Free Sports Betting Widgets for Websites

How can our sports betting widgets improve your website?

Sports betting widgets can add dynamic functionality to any website and provide an added dimension for those looking for up-to-the-minute betting odds on a vast array of upcoming games and real-time events.

Whether it is a favorite player or one of many favorite teams, the sports betting widget has practical applications that can be integrated seamlessly into virtually any website at no cost to the owner. Team competitions are displayed in whatever order the user sees fit and the games for users visiting the site are clearly delineated on the betting odds table.

Customize your betting widget

What is a sports widget?

Widgets are software applications that you can easily host on your site. We offer sports betting widgets with up-to-the-minute betting odds and information that are easy to implement into any existing website.

Sports widgets fall under many categories and some have multiple functions that can accommodate a wide variety of sports fans and gambling enthusiasts. The confluence of professional sports and the betting industry is virtually indiscernible now that sports gambling has become mainstream in America, which is why adding the right sports widget is critical to filling both needs.

Awesome games, favorite sports, and all the excitement of athletic competition have fostered enormous growth, manifested in both television ratings and a burgeoning sports betting industry in the United States. Sports scores using a scoreboard widget, ranking of teams or players using leaderboard widgets, and even a match tracker that can be viewed through a score widget are all tools to make any website more dynamic.

Additional widgets can always be added as we often see stats widgets, a fixtures widget, or any feature that will enhance the experience of the user with more informative and dynamic options available. A team squad approach with data being delivered in real-time has become an ideal way to keep users engaged and informed.

How do BMR’s sports widgets work?

Bookmakers Review offers a state-of-the-art sports betting widget that delivers scores and odds in real time through a league table graphic that is easy to read and intuitive to navigate. It is a flexible widget that can be utilized anywhere on the site.

The BMR game odds widget has multiple uses as the leagues can be alternated while the odds can be seamlessly toggled between point spread, moneyline, and totals. Futures, game props, player props, and player future odds are all easily identified for an effortless experience.

Our tools have been tested by real users and are fully ready to install.

In order to use this type of widget, you simply put the code into your page where you would like the odds ticker widget to appear.

What makes our sports data widgets better than others?

There are many widgets on the market but few are as technologically sound and provide the advanced sports features demanded by sports fans and bettors alike as BMR’s free software application.

Our sports data widgets are easy to implement on any site and the real-time scoring on games in progress and odds on each team for upcoming games are just a few of the advanced features found on our platform. BMR’s amazing widget capabilities run the gamut, cover every major sports league and can be utilized on any site.

Why You Should Use a Sports Widget

Attracting website visitors is the name of the game and if you want to keep your audience engaged then your site must be dynamic, offer something of value, and be easy to use.

Real-time updates on sporting events are a powerful way to keep your customers engaged and anchored to your site. Widgets are not only simple but they increase traffic and provide a more comprehensive user experience. There is no negative to employing a sports widget, as long as it is fully functional and performs a variety of tasks.

Ease of Use Tracking Betting Lines

Technology is complicated but the best developers make the front end easy to use and accessible for the layperson. This goes not only for the players visiting the betting sites but also for the owners of the sites who would prefer an easy-to-install widget rather than one that requires an advanced degree in coding.

This is why BMR has made certain their sports betting widgets have seamless integration with the sites on which they are being used while offering basic options for users to explore without much, if any, of a learning curve.

The position of widgets throughout a site is an important factor and one that can be critical to its success. Players must be able to find these widgets without a great deal of effort. As is the case with most digital content, widgets are all about location, location, location.

Increased Engagement with Sports Bettors

Stale content is the death knell of any website which means that only current and topical information will attract regular users and variety is necessary to keep them interested. Therefore, a sports betting widget is precisely what will bring visitors back to a site and wanting more.

BMR’s sports betting widget is dynamic which means the games that have already been completed and their corresponding odds are archived while the upcoming games and events take their place. This sports betting widget will offer odds changes at real-time events from all of the major offshore sportsbooks, allowing the user to compare and contrast points spreads, moneylines, and totals all at a glance. Our widgets can make it easier for players to bet on their favorite teams. Sites that offer dynamic odds will see much higher activity levels than those where lines remain stagnant or stale.

Convenience Factor with Sports Fans

Every site wants its customers to have an enjoyable experience, one that will not only keep them coming back but will have them telling friends with similar interests all about it. The best experience a site can provide is one in which the users don’t feel compelled to leave in search of information found somewhere else, and unavailable at the site on which they are parked.

Sports fans and those who wager on their favorite teams want a comprehensive experience which is why BMR has designed its betting odds widgets for ease of application and customer convenience. Information on upcoming matches must be conveyed in a way that is easy to find and understand. Only the best sports widgets can deliver like BMR.

How Sports Widgets Can Increase Your Revenue

It is important that hard work is financially rewarded and sports widgets can make that happen. Real-time coverage of sporting events and displaying those corresponding odds are a surefire way of attracting visitors and keeping them fixated.

It’s no secret that once a satisfied customer becomes familiar with the features and nuances of a site they will return time and time again. Sports widgets can help do just that and are an added benefit that can reap big rewards, so make sure that your site is equipped with the very best.

Benefits for Customers

When a customer benefits, the site owner benefits. Any attraction has to have awesome features for its visitors, whether that be in form of pure entertainment or noteworthy information. Both have merit and the better the experience the more popular the site will become.

Sports betting widgets are invaluable for that demographic interested in sports and fond of predicting the outcome of events. A stats table, replete with information on upcoming games and the dynamic, ever-changing odds at all of the most popular offshore sportsbooks is an invaluable resource for sports bettors.

How to Place Our Sports Widget on Your Site

BMR’s sports betting widgets are a snap to implement on any site. Because our widgets are easy to install and offer a wide array of options, it’s a no-brainer for website owners and managers. It is a simple copy & paste website integration with no hassles and no headaches.

Bookmakers Review offers a widget gallery that will accommodate any digital platform. The position of the widgets is up to you but BMR can also advise as to where the best placement of our flexible widget will reap the greatest benefit.

FAQs About Game Odds Widgets

Why should I use a sports widget?

The short answer is it creates traffic to your site and will keep those new visitors returning as regular guests. BMR’s sports betting widget offers amazing solutions and is extremely easy to install so no technical expertise is required. If you know how to copy and paste then you are only a step away from boosting your website.

Where on my site should I display a sports widget?

You know your user base best, so you should be able to determine the best place to display our sports betting odds widgets.

Widgets are designed to be complementary content to whatever exists on a page already. You should use widget displays in a way that they will be easy to see and use on the screen and fit seamlessly into your content.

Some widgets have customization options that allow you to adjust the dimensions or color scheme so it can match the design of your page.

Once you choose where you’d like to display it, you can just insert the widget code on the page and it’s ready to go.

Is using a sports widget profitable?

A sports widget is like any tool, it depends on who is using it and how well they make it work for them. A dynamic sports widget certainly can’t hurt, and if used correctly, can be a valuable addition to increasing traffic and ultimately generating revenue.

What sports do BMR’s sports widgets cover?

Virtually any major sport is covered by BMR’s sports betting widget. Odds at all of the major offshore sportsbooks will be on full display for matchups in international soccer, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, as well as college football and basketball.

In American football, for example, users can get point spreads and totals on the full game as well as on each quarter and both halves. And if there is an additional match that suddenly crops up, it will be instantly added to the rotation. It’s all there, under one roof.

How do I read the odds on this sports widget?

Weekly schedules for American football will include point spreads, moneylines, and totals. Point spreads will indicate the favorite by a minus (-) sign before the number while the underdog will have a plus (+) sign. Therefore, Kansas City -3 means they are three-point favorites over underdog Tampa Bay +3.
Totals, commonly known as over/unders, are expressed as a number such as 52 ½ which means bettors can wager over or under the combined points in the game.

Moneyline odds are based on a $100 bet and have no point spreads involved. Kansas City -200/ Tampa Bay +170 means that if a bettor wants to wager on the favorite, Kansas City, they would have to bet $200 to win $100. But if they wanted the underdog, Tampa Bay, they would bet $100 to win $170.