Bundesliga Weekend Match Value

By Bookmakers Review13 March 2018
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Bundesliga Weekend Match Value

With a full fixture list of Bundesliga matches this weekend there is no shortage of games for us to look to make some money.

As ever though I’m purely looking to find those matches and bets, that I feel hold real value. I’ve managed to pick out three matches that I feel fit that profile.

The first of those 3 bets comes in the Borussia Monchengladbach v TSG Hoffenheim game. Hoffenheim actually have a fairly solid head to head record in this one over the last few years and they are a couple of places higher in the table but according to my calculations, the value is actually with the home side here. At odds of 2.76 with Pinnacle, it’s a good solid bet that I’m happy to back.

Bet number two is on the game between Augsburg and my personal team of the moment Werder Bremen. They won me money last Monday and I’ve got them down to make it back to back wins as they take their show on the road. The odds are even better on this one with Pinnacle offering 3.15 for the away win. As always, it’s worth shopping around as some bookies (none I still have accounts with) are offering slightly higher. Werder Bremen should be the favourites here as their record against Augsburg is excellent and they have the better recent form. Certainly, one to keep a close eye on.

My final bet is on the Bundesliga team that has probably won me the most money this season, along with providing some great entertainment along the way. The match is Wolfsburg v Schalke and, you’ve probably guessed it, I’m on Schalke here. William Hill have the away side priced up at around 2.25. Other bookies are in the same ballpark and as long as you can get above 2.2, I think you’re doing well and retaining that always important value.

I’m also very tempted to bet on the FC Köln v Bayer Leverkusen game but unfortunately, the odds on Leverkusen need to come up a bit before I can get involved. If the odds ever get to 1.95 then I think I’ll be jumping in.

So, not a huge number of bets this week but three solid bets that I’m very happy with and will be tailing without any reservation.