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Sportsbook.com Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 14, 2023
About Sportsbook.com

Sportsbook.com has been online since 2000. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 2, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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Rating: 2

Our Verdict

A blacklisted sportsbook that has repeatedly failed to pay customers their winnings.

Sportsbook.com is an untrustworthy online sports betting site with a history of failing to pay customers their winnings. This online gambling site landed on our blacklist more than 15 years ago following a raft of customer complaints, and it has remained there ever since.

Operations transferred to a new domain, Sportsbook.ag, many years ago. However, the same problems persisted, so we have always warned readers to avoid this blacklisted site.

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Sportsbook.com Reputation

Sportsbook.com has an interesting history. It started out as a legit online sports betting site owned by U.K. group Sportingbet. The brand advertised on major websites like ESPN and Yahoo!, and it was renowned for treating players fairly and paying out on time.

However, that all changed after the U.S. government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. Sportingbet – which is now part of Entain, the industry heavyweight that owns brands such as Ladbrokes, PartyPoker, PartyCasino and BetMGM – sold Sportsbook.com to a private company called Jazette Enterprises for just $1.

Jazette has a poor reputation in the industry, as customers have suffered from payout issues at various sites that it has operated, such as PlayersOnly. Sportsbook.com and Sportsbook.ag gained a reputation for launching “account audits” whenever a player made a relatively large payout request.

Bettors have been slow paid, suffered from bait and switch bonus scams, had bets graded incorrectly or had their futures bets voided, so this sportsbook’s reputation plummeted and it has a poor reputation. Some players now report that it pays out, but we are not yet prepared to take it off our blacklist.


Sportsbook.com was always keen to accept customer deposits, offering several convenient options to aid the process. However, it then tried every trick in the book to avoid paying out winning customers.

We have received numerous complaints about this online sports betting site from our community. Many bettors have been told they cannot withdraw substantial balances and given spurious reasons. Payouts have been canceled, delayed or simply withheld, so this has long been seen as a deeply untrustworthy site, even though some existing players now say they are paid regularly and able to make withdrawals.

Fortunately, it does not currently appear to be accepting new customers. The homepage at Sportsbook.com just has a login option, with no registration form, and the same is true of Sportsbook.ag. However, it may begin targeting new customers again in the future, and we highly recommend steering clear of it.

Bonuses at Sportsbook.com

Sportsbook.com is not currently offering any bonuses. In the past, it has run bait and switch scams, whereby it accuses winning players of flouting obscure bonus terms that it invents on the fly. Players are accused of “bonus abuse” and their funds are withheld. This is one of many reasons to stay away from blacklisted sites like Sportsbook.com and Sportsbook.ag.

Sportsbook.com Security & User Experience

Sportsbook.com was never a particularly impressive site. It featured just a few basic sports betting options on NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, baseball and horse racing. You would only find options for American sports, as the options for wagering on international leagues are terribly lacking.

The betting interface was always clunky, there were no prop bets, the odds were nothing special, the live betting section was empty and it did not include many sports. The team simply does the bare minimum to appeal to a U.S. sports bettor.

It is not currently accepting new customers, but if it begins accepting sign-ups, we would advise readers to proceed with caution.

Sportsbook.com Customer Reviews

Customers have provided negative reviews of Sportsbook.com and Sportsbook.ag for many years. They have been paid slowly or had their funds seized, so we have seen no need to remove the online gambling site from our blacklist. One customer who had been playing virtual blackjack in the online casino even had $30,000 confiscated after being accused of counting cards.

However, players have recently started to report that they have been paid out. They say it takes 5-7 days and that there is a maximum payment of $2,500 or $5,000, but they seem reasonably happy with the service. As mentioned earlier, the site states “Please note we are not currently accepting new signups,” so you cannot register anyway, but if it starts welcoming new players, just bear in mind its checkered history.

Alternatives to Sportsbook.com

We advise readers to avoid blacklisted sportsbooks and to sign up with our A+ rated sites instead:

  • Bookmaker | A sportsbook that has been paying out winning sports bettors since the 1990s, with a reputation for providing early betting lines and competitive odds.
  • Heritage Sports | Another highly-rated offshore sportsbook that previously ran on an invite-only model. It offers reduced juice lines and cash back promos.
  • Bovada | A very popular betting site offering a sportsbook, racebook, casino games and the largest poker room in America that online poker players are sure to enjoy.
  • BetOnline | A sportsbook with high betting limits, large promos, same-day payouts, slick software and other features such as live streaming.
  • BetAnySports | A reduced juice sportsbook that always pays out winning bettors.

Our top-tier online sports betting sites have superior betting platforms, accept a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods and provide gaming options that casino customers will love. You’re sure to be able to bet on your favorite sports and then some with these sites. With mobile sports betting among many other betting options, our A and A+ rated sportsbook operators feature many perks that simply aren’t found at retail sports betting locations. 

FAQs – Sportsbook.com

How long has Sportsbook.com been in business?

Sportsbook.com has been online since 2000. It holds a BMR rating of D-, which indicates that this site is currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided.

Is Sportsbook.com legit?

We would advise readers to proceed with extreme caution at this site, as it has a checkered history and it is currently on our blacklist. Some players say it is legit, but others say its historical antics have left a bad taste in their mouths.

Is Sportsbook.com a reliable online sportsbook?

We do not rate Sportsbook.com or Sportsbook.ag as reliable online sportsbooks. Customers have made many complaints about confiscated winnings, bonus scams and slow payments in the past, so we would advise readers to use a more trustworthy offshore betting site instead.

How can I deposit funds at Sportsbook.com?

You cannot currently deposit funds at Sportsbook.com or Sportsbook.ag if you do not already hold an account, as it is not accepting new players. If you are an existing customer and you are happy with the service, you can use your usual method.

Does Sportsbook.com pay out?

Sportsbook.com has a history of slow payouts, so it is on our blacklist. Players now say they are typically paid within 5-7 days, but we remain concerned by the many payout issues that customers have suffered over the years.