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NFL Parlays & Predictions to Help You Win

NFL parlays are bets where you combine multiple individual bets, called ‘legs’, into one larger bet. These legs are interdependent, meaning each leg must win for the parlay bet to pay out. The enticing potential for significant payouts is what makes these risky bets so popular. 

The thrill of NFL parlays lies in their inherent complexity and challenge. Predicting the outcome of a single NFL game can be tricky; doing so for multiple games in a parlay is even more of a challenge.

Understanding Parlays in NFL Betting

When you place a parlay bet, the payout is fixed according to the odds at the time of the bet. The odds for each leg are multiplied to calculate the parlay odds, offering a significantly higher potential payout compared to placing individual bets. However, this also means that the risk is much greater. While the potential payout is tempting, keep in mind that one wrong prediction will cause the entire parlay bet to lose.

There are several different types of NFL parlays, each with its own set of rules and strategies. These include:

1. Point Spread Parlays: These are the most common type of parlay, where you’re betting on the point spread for multiple games.

2. Moneyline Parlays: Here, you’re betting on the outright winner of multiple games. It’s simpler because you’re not dealing with points spreads, but predicting the winner of multiple games is no easy feat.

3. Totals Parlays: In these parlays, you’re betting on whether the total points scored in multiple games will be over or under a certain number.

4. Same-Game Parlays: This allows you to bet on multiple outcomes within a single game. For example, you could bet on the winner, the point spread, and the total points in one game.

5. Teaser Parlays: These are similar to point spread parlays, but with the point spreads adjusted in your favor to make the bets slightly easier to win. Of course, this also means lower payouts.

Advantages and Risks of NFL Parlays

Parlays are an exciting type of bet. Sports bettors can make a lot more on a parlay than on a single wager, however, those larger payouts come with their own risks. We’ll break down the good and the bad of betting parlays below. 

The Upsides of Parlay Betting

One of the major advantages of NFL parlays is that there can be a lot of money in parlay betting. Because the odds of each leg multiply, even a small wager can result in significant winnings. NFL parlays also allow bettors to spread their risk across multiple games, rather than placing a large sum on a single event.

Moreover, parlays can increase the excitement of NFL betting. Since you’re betting on multiple games, you’ll have interest in more action across the league, adding to the entertainment factor.

Risks and Challenges

However, NFL parlays come with their fair share of risks. The biggest is that a loss in any leg of the parlay means the entire bet loses. This means NFL parlays are a higher-risk proposition when compared to an individual wager. 

Moreover, because of the higher risk, some bettors may chase losses with larger parlays, which can compound losses quickly. Therefore, it’s crucial to bet responsibly and have a clear betting strategy. Even better, you can incorporate the advice of expert handicappers into that strategy. 

Parlay picks can help take the guesswork out of your sports betting experience. 


In conclusion, NFL parlays can provide an exciting and potentially lucrative addition to your sports betting activities. From understanding what NFL parlays are and how they work, to mastering the art of choosing the right games and building a winning strategy, this guide has provided you with the tools you need to take your parlay betting to the next level.

However, it’s important to remember that with the potential for high rewards comes high risk. Therefore, always adhere to sound bankroll management principles, avoid common betting mistakes and continuously analyze and refine your betting strategies.

NFL parlays are not just about luck, they’re also about strategy, research and risk management. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a beginner, understanding the ins and outs of NFL parlays is crucial. So, stay disciplined, do your research and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the game. 

FAQs — The Best NFL Parlays

Are NFL parlays worth it?

NFL parlays can be worth it for bettors seeking high returns, however, they come with increased risk as all selections must win.

What are NFL season parlays?

NFL season parlays involve selecting outcomes for a series of games across the NFL regular season, which are combined into one bet.

Is a parlay better than a round-robin?

Parlays and round robins have different benefits. Round robins offer more chances to win, while parlays potentially provide larger payouts. The best choice for you depends on your betting style.

Why do parlays pay so much?

Parlays pay much because they involve higher risk. The bettor must accurately predict all outcomes, and the combined odds are what leads to the large parlay payout.

Do you need all parlays to win?

Yes, for a parlay to win, you must get each of your bets correct. If one selection fails, the entire parlay loses. Parlay insurance is a feature offered by some online sportsbooks that provides a refund if just one selection in your parlay bet loses.