for you.

Our panel of experts went with as our top choice. It offers high limits, an outstanding user interface and a mobile site with all the functionality of the full site. It has something for everyone and has an outstanding reputation. Your personal preferences or specific needs may be better matched to another site, however.

FAQ – Legal Status of Sportsbook Apps in Kentucky 2023

Are betting apps legal in Kentucky?

Horse betting apps are the only type of betting app that is legal in Kentucky. Even so, there are plenty of offshore betting opportunities for Kentucky residents.

Can I use FanDuel in Kentucky?

FanDuel is not available for Kentucky residents for online wagering, only fantasy sports. Fortunately, Kentuckian bettors still have a variety of online sports betting alternatives to choose from, such as Heritage Sports or JustBet.

Does Kentucky have mobile sports betting?

All of the top online betting sites we have covered offer fully-optimized mobile betting sites to complement the desktop versions.

How do you gamble on sports in Kentucky?

Though the state has made efforts to make local sports gambling an eventual reality, to bet on sports in Kentucky currently, you must go online and use an offshore sportsbook. 

What betting apps work in Kentucky?

Most offshore betting sites do not offer native apps; however, Kentucky players can use the fully-optimized mobile sportsbooks right from their mobile browsers on a phone or tablet.

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