Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl LVII Line Shopping: Which Sportsbook Is Offering the Best ML, Spread & Total?

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General view of State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The stadium will host the NFL Super Bowl LVII on February 12. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP.

If you want the best Super Bowl bets on the NFL odds board, you’d better shop around. Here are the top bargains at press time.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – 06:30 PM EST at State Farm Stadium

What Does It Take To Be a Sharp Bettor?

It’s all about finding an edge – but more than that, it’s adding those edges together, so you get the best potential profit margins the NFL odds board has to offer.

The easiest way to increase your edge is to do a little line shopping. You don’t need fancy computer algorithms or inside information from team personnel; all you need is the comprehensive list of NFL lines at Bookmakers Review, as provided by the US betting sites in the known universe.

Okay, you also need to sign up for accounts at all the books you’ll be doing business with, but that small bit of paperwork will open up a whole world of betting opportunities for you. Consider arbitrage, for example, books don’t always have the same prices up on the board, so there are times when you can bet both sides of a game at different locations and lock in a small profit for yourself, guaranteed.

At the very least, using multiple books will help you get the best football odds on the market. So let’s do a little line shopping right now; here are the best Super Bowl LVII odds as we go to press for the spread, moneyline, and total, as provided by the leading sportsbooks on our charts.


The Super Bowl LVII point spread has been shimmying back and forth since the opening, but these are the best prices for your NFL picks on each team at press time:

You can also get Eagles -1 at BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review), but you’ll have to pay -115 vigorish for that wager, and trimming away that half-point isn’t worth the extra seven cents of juice. Of all the “magic” numbers in football betting, 1 is among the least magical; you shouldn’t be willing to pay any more than five cents to move down from -1.5 to -1.


Moneylines are usually much slower to hit the board than spreads, and they usually don’t offer as much betting value as spreads when the two teams in question are miles apart. But in a close matchup like the one for Super Bowl LVII, you can often get a better deal by choosing ML instead of ATS.

Here’s what’s on the board as I write this:

  • Kansas City ML (+109) at Bookmaker
  • Philadelphia ML (-122) at BetOnline

No room there for Super Bowl arbitrage there, unfortunately, but if you’re thinking of betting on the Eagles, you’re probably doing just as well on the moneyline as the spread.

Wizard of Odds says Philly -1.5 is about the same as Philly -124, and you’re only paying -108 juice instead of -110 to place the spread bet at Heritage Sports so that accounts for the remaining two cents.


The Over/Under for Super Bowl LVII has risen steadily since opening at 49. Some books have it at 50 points as we go to press; others have it at 50.5 or even 51, but again, you have to take the juice into account.

So that’s what we did. And here are the best totals on the board right now at our preferred locations:

  • Over 50.5 (-108) at Heritage Sports
  • Under 51 (-110) at BetOnline

In theory, you can often find a bargain price if you’re willing to tack on an extra half-point to your Over bets or remove a half-point for your Under bets. However, we’re not seeing any of those bargains on the board right now. According to Wizard of Odds, you shouldn’t pay more than six cents if you’re moving in either direction between 50 and 50.5, and nine cents between 50.5 and 51.

Now that you know the best Super Bowl lines, you already have at least some edge over all those casuals who are flooding the marketplace and betting blindly on the Big Game. If you want to widen that gap, consider timing your bets accordingly; the public tends to bet favorites and the Over, so the best prices for the underdogs and the Under are normally available closer to kick-off.

On the flip side, you’re probably getting the best deals for favorites and the Over right when the football lines first hit the board, so get cracking, Eagles fans, and may the prolate spheroid be with you.

*The line and/or odds on picks in this article might have moved since the content was commissioned. For updated line movements, visit BMR’s free betting odds product.