Big Bonuses Can Mean Bigger Risks in the World of Online Gambling

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If you are a bettor looking for an online sportsbook, you won’t have to look long because they are easy to find. But what is not nearly as effortless is finding a sportsbook that will pay you in a timely manner when a payout is requested.

And that is where things get tricky in the world of online gambling because the waters can be treacherous if you don’t know what to look for and who to trust.

Below we will discuss a few red flags that are common tactics used by nefarious online books, such as those on the sportsbook blacklist, with dubious track records of facilitating and executing payment to customers who are rightfully entitled to the money in their account.

Make Sure Bonuses Are Not Too Good to Be True

There is no bigger come-on than giving customers something for nothing and that is especially true in the world of online sports betting. And although virtually every sportsbook offers bonuses of some kind whether it be signup, loyalty, reload, or referral bonuses, there are reasonable offers and those that are beyond the pale.

It always behooves the customer to take advantage of those deals because any edge you can find is one worth taking as long as it falls within the parameters of the rules for that particular book. However, when the bonuses are so big that it doesn’t make sense then you have to take a step back and do a little research on the book before you deposit.

As the old saying goes, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t fall for gimmicks that give you cause for pause. Large bonuses can come with a catch, such as high rollovers where the customer has to wager 5x or 10x the rollover and deposit to reach the bonus. In some cases, rogue books make the bonuses too easy just to attract new customers and a fresh injection of money.

But regardless of the bonus or the promotion, the bottom line is that there are too many sportsbooks out there that are offering these big-money, eye-catching bonuses that have no intention of releasing funds when a payout is requested. So, what good is the bonus if you have no chance of seeing your winnings?

Do Your Homework with the BMR Rating Guide

It’s easy to get caught in a trap when you don’t know what to look for so make sure that you rely on resources such as the Bookmakers Review rating guide, which assigns sportsbooks with letter rankings from A+ to best, and F to worst. It is astounding how many unscrupulous sportsbooks take money from unsuspecting customers. The only way to avoid being a victim is by researching the books that have proven track records in the industry and searching for customer feedback. Players who require assistance with a betting site can submit a sportsbook complaint form with BMR.

One of the hallmarks of a top-tier sportsbook is longevity. The elite sportsbooks have weathered the storms, pay their customers quickly, and ultimately thrive because integrity is the ultimate litmus test of every great sportsbook. These are the shops that set the industry standard and when a payout is requested, it is facilitated seamlessly and quickly. Delays are not acceptable when a customer wants to cash out some, or even all of their funds.

In closing, if you are searching for a top-notch book, make sure that you don’t get sidetracked by bonuses or promotions that sound too good to be true. Narrow your search to the highest-rated sportsbooks and then decide which among them suits you best. The bonuses will come and go, but isn’t winning money and getting paid the ultimate goal? We think so and we hope you do too.