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Pinnacle operates on the lowest bookmaking margin in the business, which means the best possible pricing for punters.

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Deposit Methods



-  €20 min deposit.
- €5,000 - max transaction.
- €5,000 - max month.

Bank Transfer

- €100 min deposit.
- No max deposit.


- $/€10 min deposit.
- $50,000 / €37,500 max transaction.


- $/€10 min deposit.
- Based on the account limits at Payment Provider.


- $/€10 min deposit.
- $10,000 / €8,000 max. 24 hours.


- €10 min deposit.
- Based on the account limits at Payment Provider.


- €10 min deposit.
- Based on the account limits at Payment Provider.


- €10 min deposit.
- €20,000 max. 24 hours.


- $/€20 min deposit.
- $250 / €200 - max transaction.
- $2,500 / €2,000 - max 4 hours.

Instant Banking

- $/€50 min deposit.
- $9,500 / €9,000 - max 4 hours.

Withdrawal Methods

Bank Transfer

- €15 min deposit.
- No Max
- Fee: €20


-  $/€10 min deposit.
- $50,000 / €37,500 - max transaction.
- Fee: $15/€12


- $/€10 min deposit.
- $60,000 / €50,000 - max transaction.
-Fee: $15/€12


- $/€10 min deposit.
- $2,750 / €2,000 - max transaction.
- $2,750 / €2,000 - max 4 hours.


- $/€10 min deposit.
- Based on the account limits at Payment Provider.
-Fee: $15/€12.


- $15/€12 min deposit.
- $25,000 / €19,000 - max transaction.
-Fee: $15/€12.


- €10 min deposit.
- €180 - max transaction.
-Fee: €12


- €50 min deposit.
- $20,000 / €1,500 - max transaction.
- Fee: $15/€12


- $/€10 min deposit.
- Based on the account limits at Payment Provider.
-Fee: $15/€12.

Instant Bank

- $/€50 min deposit.
- $9,500 / €9,000 - max 24 hours.
- Fee: $15/€12.


- $/€100 min deposit.
- $5,500 / €5,000 - max transaction.
- $15/€12.

  • Reduced Juice

Reduced Juice

Valuable savings on every bet.

Customer Service

Hours of Operation
Customer service & wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year. Online wagering 24/7/365
Customer Service Staff
Pinnacle has some of the best customer service individuals.
Most Common Complaint
Lack of availability for certain regions.
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Odds Format
American, Euro.
Live Betting


Wagering Markets

Wagering Markets



Wagering Info

Min. Bet

Minimum bet amount allowed is $1 USD or the equivalent in your currency.

Max. Bet

Sports Handicap Money Line / 1x2 Totals
Soccer $45,000 $15,000 $20,000
NFL $50,000 $20,000 $20,000
Tennis $30,000 $30,000 $15,000
NBA $50,000 $20,000 $10,000


Reduced Juice

Yes, reduced juice offered.

Overnight Lines

Overnight for most sports.

Best Mlb Lines

Pinnacle is now offering alternate MLB RLs with a 14 cent betting line. See: Best Baseball Lines We will use the lines posted for the Houston/Montreal game on 08/13 as an example. The traditional Run Line offered by Pinnacle looks like this: 903. Houston -1.5 -116 904. Montreal +1.5 +106 That's a 10 cent line: -116/+106. The alternate RLs look like this: 903. Houston -1 -157 904. Montreal +1 +143 903. Houston -2 +112 904. Montreal +2 -126 903. Houston -2.5 +143 904. Montreal +2.5 -157 That's a 14 cent line.


Country Restrictions
United States, France
English, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Finnish, Hebrew, Swedish, Japanese, Polish, French
Bookmaker Location
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Year Founded
Current License
Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao.

Why Players Enjoy Pinnacle

Five-Star Bookmaker Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle has won a place in the hearts of many punters thanks to its low margins, competitive odds and supreme user friendliness. It was founded in 1998, and it has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest sports betting sites, with legions of devotees across the globe. It generally prides itself on working on the lowest bookmaking margin in the industry, which sees it offers its customers the best prices on the market. This strategy has paid dividends for Pinnacle, as it has become a behemoth in the bookmaking business, taking a huge volume of bets each day.

Some have branded it a sports betting warehouse, but the operation is underpinned by a sophisticated operating system, strong customer service and competitive bonus offers and promotions. Many have tried to copy its reduced juice model, but none have been as enduringly successful as Pinnacle. Not only does it offer great prices, but its limits are high and this makes it a popular choice among high rollers and professional gamblers.

It is based in the Netherlands Antilles and has headquarters in Curacao. Despite its cult following among punters, it is not as well known as some of its rivals, as it largely shuns advertising, it does not appear on sites like Oddschecker and it goes about its business in a low-key fashion. Like an Aldi or a Lidl, it works on low-margins and sets about offering its customers great value for money. But there is nothing budget about the site itself, as it uses cutting edge technology and the site is understated but clean and attractive.

Sports Betting Markets at Pinnacle

You can bet on a decent range of sports at Pinnacle, including American football, baseball, basketball, cricket, cycling, darts, eSports, football, Formula 1, golf, greyhound racing, horse racing, ice hockey, motor sports, rugby, tennis, UFC and volleyball. It has a strong offering on niche sports like crossfit and chess, while you can also bet on Game of Thrones, the Nobel Prize and which will be the first organization to put a human being on Mars. SpaceX is the current favourite, ahead of Boeing. The homepage changes each day depending on what sports are in season and where the live games are taking place, so you are presented with a customised offering. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to scroll past sports that are dormant, and the whole site is a breeze to use. It does not have the same level of choice as some of its rivals in terms of the amount of sports it covers, but it goes into great depth.

The football section offers games from all sorts of obscure leagues, such as Trinidad & Tobago, and Belarus. It is pretty no nonsense, and you do not get a huge range of markets within a game to choose from. You can bet on who will win, a single handicap and the total amount of goals, and that is often about it. Some will lament the lack of options, from total corners to last goal scorer, but Pinnacle ensures you are never daunted by overwhelming choice. It presents a small, focused range of options, with great prices, making it much like shopping at a discount supermarket.

One area in which it is extremely strong is eSports. It is a pioneer in this field and it has championed eSports from the very beginning. It offers a detailed array of options on Call of Duty, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, NBA 2K, Overwatch, Starcraft 2 and Starcraft Broodwar. The in-play product is not as strong as those offered by some of its rivals, but it is starting to catch up. It does excel when it comes to the content it creates for its customers. Pinnacle is always releasing articles full of data, insight, tips and strategies to help punters thrive when it comes to the various different sports it covers. These help guides have ensured it remains extremely popular with several customers across the world. It also has one of the best apps on the market, as it is very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. The mobile product eschews frills and allows you to see all the latest odds and place your bets in as quick and simple a fashion as possible, making it a great tool for punters that are on the go.

Bonus Offers at Pinnacle

Pinnacle does not offer bonuses and promotions. That is simply not its model. You will get 0.3% cash back on casino games, but sports bettors will not benefit from any lucrative sign-up bonuses or quirky offers. It is a serious site for experienced punters that do not care about bonuses. Instead it focuses on offering the best value odds and the highest limits on the market, while welcoming winners and arbitrage bettors.

Extra Features at Pinnacle

Pinnacle also has an interesting casino offering, although it might feel like a bit of an afterthought. This site is first and foremost for sports betting, but it does not merely tick the boxes. Rather than simply tie up with the world’s leading software designers and offer all the classic slots, it has curated an intriguing range of obscure games. Arabian Oasis, Arctic Bear, Bank Robbery, Barnyward Bucks, Big Game Safari, Big Top Circus, Caribbean Paradise, Cash Garden, Champions, Chess Mate, Cinema Classics, Construction, Critters, Dancing Zombies, Diamond Digging, Easter Egg Hunt, Forest Fairies, Fortunate Saloon, Fruity Fortune Plus, Gem Stones, Glamour World, Goblin Hideout, Go, Lucky Pets, Mardigras, Matsuri, Mayan Secret, Merry Christmas, Moby Dick, Mr Caribbean, Nordic Quest, Pharaohs’ Lost Treasure, Precious Stones, Rock n Rolls, Slap Shot, Slot and Pepper, Slot Boss, Slot Wheels, Space Bucks, Sportfishing, Sweets and Spins, The Purrfect Match, Tiki Land, Tropical Aquarium, Vintage Toy Room and Wild Birthday Blast are less commonly seen options, and Pinnacle tells you each game’s RTP in the lobby. You can also find some video poker options and the usual, basic table games. Overall, the casino experience is pared down, focused and functional, but there are some interesting touches.

What Sets Pinnacle Apart From Its Rivals?

Pinnacle has built up a brilliant reputation over the past two decades and it is a safe, secure place to bet. It prides itself on taking low margins to give its customers the best value odds on the market, while it consistently offers the highest maximum bet limits online. Winners are welcome, arbitrage betting is fine and high rollers love it. It provides a range of in-depth betting articles throughout the year, and it is the home of eSports betting.

Pinnacle’s site is also extremely sophisticated. It uses the same ASI system as many other sportsbooks, but it has been developed, enhanced and customised to make it almost unrecognisable. It employs a proprietary spread drop down tool that lets players buy and sell points, and an unrivalled account history function. Customers can watch the odds shift without needing to refresh the browser as the colour-coded system automatically updates. Its mobile platform is state of the art. To ensure it maintains its competitiveness and industry-leading reduced juice offers, it operates a pared back head office and does not provide the VIP experience championed by its rivals. Customer service is handled by email, which could be a downside, but Pinnacle’s smooth operating system, reliability, security history of prompt payouts and rarity of errors or disputes ensure that this is not really an issue for the vast majority of players.