Foreign betting syndicates allegedly targeting Irish football

By Bookmakers Review23 June 2013
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Foreign betting syndicates allegedly targeting Irish football

Football Association of Ireland says to have prevented a foreign criminal betting syndicate from infiltrating the League of Ireland.

While there is no evidence that any League of Ireland football match was fixed, the FAI's league director, Fran Gavin, claims that the investigation that led to the 18-month suspension of Longford Town midfielder Colm James revealed an attempt to infiltrate Irish football.

"We interviewed over 50 people during several weeks and we strongly believe that there was a group involved in approaching the player from outside our jurisdiction," said Gavin, who believes a foreign betting syndicate was assembling a "network" to fix matches in Ireland.

FAI is understood to have shared the information they gathered with FIFA and UEFA as well as with the local police as criminal betting syndicates are understood to resort to intimidation and bribery to fix football matches.