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Linesmaker Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About Linesmaker

Linesmaker has been online since 2000. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 2, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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Rating: 2

Our Verdict

A blacklisted sportsbook that has seized customers’ winnings.

Linesmaker is a blacklisted offshore sportsbook that has deceitfully seized customers’ winnings in the past. We have assigned it a D- rating, which means sports bettors should stay away from this site to avoid being scammed.

The operation is based in Costa Rica and primarily targets American sports bettors. Its previous domain name was Linesmaker.com, but that has now been closed down. The new domain is BetLM.ag, but it is not currently accepting new customers. It may begin targeting new users again in the future, but we would highly recommend avoiding this sportsbook.

All blacklisted sportsbooks have cheated players out of their money in the past, and they may well do so again. There are many reputable, high-quality sportsbooks with better sports betting services to use instead, so there is no need for you to risk playing at a blacklisted site. This review will break down why you should give Linesmaker a wide berth and highlight better alternatives.

About our Ratings

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country-accepted-icon Costa Rica CR Sports Bettors Accepted

Linesmaker Reputation

Linesmaker has a bad reputation among sports bettors. It was formerly part of the Jazette Group, which was renowned for confiscating players’ winnings for erroneous reasons.

This sportsbook has been subject to some customer complaints over the years. One player won $15,900, only to be accused of taking part in “syndicate play.” Linesmaker had no proof of this – and his betting activity did not indicate that he was part of a syndicate – but the site used it as justification to refuse his payout request.

That is the hallmark of a scam site: it will happily take your money when you are losing and then find unfounded reasons to accuse you of “cheating” when you win. Linesmaker landed on our blacklist after refusing to pay out winning bettors, and it has been on the list for several years. You cannot place bets with confidence at this sportsbook.


It is worth noting that blacklisted sportsbooks typically offer quick, convenient deposits. They are all too happy to take your money, but getting paid out can be an entirely different proposition. We suggest you save yourself the hassle and use a trusted, reputable sportsbook instead.

Bonuses at Linesmaker

Another common tactic used by blacklisted sportsbooks is to reel unsuspecting customers in with generous bonuses. There are not currently any promos listed at this sportsbook, but if you are offered any in the future, it would be advisable to avoid the temptation to claim them.

LinesMaker Security & User Experience

The old domain – LinesMaker.com – is no longer operational. It has switched to BetLM.ag, with a sister site called BetLM.eu. It does not have a sign-up button, and there is no way to open a registration form, so you will not be able to create a new account right now.

The website looks a little basic, and it is not particularly inviting. If the company improves the site and begins targeting new customers, we would recommend proceeding with caution, as they are not likely to deliver a good betting experience.

Linesmaker’s Customer Reviews

These are some forum comments that highlight historical issues with Linesmaker:

  • “Linesmaker closed my account and took my deposit the same day I sent it to them. Whether I will ever get my deposit back is unknown. They are crooks.”
  • “This book is basically bankrupt, why anyone would play there is beyond belief.”
  • “They expect every player to lose… but when you win, you are accused of ‘cheating’ somehow. Because no one is supposed to win here.”

These comments are old, and we have not received any recent complaints, but there is nothing to suggest that it is now a legit operator.

Alternatives to Linesmaker

Fortunately, there are lots of respectable, trustworthy alternatives to Linesmaker. These are our A+ rated sportsbooks that you can wager at with real money today:

  • Bookmaker | This is a very famous offshore sportsbook that has earned the trust of its large customer base over more than two decades.
  • Heritage Sports | An elite online sports betting site with a great reputation and a popular reduced juice cashback bonus program.
  • Bovada | A feature-rich sportsbook specifically created for U.S. sports bettors, offering same-day payouts and a huge array of proposition bets.
  • BetOnline | Another betting site that has been available since the 1990s, which offers very high betting limits, rapid payouts and lots of additional features.
  • BetAnySports | A reduced juice online sportsbook that offers some of the sharpest odds on the market, along with secure, dependable withdrawals.

Our top-rated offshore sportsbooks are great for all your gambling favorites. Whether you want to pick from a huge selection of casino games, table games, a variety of sports or horse racing betting options, our offshore sites have your back, with excellent customer service to boot. 

FAQs – Linesmaker

How long has Linesmaker Sportsbook been in business?

Linesmaker has been taking online sports bets since 1999. The website claims it has a “rock solid reputation,” but that is absolutely not the case. This is a blacklisted sports betting site with a reputation for scamming unsuspecting players out of their money.

Is Linesmaker legit?

Linesmaker is not a legit online sportsbook and it cannot be relied upon to pay customers their winnings. It has been subjected to various complaints and negative comments on the forum over the years.

We suggest you stay away from this D- rated site and use an A+ rated online sportsbook instead. 

Is Linesmaker a reliable online sportsbook?

Linesmaker is not a reliable sports betting site. It is on the BMR blacklist, and it has been for many years. The blacklist features a rogue’s gallery of shady sportsbooks that have used underhanded tactics to scam players out of their winnings.

How can I deposit funds at Linesmaker?

We highly recommend that you do not deposit funds at Linesmaker, a D- rated sportsbook on the BMR blacklist. Fortunately, it does not appear to be accepting new customers right now, but if you already hold an account, you might want to think twice before funding it.

Does Linesmaker pay out?

Linesmaker has a history of failing to pay out winning customers. One player complained that he won $15,900, only for it to be confiscated after he was accused of “syndicate play.”

The bettor in question had wagered more than 20 bets per day, which would not typically indicate syndicate wagering.