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    NitrogenSports 10k confiscation

    I would like to know if Nitro told BMR the exact rule that was broken? Is it the rule that was mentioned in the 1st post or is it deeper than that? If it was the blanket rule that was posted, then that is a huge problem for any player that plays here and I would hope BMR addresses their...
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    Yep. The delay and move, just to avoid your bet. They are nowhere near as bad as BetUS but they do it too. There are 3 books that have done this to me and I've used pretty much every book and have had tons of books put a delay on, but most are fair about it. The 3 that do it are BetUS, BAS...
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    It eventually happens to everyone that wins with this shit book. Now you understand. BAS will do it too, just wait.
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    All Bonuses Thread

    Absolutely stop playing there but....if in the middle of a rollover, that really blows. It's a shady practice that some of the lesser books use.
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    All Bonuses Thread

    Personally, I am rarely eligible for bonuses anymore. Even if offered, I am hesitant. Books can and do slash limits during rollovers. It really isn't fair. Fair would be reducing rollovers to the equivalent of what limits are reduced to. It should be a standard type thing but it never...
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    All Bonuses Thread

    If you already have a balance, I wouldn't recommend taking bonuses on top. I know a guy who had a decent sized balance at BetUS and they offered him another bonus, he took it, and then slashed his limits. Now he has to complete this rollover at way reduced limits before he can even get out his...
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    Betonline account hacked lost a lot of $$

    There have been reports of BOL hacks in the past, so it's possible. It happened to me twice before, but they caught it and fixed it each time. Those were on BTC withdrawals that I didn't make though. I was told it was an "internet hacking tool". You always have to worry about rogue tellers...
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    Reduced Juice Sportsbooks - Betanysports or Bet105?

    Sure but I just talked to a guy that has only deposited many times at BAS, never withdrawn, never bets more than a couple hundred, bets his own games, is down many thousands of dollars, and had his limits cut to 50. That's a book that is obviously losing money. They will eventually lose their...
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    Reduced Juice Sportsbooks - Betanysports or Bet105?

    Both but BAS will limit you on anything and everything very quickly. They are a scared book. Bet105 is a much better book in my opinion. The actual best one to have is LowVig.
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    Bookmaker live game line change error?

    Sounds about right. This place has been going downhill for a while now.
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    Anyone Play AT BAS????

    I think my limits are 10 bucks on auto racing and I've never placed a single bet on that sport. Odds really don't matter when they're scared to take a bet.
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    Best/Worst Customer Service Experience?

    I would say I've always had the easiest time dealing with Heritage CS with any issues. Getting BOL CS to fix a mis-graded play or some minor mistake has always been a huge pain in the ass.
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    Bovada or Betanysports?

    If you ever bet props don't bother with BAS. I had a guy tell me tonight he went 3-0 on $100 prop bets in Game 1 of the NBA Finals and his limits were lowered to 20 bucks for Game 2. Absolutely pathetic. My prop bet limits are 10 bucks and I've never bet a single one. That's one scared book.
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    Avoid JAZZ Sports at all costs - [CASE CLOSED]

    These books aren't straightforward with their customers about which books are related to which. They can't expect all customers to know if they're unwilling to divulge the information. Confiscating a payout because of this is absurd. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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    Can anyone here vouch for ?

    I just spoke to someone last week who has 25K rollover left with limits cut down to as low as 10 bucks in some sports with 250 max on NBA Finals as largest limits. I warned him, he didn't listen. Books like this will always revert to their scandalous ways eventually. Some just haven't been...