Streak of Fortune Contest by BMR

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Welcome to the BMR “Streak of Fortune” contest, a thrilling opportunity for our followers.

The challenge is to submit a winning Major League Baseball (MLB) bet for 5 consecutive days. It’s not a race – multiple winners can emerge within the same contest week

Every participant who completes this challenge for the first time will be awarded a $500 cash prize.

How to Play

To participate, contestants are required to:

1. Respond to our tweet showing eligible MLB lines to choose from with their “pick of the day.”

2. Like and retweet our contest post.

3. Follow us on Twitter @BMRreviews

4. Become a member of the BMR Baller program. Submit a baller application here.

When a participant secures their first win early in the week, we’ll remind them to confirm their BMR Baller Program membership by end-of-day Wednesday to remain eligible.

The contest will run Thursday through Monday during the duration of football season.


  • This contest is open exclusively to residents of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Contestants must enter their “pick of the day” before the start of the related game, and are limited to one pick per day. Late entries or additional picks will be graded as a loss.
  • All picks must be action bets and remain valid regardless of changes to the listed starting pitchers.
  • We will provide MLB markets for participants to pick from each day, but some games may not be available due to clear favorites (odds of -170 or greater) at the time of posting the picks. This is to ensure fair competition among all participants.
  • A ‘push’ occurs if a game doesn’t last the full 9 innings (8.5 if the home team leads), often due to weather. In such cases, picks are considered ‘pushed’, not affecting your streak, and you can continue to the next day.
  • If any of your picks result in a ‘push’ within the 5-day contest period, an ‘Extra Innings Day’ will be triggered. On this 6th day, you’re allowed to make additional picks to replace each ‘push’ and maintain your winning streak. This provision doesn’t extend to replacing missed picks. Remember to make your daily pick to stay in the contest.
  • Participants must confirm their BMR Baller Program membership by the given deadline for identity verification.
  • Prizes will be paid in either USD or BTC.
  • Any previous winner of the $500 prize who subsequently wins the contest again in the future will be eligible for a $100 prize.
  • For queries or issues, please contact @BMRReviews on Twitter.

For more information about the BMR Baller program, including its terms and conditions, please visit our BMR Baller Page.