Updated AFC East Odds: Where’s the Value Right Now?

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Zach Wilson #2 of the New York Jets looks on during pregame warm-ups prior to a game against the Buffalo Bills. Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images/AFP

The AFC East was dominated by New England for decades, but the power shifted to Buffalo when Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay.

The Bills are favorites to win the division once again, but every team in the AFC East took steps in the right direction to make this a competitive season.

The Jets aced the draft with three first-round betting picks who can contribute immediately.

AFC East in the Right Direction

  • The Dolphins added two offensive linemen and traded for the fastest player in the NFL.
  • While the Patriots lost key contributors on defense, they still added DeVante Parker as an extra receiver.
  • With Mac Jones entering his second season, they have a chance to make the Playoffs once again.

The Bills should win the AFC East, but where is the value with AFC East betting odds? Here is where the value currently stands for each team in the AFC East.

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Buffalo Bills (-175)

The Bills should almost certainly win the AFC East, but there is still no value with this best bet for two reasons.

  • For starters, an injury or surge from another team could cause this bet to fail. There are too many unknowns for a negative value to hit at the end of the season.
  • Also, this ticket won’t follow through until the postseason begins. Because of this, you’re losing the opportunity to bet that money for the whole season.

It would be smarter to take a moneyline early in the year and let your money add value.

The Bills are great, and they should be the favorites by a wide margin. Josh Allen could win the MVP, and the team added key pieces on the defensive side of the ball.

However, this is about value, and this type of value for a future bet does not make sense.

Miami Dolphins (+300)

I prefer this value because of the X-factors for Miami. The Dolphins have a new coach who will be looking to upgrade the offense.

The defense should take a step forward with:

  • Melvin Ingram
  • Jaelan Phillips
  • Jevon Holland

The offense added:

  • Tyreek Hill (the fastest player in the NFL)
  • Jaylen Waddle

The offensive line should be better if Terron Armstead stays healthy.

Improving the run game is McDaniel’s specialty, and Tua Tagovailoa has the pieces around him to finally develop into a franchise quarterback.

The Dolphins have a few tough road games this season, but the talent is there. If everything goes right, there is a possibility for this team to win the AFC East.

The value isn’t great, but it’s better than Buffalo at -175.

New England Patriots (+475)

The Patriots could miss the NFL Playoffs, but I love this value for a few reasons.

For starters, it is a noticeable gap above Miami for two teams that are somewhat comparable. Also, the Patriots have the best head coach in the NFL.

I haven’t liked New England’s moves in free agency and were one of the losers of the NFL Draft.

Still, you have to assume that this coaching staff can make something out of nothing. That’s what they’ve done in the past.

Losing your offensive coordinator is a bad sign, but Mac Jones can still take a step forward for the Patriots.

New York Jets (+2000)

Even with these insane odds, there is no value here.

The Jets got better this offseason, but the gap between them and the other three teams won’t be bridged with a few signings and one good draft class.

They still need to settle the offensive line and hope that Zach Wilson becomes a franchise quarterback. The Jets are trending up, and fans have solid reasons to be excited.

However, there is a big difference between being excited and winning the AFC East over teams like Buffalo, Miami, and New England.

If the Jets learn that they have the foundational pieces for a good team with Wilson under center and the weapons at his disposal, then this year will be a win for the Jets.