How We Rate: Sportsbook Feedback

How BMR Considers Sportsbook Feedback
by Bookmakers Review I Updated June 17, 2022

Bookmakers Review (BMR) collects feedback from online sports bettors around the world. One of the primary ways BMR receives feedback is from players who have filed a sportsbook complaint. BMR’s betting experts have more than 24 years of experience resolving complaints involving offshore sportsbooks.

Player feedback is a vital part of BMR’s process in evaluating online sportsbooks. For a full walkthrough on how the team at Bookmakers Review rates online sportsbooks, visit How BMR Rates Sportsbooks. Continue reading to learn more about how BMR uses feedback shared by players and evaluates sportsbook ratings.

About our Ratings

Our ratings are based on over 20 years worth of experience helping players resolve disputes with offshore sportsbooks. Sportsbooks are carefully vetted before being rated. Ratings are fluid and analyzed by BMR weekly. The industry’s best sportsbooks are rated A and A+.

Bookmakers Review Rating Guide

The industry’s best online sportsbooks hold ratings of A and up, but no sportsbook is perfect. There are always differences of opinion, but with well-rated sportsbooks such as the highly ranked sites in the Sportsbook Rating Guide, players opinions are heard and occasionally sportsbooks will reverse course on an issue if enough of the community agrees they got it wrong.

Where Can Players Share Sportsbook Feedback?

BMR Forum has a Sportsbook & Betting Sites Forum where players exchange information about online sportsbooks, share complaints, and ask questions from like-minded bettors. Players can sign in to BMR using Gmail for convenience or create a username and password.

Does Bookmakers Review charge players or expect commission from resolving complaints?

Absolutely not. Bookmakers Review operates its sportsbook mediation service free of charge and will never solicit nor accept tips from players. BMR appreciates players who use the complaint service as this helps shape and maintain healthy sportsbook ratings that consider real-world user experiences.

What Types of Sportsbook Complaints Are Worth Sharing?

Some of the most common forms of sportsbook complaints that are worth sharing are listed below. This is not a complete list of complaints, but they are among the most common.

  1. Payout Complaints: Nothing is more frustrating than being told the “check is in the mail”. Sportsbooks that cannot pay on time and in accordance with their advertised windows are not holding up their end of the bargain.

    Players do not expect to wait for extended periods of time after depositing their hard-earned cash, so it is unacceptable for a sportsbook to delay paying winnings. If you are sure that your sportsbook is failing to honor its advertised payout time frame, please write to and share the details of your situation.

  2. Bonus Complaints: The dreaded fine-print. Was there a gotcha term buried in one of the sportsbook bonuses you accepted that you feel is unreasonable? Were any of the offer terms changed after you deposited and accepted a promotion? If so, you may have grounds to launch a sportsbook complaint.

    Most of the time there are slight misunderstandings associated with bonuses, something as simple as not plugging in the right sportsbook promo code, or a debate over the calculation of sportsbook rollover.

  3. Account Verification: Know Your Customer (KYC) related disputes are increasingly common as sportsbooks step up their verification game. Unfortunately for the good apples, there are many scams associated with the online sportsbook industry – money laundering, ID fraud, and other nefarious tactics that require sportsbooks to perform their due diligence for the security of their players and the integrity of their bookmaking operation.

    Bookmakers Review often suggests that players keep a USB drive with their personal identification documents and address/utility bill to breeze through verification when required by sportsbooks. It is advisable to complete verification early on so that there are no unexpected delays come withdrawal time.

  4. Wagering and Betting Limits: Professional bettors often write in with various wagering and betting limits complaints. While it is frustrating to have your wagers placed on a delay for managerial approval or to have your betting limits slashed, this is a sign of active risk management. Bookmakers Review suggests players consider such account restrictions as a badge of honor, as it is a sign that they are no longer considered a new or recreational bettor.

  5. Casino and Poker Disputes: While Bookmakers Review specializes in handling sportsbook complaints, occasionally there are complaints registered against the casino or poker products offered by betting sites. Bookmakers Review will do its best to assist in casino and poker complaints, though Casinomeister is better equipped to tackle complex casino complaints.

What Happens After Filing a Complaint with Bookmakers Review?

Bookmakers Review will assign your betting complaint to a case analyst. Expect to hear back within two business days. Most of the time, Bookmakers Review can resolve basic complaints without requiring further information, but cases where both the complaining party and sportsbook disagree on the set of facts may require full-on investigations.

Make sure that you include all relevant details when filing your complaint with Bookmakers Review, including the items listed below.

  • Your Name: Your legal name as on file with the online sportsbook.
  • Your Account Number or Username: Share the account number or username identifier provided by your sportsbook.
  • Your Country: Please include the country you live in when filing your complaint and confirm if this matches what’s on file with the sportsbook.
  • Relevant Documentation: Include all relevant email or live chat exchanges with the sportsbook when filing your complaint.

Testimonials From the BMR Forum Community

Below is some feedback submitted by players after Bookmakers Review stepped in to help with their issues.

“Thanks to the team at Bookmakers Review. My case was getting nowhere until I reached out to you guys. I am glad that services like this still exist today.” -John A.

“I am happy to report that my sportsbook tune changed the minute I made mention of my BMR Forum account.” – Richard J.