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Just4Bettors Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About JustForBettors

JustForBettors has been online since 2004. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 1, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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Rating: 1

Our Verdict

A blacklisted sportsbook that should be avoided by online sportsbook customers.

Just4Bettors is a blacklisted sportsbook with a history of running scams and failing to pay out winning customers.

The site holds a BMR of F. That means Just4Bettors should be avoided. Anyone that signs up is at risk of having their winnings confiscated, so we urge all players to stay away from this online betting site and take their betting action elsewhere.

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Just4Bettors Reputation

Just4Bettors is a notorious scam site that emerged in 2012. At the time, a sportsbook called BlazingBet.eu was making a lot of noise in the offshore betting community. The web server suggested that it was a sister site of SportsPlay.us and 365BetUS.eu, run by a group of scammers.

A former BetUS executive moved to BlazingBet and began cold calling old customers, offering a 100% cash bonus with an 8x rollover requirement to sign up with the offshore betting site. Several players set up accounts, and some ran up reasonably large balances, which is when payout issues started.

Online sportsbook customers grew increasingly angry, and BlazingBet was closed down, leaving bettors high and dry. Many were eventually referred to a sister site, Just4Bettors, which simply repeated the same scam with a different name. Bettors were not paid, and the people running the company cut and ran, leaving no options for bettors to recoup their lost funds.


Scammy online betting sites like Just4Bettors and BlazingBet work hard to attract new depositors. They offer exciting bonuses, present a legitimate façade, make it easy to create an account and offer various convenient deposit options for bettors.

Yet it is all part of a con, as they have no intention of paying out if you end up in profit. There have been many complaints from irate players that were presented with a range of excuses when their withdrawals did not go through. In the end, the online betting site stopped answering their calls, leaving them facing up to losses.

Bonuses at Just4Bettors

Large, attractive bonuses are also a key part of the scam. Just4Bettors and associated offshore betting sites were renowned for offering 100% cash bonuses with lower rollover requirements than legit competitors. Some online sportsbook customers were also given generous no-deposit bonuses as the company sought to drum up interest in the site.

However, any customers that ended up going on a winning streak were out of luck, as Just4Bettors simply refused to pay out. That is why it is so important to pick from the wide range of established, reputable offshore sportsbooks that have been vetted by the BMR team.

Just4Bettors Security & User Experience

The Just4Bettors site is not currently accepting new customers. It changed domains a couple of times, most recently from Just4Bettors.eu to Just4Bettors.com, but that site simply provides login details for anyone that already has a customer ID.

This site may return in the future in a bid to ensnare unsuspecting customers, so we urge readers to remain vigilant. Your funds are not safe at a blacklisted sports betting platform like Just4Bettors.

Just4Bettors Customer Reviews

There were lots of complaints about BlazingBet and Just4Bettors when they reached their peak in 2012 and 2013. These are some of the comments that illustrate the problems:

  • “They lure you in with the bonus and then when you make a deposit, say goodbye to your cash!”
  • “Stay away from these scam artists. They will not pay you. They take your money and then everyone that works there has a scripted message on when you will get your money, which will never happen.”

Alternatives to JustForBettors

You will enjoy a safe, legitimate and reliable online betting experience if you use one of our A+ rated sites instead of a scam operation like Just4Bettors. These are the top-rated sportsbooks you can join today:

  • Bookmaker | The best all-around offshore betting site, with a reputation for welcoming all action and offering dependable payouts.
  • Heritage Sports | A sports betting site that offers discounted lines, a cashback program, great customer service and a reputation for always paying out.
  • Bovada | One of the most famous betting sites in the business, with a reputation for providing a vast choice of props, loads of great features and same-day withdrawals.
  • BetOnline | Another high-quality online betting site with live streaming, loads of promotions and reduced juice NHL lines.
  • BetAnySports | The leading reduced juice online betting site, which can be relied upon to pay out when you request a withdrawal.

With a variety of athletic events from around the world and a range of betting markets, our offshore sites are a top destination for occasional and frequent bettors alike. From placing sports bets, wagering on horse racing, to playing online casino games and poker, our offshore betting sites feature a wide range of online gambling options for bettors of all kinds. 

FAQs – Just4Bettors

How long has Just4Bettors been in business?

Just4Bettors emerged in 2012. It was a price-per-head sportsbook that replaced Blazing Bet, which had run into financial trouble. Just4Bettors did not last long, as it was clearly a scam site that stiffed players before going offline.

Is Just4Bettors legit?

Just4Bettors is not a legit sportsbook. It is on our blacklist and it has an F rating – the lowest grade we provide – so we highly recommend avoiding this site. Just4Bettors is not currently accepting new bettors, but if they do, we recommend going elsewhere.

Is Just4Bettors a reliable online sportsbook?

Just4Bettors is absolutely not a reliable online sportsbook. It is blacklisted, with an F rating at BMR. That is the lowest grade we give, and it warns players to avoid the site.

How can I deposit funds at Just4Bettors?

New customers cannot currently deposit funds at Just4Bettors, as the site is not accepting any sign-ups right now. The homepage has a login screen, asking for a customer ID and a password, but there is no option to create a new account.

Does Just4Bettors pay out?

Just4Bettors is renowned for failing to pay out. It reeled in unsuspecting customers with a 100% cash deposit bonus, but it then refused to pay out winning bettors. It is a blacklisted sportsbook, which should be avoided.