Best Free Bets

This directory lists the best online bookmaker free bets from betting sites ranked at least a 4 of 5. The below online bookies are all featured in the best bookmakers green list. Bookmakers Review suggests players avoid the temptation of choosing low-ranked bookies solely because of the size of their starting bonus. Free bets are only worthwhile if you will be paid.

Sportsbook Bonus Rating
€50 Free Bet 5
€30 Free Bet 5
50% Free Bet 5
15% Cash Bonus 5
50% Cash Bonus 5
100% Deposit Bonus 5
100% Deposit Bonus 4
100% Deposit Bonus 4
X3 Winnings 4
200% Deposit Bonus 4
100% Deposit Bonus 4

What is a free bet: Many online sportsbooks reward first time and frequent users with free bets. While free bets are often used by bookmakers to entice new users to sign up for their services, they are also offered as rewards to loyal and frequent bettors. While the term “free” might sound enticing, do be aware that there are often a few stipulations attached with each free bet, so it is important that you understand just how you are able to claim and spend your balance.

Once you have claimed your free bet, you are not able to simply withdraw the amount, the online sportsbook requires you to put the bonus into action to give them a chance at winning the money back. The bonus requirements depend on if the given bonus is a 'match bet free bet', 'deposit match free bet', 'no deposit bonus', 'sportsbook cash' / 'keep stake' bonus.

Match Bet or Matched Free Bet
After signing up for the sportsbook and placing your first bet, the betting site will credit your account with the same amount of your initial wager. For example, if you place a $50 bet as your first bet on a site offering a 100% match bet bonus, your account will be credited with an extra $50. These free bets can range in value, so be sure to shop around.

Deposit Match Free Bet
Often times an online betting site will match the amount of your initial deposit up to a certain number. Let's say the free bet reads as follows: “Make first deposit of $20 or more & it will be matched up to $200”. This works similarly to a Bet Match Free Bet, in that the book is willing to deposit the same amount that you have selected to wager or deposit as a first time user.

No Deposit Match
This option is most commonly found at online casinos, and the concept is pretty much explains itself. After registering, the player is given a certain amount of “free” money to play with. Depending on the site, users might be required to enter payment information before being able to take advantage of the offer, and often times they are only able to withdraw the profit from a winning bet, rather than the gifted amount.

Sportsbook Cash or Keep Stake Bonuses
As mentioned above, many sites will not let the bettor to withdraw the actual free bet value, only the winnings. However, if the free bet is listed as a “Keep Stake” then the user is actually allowed to pull out the entire value of the signup bonus. For example, if a bettor wagered $20 to win $20, a winning ticket would give them an account balance of $40. While most forms of free bets would only allow the user to withdraw the $20 won, a Keep Stake bonus would reward the user with the entire $40.

Online betting sites will require the user to turn over the gifted amount a certain number of times before being able to withdraw the money. For example, if you are given a x3 free bet valued at $20, you may have to wager the $20 three times for a total of $60. Some bookmakers will include the deposit amount in their computation, such that the rollover amount is deposit+bonus.

Claiming Your Free Bet
It is common practice for the free bet to be given after the bettor places their initial wager, and the value given determines on the type of free bet rewarded. At that point it is up to the client as to how they will use the free bet. Some may choose to bet cautiously in hopes of adding to their existing bankroll while others might feel a bit more daring. Given that it is “free”, some are simply trying to reach their rollover limit to cashout quickly.

Either way you choose to play is up to you, but do note that it is also common for online sportsbooks to require you to risk all of your free bet value at once, rather than spreading it out over many individual bets, though this is not the case with traditional sportsbook cash/keep stake bonuses.

Terms & Conditions
While most people choose to ignore the fine print, this is one place where it definitely pays to dedicate a few minutes to review the terms and conditions attached to your free bet. Some betting sites will not award a free bet if your initial bet is placed on an “odds on” selection. A free bet balance is often not returned after they have been bet, and a $25 bet on an even money option will usually just return the $25 in winnings rather than the combined winnings and stake amount of $50 that you would receive had you bet with cash. For this reason, using free bets on short priced options can seem pointless to an extent, as the rewards are little to none. Also look for time limits associated with the free bet, as many expire. The offer itself might also expire if you do not place your first wager within a certain window after having opened your account.

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