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Player props markets have become very big in all sports in recent years, and that has spilled over to hockey and the NHL. There are a whole range of props you can bet in the NHL, from player goals to total player points, total shots over or under, how many saves the goaltender will make, they even offer a prop on player assists. In this piece we are going to give you some hints and tips on how to bet these props.
Just like we check what pitchers are starting in baseball and what quarterbacks are starting in the NFL, in the NHL we check to see what goaltenders are in the crease for the game that night and how important it is to check who is the starting goaltender before you place a wager on the game. Before we start let’s look at some historical records set by goaltenders.
While there are a ton of NHL stats to check out to make your picks, many of those are also used by the bookmakers and its very hard to find an edge, with these advanced stats we are going to discuss today, the bookmakers do not use these to create their lines and its possible to gain an edge. Before we get going, please note: Advanced stats are not very effective at predicting game to game results. They are more effective on predicting long term outcomes.
Injuries and trades are two of the biggest unknowns entering an NHL season for any team and below we take a look at which teams have been impacted the most and are worth considering when making your NHL picks.

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