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TopBet Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About TopBet

TopBet has been online since 2000. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 1, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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Rating: 1

Our Verdict

A blacklisted sportsbook that routinely fails to pay customers their winnings.

Topbet holds a prominent place on our blacklist after consistently failing to pay customers the winnings they are entitled to. The BMR blacklist features only the worst sportsbooks in the business, consisting of scam sites and shady operators that simply cannot be trusted.

We have dozens of unresolved complaints about Topbet on file, and they generally relate to players waiting for months or years to receive the money they won fair and square.

Topbet received its highest-ever BMR rating of C in 2015, but it was downgraded to a C- the following year. It continued to plummet in our estimations, and we eventually had to downgrade it from D- to F in March 2017. It continues to hold the worst possible rating we can assign to a sportsbook, and we would strongly urge players to avoid this site at all costs.

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TopBet Reputation

TopBet has an abysmal reputation. It has been on our blacklist for many years, and forums are awash with players complaining about payment delays. The company has historically run its marketing operations out of Canada and outsourced all sportsbook operations to the Philippines. It claimed to be licensed by Curacao Gaming, but that does not appear to be the case nowadays.

At one point, TopBet was controlled by a company called FutureBet, which is one of the most notorious scam outfits in the history of the sports betting industry. FutureBet is infamous for cheating players out of their funds via blacklisted sites such as OddsMaker and BetonUSA. TopBet’s reputation improved after it was spun off as a standalone entity, and it paid out customers without too many problems for a few years. 

However, it was hit with a D- rating in 2016 and then downgraded to an F the following year after several payout complaints.

In many ways, TopBet follows a similar playbook to OddsMaker. The website, TopBet.eu, looks legit, with promises of great promos. It even declares on the homepage: “Our reputable and respected online sportsbook is filled with bonuses and promotions to make your betting experience hassle free.” Depositing with TopBet is simple, and the software is relatively smooth.

The problems do not arise until a customer makes a withdrawal request. At this point, sites like OddsMaker are inclined to accuse a customer of being a “professional” and use this as an excuse to confiscate winnings and avoid paying out. TopBet takes a different approach: it promises to pay out, but it then just fails to do so. Customers chase payment on multiple occasions, only to be met with a host of excuses before they ultimately give up.


TopBet will happily accept deposits via Bitcoin, Visa or MasterCard. However, it will then put up as many obstacles as possible to prevent you from withdrawing the money you have won. 

Some customers report receiving payouts, but many more say they have been cheated. There are many instances of players waiting for months or years to receive a check or a card, but nothing ever arrives.

At certain times in the year, such as the start of the NFL season, TopBet may receive an influx of new deposits from unsuspecting bettors. That allows it to pay off a few players that have been clamoring for their money. This is known as operating on the float, and it provides a reprieve for certain customers, but there are no guarantees that you will ever get paid out at this site.

Bonuses at TopBet

The bonuses at TopBet sound too good to be true – because they are. It offers $50 in free credit with zero risk when you sign up. “Try us out risk free and keep any winnings!” the site promises.

It then offers a 150% deposit match bonus of up to $2,500 on your first deposit, plus a $20 free sports bet, with no details of any rollover requirements. There are offers for $1 million March Madness contests and other challenges too, which TopBet clearly lacks the liquidity to guarantee.

We strongly urge readers to avoid the temptation to claim these bonuses, as they are simply part of the scam. TopBet has a history of trying to drum up new business by offering bonuses that are more attractive than its reputable rivals because it has no plans to ever pay its new customers any winnings. The bonuses change, but the warning remains the same: when sportsbooks like TopBet are struggling, they often dig into their bag of tricks looking for ways to attract new players, and you need to stay vigilant.

TopBet Security & User Experience

Topbet has invested in a solid, if unspectacular user interface in an effort to entice new customers. The site is more attractive than some offshore rivals, and it lists a broad range of betting options.

There are even regular news articles and tips added to the site. It bears repeating that this is all a part of the scam, designed to create a façade of respectability to lure unwary players, who will then be stiffed when they request a payout.

TopBet’s Customer Reviews

These customer reviews highlight some of the complaints players have made about this blacklisted site over the years:

  • “TopBet still owes me $22K and I have not received any money from them in over a year. They blame it on processor issues as always, have stopped responding to emails, and their phone extension for anything other than deposits goes straight to voicemail.”
  • “TopBet still owes me $2,500. I have been waiting more than three years. Customer service said my check is among the next batch of checks being processed, but I have no faith in ever getting paid out.”

Alternatives to TopBet

There are several reputable alternatives to TopBet, so there is no need to risk playing there. We recommend using one of our A+ rated sites instead:

  • Bookmaker | An established online sportsbook known for its excellent customer service, fast payouts, early lines and competitive odds.
  • Heritage Sports | A popular offshore sportsbook with an easy-to-use interface, reliable payouts, great customer service, a reduced juice cashback program and a wide range of betting options.
  • Bovada | This site has been in business since 2011 and is known for its reliable, same-day payouts, its huge array of betting options and its user-friendly platform.
  • BetOnline | Another trustworthy offshore sportsbook that has very large betting limits, slick software, loads of bonuses and same-day crypto payouts.
  • BetAnySports | A reduced juice online sportsbook that can be relied upon to pay out winning customers.

FAQs – TopBet

How long has TopBet Sportsbook been in business?

TopBet is a blacklisted online betting site that has been in business since 2000. It holds an F rating at BMR, as it has failed to pay out winning players their money.

Several players have reported that they have been waiting years to receive their funds, and many have now given up hope. In light of these issues, we strongly advise readers to avoid TopBet. The site is not reliable, so we recommend using one of our A+ rated sports betting sites instead: Bookmaker.eu, Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline or BetAnySports.

Is TopBet legit?

TopBet is not a legit betting site. It has been blacklisted by BMR and it has a history of scamming its customers, so we encourage all readers to stay away from this sportsbook.

One of the biggest complaints about TopBet focuses on very long payment delays. They are met with a raft of excuses and simply promised that the money will arrive soon, but they are left waiting for years and they eventually give up.

Is TopBet a reliable online sportsbook?

TopBet is not reliable. It has a checkered history featuring withheld payments, payout delays and unhelpful customer service, making it an unreliable choice for offshore sports betting.

Customer service at TopBet is poor, with players reporting that they were given generic responses to their queries or that they were simply ignored. This lack of support adds to the frustration felt by players dealing with payment delays.

How can I deposit funds at TopBet?

We do not recommend depositing funds at TopBet. You are unlikely to have any issues when making a deposit – it accepts Bitcoin, Visa and MasterCard – but you are highly likely to experience problems when it comes to getting paid out.

This is a blacklisted sportsbook that has routinely failed to pay customers the funds they have requested. It has provided a litany of excuses, leaving customers high and dry. As such, we warn all readers to give this F-rated betting site a wide berth.

Does TopBet pay out?

TopBet cannot be relied upon to pay out, so we strongly advise readers to avoid using this blacklisted site. There are lots of reputable sites to use instead, including BetOnline, Bovada and Bookmaker.eu. They all pay winning customers, so we recommend using one of our A+ rated sites instead of using an untrustworthy sportsbook like TopBet.