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Bookmaker.eu Loyalty Program

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About the Bookmaker.eu Loyalty Program

Bookmaker.eu offers one of the world’s most comprehensive loyalty programs for online sports bettors. You will earn BetPoints every time you place a wager on eligible sports or in the casino. These points can be redeemed for cash, with no rollover requirements attached.

We have broken down the loyalty program in detail to ensure our readers fully grasp the benefits they can unlock. This guide explains how to earn BetPoints, the different levels of the program, the redemption rates and how it ties in with Bookmaker.eu reload bonuses. Read on to learn more about the Bookmaker loyalty program.

How Does the Bookmaker.eu Loyalty Program Work?

You will automatically be enrolled in the program as soon as you register for an account. It is designed to reward all customers, regardless of the size of your bankroll.

The general idea is that you earn reward points – known as BetPoints – every time you place a wager. They can eventually be redeemed for cash. This essentially cuts down the house edge that Bookmaker.eu takes on its betting lines and improves your long-term chances of earning a profit.

New customers immediately fall into the “Gold” loyalty tier. If you rack up enough points, you will move up to “Platinum” and then “Diamond”. There are clear incentives to climb up to the higher tiers:

  • You will be offered a better redemption rate for your BetPoints.
  • You will earn a larger reload bonus in the higher levels.

You will be automatically bumped up to a higher tier if you achieve enough points. We have explained the thresholds for each level further down this page.

Earning BetPoints with Bookmaker.eu

You will earn BetPoints when you place wagers in the sportsbook. The number of BetPoints earned will depend upon the type of wager you place:

  • Straight Bets – 1 BetPoint
  • Parlays – 2 BetPoints
  • Teasers – 1.5 BetPoints
  • If Bets – 1 BetPoint
  • Reverse Bets – 1 BetPoint

BetPoints are awarded based on whatever is smaller out of your bet amount or the potential profit you stand to earn. For example:

  • A $10 wager at odds of -125 would earn you 8 BetPoints, as the potential win amount would be $8.
  • A $10 wager at odds of +110 would earn you 10 BetPoints, as the $10 risk amount is smaller than the $11 potential win amount.

You will earn BetPoints by wagering on football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Bookmaker.eu will give you BetPoints at half the usual rate by betting on any other sport, including soccer, tennis, golf, boxing and MMA.

Certain wagers will not earn you BetPoints:

  • Moneyline bets on NFL, NBA, NCAA football and NCAA basketball
  • Bets placed with site credit earned via free play bonuses

You will also earn BetPoints for every $1 you spend money in the casino section at Bookmaker:

  • Blackjack – 1 BetPoint
  • Roulette – 3 BetPoints
  • Craps – 0.5 BetPoints
  • Baccarat – 0.5 BetPoints
  • Table Poker – 1.5 BetPoints
  • Video Poker – 2.5 BetPoints
  • Slots – 3 BetPoints

Live dealer casino bets do not earn you BetPoints. If your account is in a different currency, you will earn BetPoints at the currency equivalent rate.

Bookmaker.eu BetPoints on Parlays

When all selections in a parlay are eligible for full BetPoints, you will earn 2 for every $1 you risk. However, if some of your selections are ineligible, it can get a little trickier. For example, imagine you place a $100 three-leg parlay:

  • Buffalo Bills -1.5 vs. LA Rams
  • Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans – under 44.5 points
  • Philadelphia Eagles to beat Detroit Lions

In this case, only two of the legs would be eligible, as NFL moneylines do not count. That means you only receive two-thirds of the 200 BetPoints you would have earned if all three selections had counted. You would therefore receive 133.33 BetPoints.

The same logic applies if you add selections that only provide ½ BetPoints. For example, if you add two MLB moneylines and two soccer moneylines together for a $100 four-team parlay, you would receive 150 BetPoints, whereas a parlay with four MLB moneylines would earn 200 BetPoints.

Bookmaker.eu Loyalty Program Rewards Levels

There are three levels to the Bookmaker.eu loyalty program:

  • Gold – This is the entry-level tier, open to anyone with 0 to 29,999 BetPoints
  • Platinum – You will move up to this level by earning 30,000 BetPoints
  • Diamond – Bettors top tier by earning 300,000 BetPoints

The tier you fall into is calculated by the number of points earned on a rolling 12-month basis. To maintain Platinum level, you need to stay above 30,000 BetPoints over the past 12 months.

H2: What are the Redemption Rates for the Bookmaker Loyalty Program?

You can redeem your BetPoints for cash back at Bookmaker.eu. It is paid instantly into your account balance when you redeem your points, with no rollover necessary.

If you would like to redeem them, hit the “Promotions” option on the main menu and select “Use My BetPoints”. Choose “Cash Back” and browse the rewards you can claim. Select one and hit “CONTINUE” to redeem it.

The rates will depend upon the loyalty level you fall into and the number of BetPoints you decide to exchange:

Number of BetPoints Gold Platinum Diamond

The chart displayed above is applicable to USD accounts at Bookmaker.eu. If you are using an alternative currency, the BetPoints and cash back rates will be awarded at the equivalent value.

Reload Bonuses Earned Through the Bookmaker Loyalty Program

The reload bonus you receive at Bookmaker is determined by the loyalty level that you fall into:

You will receive a 10% cash reload bonus of up to $500 if you fall into the Gold tier. This bonus comes with a simple 4x rollover requirement.

A minimum deposit of $50 is required to unlock the reload bonus. All deposit methods are eligible. It is only available to accounts from the United States and Canada, and professional bettors are ineligible.

Platinum members will receive a 15% cash reload bonus of up to $1,500. This offer comes with a 6x rollover requirement.

All of the reload offers at Bookmaker.eu are cash bonuses. A cash bonus is superior to a free play bonus, because you get to keep the risk amount along with the profit if you place a winning wager with the bonus funds.

Diamond members earn a 20% cash reload bonus of up to $2,500. It has an 8x rollover requirement.

Once again, all deposit methods are eligible, and you need to deposit at least $50 to qualify. All reload bonuses are optional. If you would like to opt out, simply make your deposit without selecting a bonus option.

Bookmaker.eu Loyalty Program FAQs

How do you register for Bookmaker’s loyalty program?

You will join the Bookmaker.eu loyalty program automatically as soon as you open an account with this A+ rated sportsbook. There is no need to fill out a separate registration form to sign up. It will award you BetPoints when you place your first wager, and you can see how many you have earned by visiting the “Promotions” section of the site.

Can anyone join the Bookmaker loyalty program?

The Bookmaker.eu loyalty program is for recreational players only. Bookmaker is one of the few sportsbooks that welcomes professionals, and it does not limit winning bettors, but pros do not receive bonuses at the site. You will also need to be an adult, as Bookmaker is a responsible operator and it will take steps to verify your age during the sign-up process.

How do you check your points in the Bookmaker loyalty program?

Just select the “Promotions” section at the top of the page after logging into your Bookmaker account and select the “Use Your BetPoints” option to see your points tally. The balance is updated at midnight Pacific Time each day. If you are using the mobile site, you will need to open the dropdown menu to the top left of the homepage to find a link to the “Promotions” section.

How long does it take for reward points to be credited?

Your BetPoints tally will be updated at midnight Pacific Time each day. If you redeem your BetPoints for cash back, Bookmaker.eu will transfer the cash to your account balance immediately.

Will BetPoints expire?

BetPoints will only expire if you do not place a bet or make a deposit for 12 months. That means you can take a break for a few months. When you return, the points will still be in your account, and you can rack up more points, ensuring you hit a sufficient level to redeem them for cash back.