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BetonUSA Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About BetonUSA

BetonUSA has been online since 2002. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 2, which means that they are currently on the sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Players are at risk of being slow paid or having winnings confiscated with blacklisted sportsbooks.

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Rating: 2

Our Verdict

A blacklisted sportsbook that should be avoided.

BetonUSA was placed on our blacklist after the site repeatedly failed to pay customers their winnings. The parent company has been running scams for many years, via brands such as BetonUSA, OddsMaker and various others. This is not a trustworthy sportsbook, so we would strongly advise all readers to avoid BetonUSA.

All sportsbooks rated D- to F are added to our blacklist, which is a hall of shame. These sites have regularly and illegitimately confiscated winnings from players in the past. Anyone that signs up at BetonUSA or one of its sister sites is at risk of being slowly paid or not receiving a payout at all.

There are lots of high-quality alternatives to BetonUSA, which we would recommend using instead. Our A+ rated online sportsbooks include Bookmaker, Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline and BetAnySports. These reputable gaming sites can all be relied upon to pay out on time, and they do not confiscate winnings, so we advise bettors to use one of those offshore sportsbooks to get in on some betting action instead of the untrustworthy BetonUSA.

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BetonUSA Reputation

BetonUSA is infamous among sports bettors. It has a terrible reputation for online sports wagering, as customers have routinely complained of slow payments and withheld winnings. Bettors posting on the BMR forum over the years have advised fellow forum members to avoid this site after recounting their payout issues.

The sportsbook has a checkered history. Parent company FutureBet has been running scams since the 1990s, using a range of brands, including BetonUSA and OddsMaker, to swindle sports bettors. OddsMaker was placed on our blacklist in 2011 after failing to pay players at least $250,000, and BetonUSA has also been blacklisted for many years.

FutureBet has used dozens of different brands and domain names over the years, but the same scam is simply repeated again and again. In essence, they produce an online sportsbook that looks legitimate and relatively slick, replete with a compelling welcome bonus, and they make it easy for new customers to set up an account and make a deposit. However, those customers are then unable to withdraw their winnings.


BetonUSA will be happy to take your money. It offers a range of convenient deposit methods to make the process as quick and simple as possible, and the customer support staff will help you if you need any assistance.

However, getting paid out is another matter entirely. Customers are either given a range of excuses, accused of breaching obscure terms or simply ignored. The customer support representatives that were previously happy to help begin stonewalling angry players, and they realize they have been scammed. Avoid this fate by simply refusing to deposit at BetonUSA.

Bonuses at BetonUSA

The bonuses at BetonUSA sound too good to be true – because they are. For example, when we checked the site out for this review, it was offering a 400% sign-up bonus. Even the most generous, legitimate sportsbooks would only ever offer bettors a 150% bonus, so the size of the offer should set alarm bells ringing.

This company will try anything to make signing up as appealing as possible. It wants to lure unsuspecting bettors in by presenting a veneer of respectability and promising lavish promos, but it is all a front for a scam operation designed to part unsuspecting victims from their money.

BetonUSA Security & User Experience

BetonUSA looks like a legit and licensed sportsbook. It is not going to win any design awards, and it only covers 10 sports, compared to more than 25 at rivals. It is basic, and it lacks features, but it does not compare too unfavorably with some B-rated offshore rivals.

However, once again this is all part of the façade designed to scam potential customers. It will allow you to wager and watch your account balance go up when you win, but you will then struggle to actually get paid out the winnings you are entitled to.

BetonUSA’s Customer Reviews

These are some of the customer reviews of BetonUSA and sister site OddsMaker that highlight the experiences faced by bettors:

  • “It’s been 7 weeks and I have still not received a processed withdrawal yet.”
  • “An atrocious site with embarrassingly slow payouts. Withdrawal placed in early January… still waiting for the ‘processor’ to send the funds after five months.”
  • “They booted me with about $15,000 and closed my account. I was paid a few thousand and then a few $500 checks in 2021, but I haven’t been paid in several months.”
  • “The negative rating and reviews are well deserved. They could offer a 1,000% match deposit bonus with no rollover – don’t bother as you will never get your funds out.”

Alternatives to BetonUSA

By this point, it should be clear that BetonUSA is a scam site that you should avoid. Fortunately, there are several high-quality alternatives that treat players fairly and pay out on time. These are the top sportsbooks to use instead:

  • Bookmaker | A legit online betting site with a reputation for early lines, quick payouts and welcoming professionals. This site offers a clean interface and an excellent rewards program.
  • Heritage Sports | A highly-regarded sports betting site that offers reduced juice -108 lines, a generous cashback program and a strong live wagering section.
  • Bovada | A very popular offshore sportsbook that offers more betting options than its rivals. You will find lots of features on this professional site, and it offers same-day payouts.
  • BetOnline | Another elite offshore betting site featuring a casino and sportsbook, along with a poker room and racebook. Features include same-day payouts, huge betting limits and live streaming.
  • BetAnySports | A reduced juice sportsbook that provides better odds than most of its competitors. Like the other four sportsbooks mentioned above, BetAnySports pays out in full and on time, which cannot be said about BetonUSA.

Whether you want to play classic casino games or online games like slots, bet on a college football game, place an exotic wager at the racebook or play poker, our top-rated offshore sportsbooks are a far superior choice to BetonUSA.

FAQs – BetonUSA

How long has BetonUSA Sportsbook been in business?

BetonUSA has been online since 1998. It is a blacklisted sportsbook with a history of slow payments, confiscating winnings and scamming players. This site and its sister sportsbooks should be avoided at all costs.

Is BetonUSA legit?

BetonUSA is not a legit sportsbook and we highly recommend avoiding it. There are far better alternatives available, including A+ rated sportsbooks such as Bookmaker, Heritage Sports or Bovada.

Is BetonUSA a reliable online sportsbook?

BetonUSA is definitely not a reliable online sportsbook. Customers have routinely complained that they have not been able to withdraw their funds from this site and sister sites owned by FutureBet. We recommend avoiding this sportsbook.

How can I deposit funds at BetonUSA ?

We would urge all readers not to deposit funds at BetonUSA. This site will be happy to take your money, but you will struggle to get paid out any funds if you win. Customers have lodged many complaints over the years about BetonUSA, leading us to add it to our blacklist.

Does BetonUSA pay out?

BetonUSA cannot be relied upon to pay customers their winnings in a timely manner. Players report waiting for months or years to receive their funds, and many have not been paid. We suggest you steer clear of BetonUSA and use a legit sportsbook vetted by the BMR team instead.