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The NBA regular season offers sports bettors and basketball fans alike numerous opportunities to get in on the action by placing NBA player props bets on individual player performances. You can discover all of the top player props available for the 2023-24 NBA season.
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What are NBA player props?

NBA player props are bets you can place on specific player performances in National Basketball Association games. With this type of betting, bettors focus on individual player statistics rather than the actual outcome of an individual game.

Placing basketball player prop bets when engaging in online betting with an online sportsbook can be a little daunting at first. That is why this basketball player prop betting guide will provide sports bettors with a breakdown of the various aspects of NBA player prop betting.

Popular Types of NBA Player Prop Bet Options

In NBA player prop betting, basketball bettors can wager on different player statistics. The most popular types of player prop betting markets that you can place on regular season games include:

Player Prop Betting: Rebounds

When you engage in a player prop bet focused on rebounds, you're essentially making a call on the number of times a player will grab the ball off the rim. The bookmakers will establish a specific number and it's your task to decide whether the player's rebound count will go beyond that number (referred to as taking the "over") or fall short of it (termed as taking the "under").

Player Prop Betting: Assists

In the realm of assists prop bets, you're venturing a guess on how many times a player will successfully set up their teammates for scoring baskets. Similar to rebounds, you're confronted with a choice: will the player exceed the assist count set by the bookmakers or will they come up short?

Player Prop Betting: Steals

Betting on a player's steals per game involves trying to determine how many times a player will snatch the ball from an opponent's possession. Your wager hinges on whether the player's performance will outstrip the predetermined steal count (going "over") or fail to reach it.

Player Prop Betting: Blocks

Blocks prop bets involve predicting the number of shots a player will deflect or block from the opposition. You wager on whether the player will achieve more or fewer blocks than the bookmaker's prediction.

Player Prop Betting: 3PM

Engaging in 3PM prop bets involves staking your prediction on the number of triumphant three-point shots a player will execute during the game. You make a decision based on whether you anticipate the player surpassing the provided 3PM (3-pointers made) figure (choosing the "over") or falling below it.

NBA Futures Player Prop Betting

NBA futures player prop bets are longer-term predictions about players' performances over the course of an entire season. These player prop futures bets could include betting on who will win the MVP award, who will be the top scorer or even how many triple-doubles a player might achieve during the season.

NBA Draft & Free Agency Player Prop Betting

During the NBA Draft or free agency periods, you can place prop bets on where particular players will be drafted or which team a free agent will sign with. These bets are about predicting player movements.

NBA Player Prop Betting Tips

You can incorporate the following basketball player prop betting tips into your overall player prop betting strategy:

  • Know the Players: Understand the players' recent form, playing time, injuries and matchups. These factors greatly influence their statistical outputs.
  • Study Team Dynamics: Consider team styles and strategies. Some teams play faster, leading to more stats, while others emphasize defense, affecting certain categories.
  • Check Injury Reports: Player injuries directly impact performance. Stay updated on injury reports before placing bets.
  • Weather the Variability: Player performance can be volatile. Even star players have off nights. Account for this when setting your expectations.
  • Shop for Lines: Different sportsbooks offer slightly different prop numbers. Compare and pick the most favorable line.
  • Use Advanced Stats: Dive into advanced statistics to gain insights beyond the surface. This can provide a more accurate picture of a player's potential performance.
  • Bankroll Management: Savvy bettors set a budget for prop bets and stick to it. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

Remember, NBA player props are centered on statistical outcomes. Make informed decisions based on data and research rather than emotions or hunches.

FAQs – NBA Player Prop Betting

How do basketball player prop bets pay out?

Basketball player prop bets payout based on specific player performance metrics, like points scored, rebounds, assists or other stats. If the player meets or exceeds the designated benchmark, the bet pays out according to predetermined odds. Payouts vary based on sportsbooks and individual bet conditions.

Can you parlay basketball player prop bets?

Yes, basketball player prop bets can be parlayed.

How do basketball player prop parlays work?

Basketball player prop parlays involve combining multiple individual player performance bets into a single wager. If all chosen player prop outcomes are accurate, the payout is higher than individual bets. However, if any part of the parlay is incorrect, the entire bet is lost.

Where can I parlay basketball player props?

You can parlay NBA player prop bets with any of our recommended major sportsbooks. Each of these fan-favorite online sportsbooks offers the most competitive betting odds in the sports betting industry. We make it easy to shop around and find the best player prop odds with our prop comparison tool.

Can you cash-out on NBA player prop bets?

Cash-out options for NBA player prop bets depend on the sportsbook. Some offer cash-out before the bet concludes, allowing bettors to secure partial winnings or minimize losses. This option's availability and terms differ among platforms and during games.