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Bet Royal Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About BetRoyal

BetRoyal has been online since 2001. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 2, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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BetRoyal Reputation

Bet Royal has a very poor reputation, as it has a history of scamming players. This Costa Rica-based sportsbook was established in 1997. It went online in 2001 and built up a reasonably large player base.

A company called SBG Global acquired BetRoyal in 2008. At that point, players with positive account balances were stiffed out of $500,000. New victims began to emerge on a daily basis. Other players complained of bait-and-switch scams and funds being confiscated for no good reason.

We tried to intervene and help players recover their funds, and the owner of the online sports betting site sent armed men to our office to threaten our staff. Fortunately, they were arrested and nobody was harmed, but those intimidation tactics threatened the Costa Rica sports betting industry.

Bet Royal has been on our blacklist for many years. Forums are packed with negative feedback about customer experiences, reinforcing the notion that sports bettors should avoid BetRoyal at all costs.


You cannot currently make a deposit at Bet Royal, as the site is down. It may have ceased operations due to the overwhelming tide of negative publicity. In the past, it readily accepted deposits via several methods, but it then refused to pay out winning bettors.

Bonuses at Bet Royal Sportsbook

You cannot currently make a deposit at Bet Royal, as the site is down. It may have ceased operations due to the overwhelming tide of negative publicity. In the past, it readily accepted deposits via several methods, but it then refused to pay out winning bettors.

You can see these deals promoted at SBG Global, which is also on our blacklist. It is important that you do not fall for these deals, which are indeed too good to be true.

Bet Royal Security & User Experience

This sportsbook previously used the BetRoyal.com domain. If you try to visit it now, you will receive a message saying: “This site can’t be reached.” However, it may re-emerge at some point, so we have kept this D- review online to warn players to stay away. There is no wide range of betting options to be found at this offshore sportsbook.

BetRoyal Customer Reviews

Customers have provided very negative feedback when discussing their experiences at BetRoyal. The loudest complaints naturally came from the players that were stiffed out of $500,000 when SBG Global acquired the site. SBG claimed it was not their responsibility to pay the players, and the previous management refused to pay either.

However, various other players have also vented their despair on forums over the years. These customer complaints provide a microcosm of the issues faced:

  • “I deposited $5,000. I had a good run and turned it into $15,000, so I started requesting payouts to my Neteller account. First, they changed the rollover requirement, so I had to place extra bets to satisfy that. I managed to complete the new requirement. Then they wanted picture ID, so I sent that. Then they wanted a utility bill. I sent it, and they promised I would get paid. However, no money arrived. They kept saying I would have the money any minute, but it did not arrive, and they wanted extra verification. I have complied with everything, short of a retinal scan and an anal probe, and I still haven’t gotten a penny. I have learned my lesson.”
  • “I did get a few payouts without any problem. They are slow to process, but the funds did arrive. However, they then stopped payment on a check they sent me, and I didn’t get any more money.”
  • “I never thought my profits would be stolen like this.”

Alternatives to Bet Royal

There is no need to risk playing at blacklisted sportsbooks, as there are lots of reputable alternatives. These sites all hold A+ ratings with BMR, which means they always pay out and provide a reliable service:

  • Bookmaker | A high-quality, trustworthy online betting site with a history of providing the earliest lines of the market.
  • Heritage Sports | A popular offshore betting site with excellent customer service and very attractive odds.
  • Bovada | A famous offshore betting site that offers a sportsbook, online casino games, poker room and racebook, offering a huge choice of props and same-day crypto withdrawals.
  • BetOnline | Another comprehensive offshore betting site that pays out rapidly via crypto or fiat-based methods.
  • BetAnySports | The leading reduced juice sportsbook, with a reputation for discounted lines and dependable payouts.

Our top-tier offshore sportsbooks offer a plethora of betting opportunities for bettors all over the world on their desktops and mobile devices. 

FAQs – Bet Royal

How long has Bet Royal been in business?

Bet Royal went online in 2001. It holds a D- rating with BMR, which means it is on our blacklist and should be avoided. A company called SBG Global acquired Bet Royal in 2008, at which point it stiffed players out of $500,000. It has been untrustworthy since.

Is Bet Royal legit?

Bet Royal is not a legit online sportsbook. It has a history of threatening behavior, stiffing winning bettors, slow-paying and running bait-and-switch scams.

Is Bet Royal a reliable online sportsbook?

Bet Royal is not a reliable online sportsbook. It is on our blacklist, with a D- rating, and we warn all customers to avoid the site. Many customers have been scammed by this company in the past, so we warn readers to stay away.

How can I deposit funds at Bet Royal?

You cannot deposit funds at Bet Royal right now, the site is down. SBG Global, which acquired Bet Royal in 2008, is still soliciting deposits from unsuspecting customers and is also blacklisted due to delayed payments, poor customer service and unannounced account closures of winning bettors.

Does BetRoyal payout?

Bet Royal was notorious for not paying customers the winnings they had earned. It came up with a series of excuses to avoid payment, and it earned a dreadful reputation.