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    Building 10 into 1000?

    Put that $120 on Ryan Blaney Top Ford +250 in Cup race at 2.00pm (Bovada)
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    Building 10 into 1000?

    Booyah! Put that $60 on UCLA +100
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    What’s your favorite offshore book to follow odds

    I can't bet there, but for car racing, 5Dimes still hangs the lowest vig openers that are the best guide of what they think sharps will think. But no volume to take any notice of them by race day. Bovada the best for live betting cars now. Betonline solid.
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    #1 Georgia vs #11 Kentucky

    About the same size shot as Bama losing straight up last week probably :D
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    Building 10 into 1000?

    Start with $10 on John Hunter Nemechek +500 in the Xfinity NASCAR race at 3pm
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    Saturday Plays?? College Football

    Vols to upset Ole Miss
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    winnings or not?

    This site is a betting information resource, not an actual bookmaker. What sportsbook are you trying to withdraw winnings from? Maybe we can help.
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    Offshore Sportsbook betting odds

    Best free lines service for offshore books that there is.
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    Check 1.. Check Check

    hey Bigday! Good to see you
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    BMR’s 4 The Win - NFL Week 6 Prediction

    Good start (y)
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    Have you ever Bet against your "Home" team

    You generally know most about your own team so easier to pick good times to fade, so why not use it.
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    Neighbor Posted up $15,000 Offshore

    Been great weekly bonuses at Betonline all football season so far
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    Kyrie Irving Benched

    Does the league claim that being vaccinated makes players less likely to catch or transmit the virus? If so, by how much? I don't think the difference is significant enough to be claiming it needs to be done for other people's safety. I'm either mis-informed about the risks posed by...
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    Jon Gruden resigns as Las Vegas Raiders head coach

    Lucky the internet wasn't around when I was under 30. I'm sure I would have said plenty of "offensive" things in todays context. I wish less people would apologize and more would stand their ground in these sort of cases.
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    Anyone heard about SB Invest?

    Nope. What's their tip Den?