Wealthy footballers actively pursued by online bookmakers

By Bookmakers Review20 June 2013
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Wealthy footballers actively pursued by online bookmakers

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, football charity Sporting Chance revealed that it now treats more players addicted to betting than players with alcohol and/or drug problems combined.

The charity founded by former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams said online bookmakers offer football players "free bets that run in to sums of thousands of pounds", while also paying commissions to individuals who introduce the players to them.

According to Sporting Chance CEO, Colin Bland, the free bet and commission techniques used by online bookmakers to attract rich footballers mirror the methods used by drug dealers to attract addicts.

With around 60 per cent of its referrals from football now being gambling-related, Sporting Chance contacted the Responsible Gambling Trust to make them aware of the "aggressive marketing techniques used by some of the gambling houses" and to find solutions to "mitigate the risks associated with gambling for all those involved in professional sport".