Finnish police to investigate fixed match

By Bookmakers Review26 July 2005
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 Finnish police to investigate fixed match
The Finnish League said it had found evidence of heavier betting than usual on the match between Haka and Alliansi, suspected to have been fixed, and has asked the help of the police to see if any criminal activity had taken place.

"There is reason to suspect that the visiting team in the Haka-Allianssi game did not try to win, but was defaming the sport. The league's and federation's investigations show that there was extraordinary behaviour on the international betting market," said in a statement the Finnish League's licensing committee.

The league's Chief Executive, Jan Walden, said the development of the odds on some lists was unique, adding the bulk of the suspicious bets took place outside of Finland.

"We are asking the police to make enquiries that we can't make ourselves. They will have to move to the international level right away," he said.

The Finnish League's licensing committee postponed a decision on whether to withdraw the license of the club, saying Alliansi has until August 8 to give additional written explanations about the match and the conditions surrounding the sale of the club, who has recently been bought by a Chinese businessman.

Earlier in the week, Finnish broadcaster MTV3 reported that Ari Tiittanen, the former coach of Allianssi who was fired in June, was offered money to fix a match two years ago.

"I was contacted by a man speaking English with an accent and asked if I could arrange the final result of my team's game. The compensation would have been significant, but I said no way," Tiittanen was quoted saying.