1xbet stole my winnings


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Jan 23, 2019
Thanks a lot.
‘However allow me to say that the fact that such issues are managed by a security department is crazy to me

Dear frenchbettor,

Thank you for waiting. We have checked all the information about your situation.

As we told you earlier, the betslip 19767747047 was settled as a refund because at the moment when you sent a refund request to the Support Service, the Bookmaker had the information that the match was suspended and not finished. The match wasn't finished and the Company showed you a loyalty via settling the bet as a refund as you asked

In the case of the betslip 20473229993 there was no information that the match was suspended or not finished. At the moment of your request The Bookmaker Company already had the preliminary information about result of the match, which was being double-checked at the moment of your request. In cases like this the bets will always be settled as normal in full accordance with the T&C of the Company because of a result already being there.

The Bookmaker Company has always gave a lot of attention and showed loyalty to the players with VIP status, however we need to remind that the VIP status benefits don't include fast refunds by your request. It is always the sole decision of the Bookmaker to meet these kinds of requests after additional consideration of the information about the bets. In this case, your request to refund wasn't honored because of results of the match being already known at that moment

Best regards,
The 1xBet Support