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If there’s a receiver with a hot hand or a running back who looks unstoppable, then there’s money to be made.
The NFL season is ready to kick and with the new season comes all of the handicappers, prognosticators, and pundits who are more than willing to share their opinions. But some of the most telling information can come in the form of line moves so let’s talk about that and how we can improve upon our ATS win rate in our NFL picks.
The NFL season has mercifully arrived and below we will talk about how the NFL futures market can be a lucrative way to augment your ATS NFL picks. Let’s explore some of the tricks (and picks) of the trade that will hopefully positively impact your betting bankroll this season.
Everyone has a pain threshold when it comes to losing money. A surgeon making millions of dollars might wince at losing a C-Note while a garbage man can easily stomach a $500 loss and move on with his day. But what you need to do is to establish a bankroll that won’t make you lose any sleep should you have a bad year and you flame out early.
Football is right around the corner and although everyone is pumped up for a full season of NFL action, we should note that in order to stay in the game, you have to exercise money management. If you’re not sure how to do that then read on and we will show you how.
There are many strategies when betting on professional football but one of the most hotly debated is whether or not to buy points to get a more comfortable point spread. Is it worth it or not? Keep reading to find out.
The football season will be here before you know it and those unfamiliar with teaser bets should read below because they can be another weapon in your betting arsenal when placing your NFL picks. If you are new to teasers then understand it is not very complicated so don’t be intimidated by the fact it is considered an exotic wager.
Action is action and whether it is college football or the pros, there is no better sport for wagering excitement. And while fans and casual football bettors, often one and the same, may bet on both, you will find there is a more finely delineated line as it pertains to professional bettors.
Whether you are a recreational sports bettor or a seasoned pro, everyone has a routine when it comes to placing a wager. Some are better than others, as the results speak for themselves, and below we take an honest approach to our sports betting picks.
Betting sports is fun, exciting, and can even be financially rewarding but it requires patience and discipline if you want to do it right. Let’s read about the day in the life of a football bettor and how he chooses his NFL picks.

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