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We make it easy to place smarter bets on women's tennis. Take a look at the latest WTA odds from all of the top-rated sportsbooks. Looking to bet on the French Open? Take a look at our WTA futures.
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Up-to-Date WTA Odds and the Best Betting Lines

Betting on tennis is an undiscovered market for many people. Tennis will continue to grow in popularity as bettors learn how fun and easy it is to make a profit while enjoying a great sport. In this guide, we will go over how to read WTA odds, the WTA betting market, and how to place WTA bets. We will answer some frequently asked questions about WTA odds and betting lines.

Because of the popularity of the sport worldwide, there are almost always tennis matches for you to bet on. Finding and choosing a favorite female tennis player is a great way for you to start on the sport. By following her individual journey you'll learn more about the exciting and prestigious tournaments throughout the year, and, of course, the ups and downs of the tennis schedule.

How to Read WTA Odds

Reading the WTA odds will be fairly simple if you are used to betting on sports already. You can always bet the moneyline of the match. Just like in football or baseball, this is for the team, or in this case, the player, to win straight up. The tennis betting odds reflect the percentage that the sportsbook gives the favorite or underdog to win the match.

There are also game spreads, which are similar to the point spread in an NFL or NBA game. These tennis betting lines will reflect the total number of games played. For example, if you took a player at +4 and the final score was 6-4, 6-4, the bet would be a push because the final score of the game for tennis betting purposes would be 12-8.

Because of the wide prevalence of this scoreline, 4 is considered a "key number" in tennis betting markets. Bettors who like to bet on underdogs, rather than the popular pick in the game spread, often find attractive lines like +4.5 or higher.

There are also set spreads that work the same as game spreads, and player props associated with the match; such as the number of aces hit or derivative markets on the sides and totals. There are plenty of exciting ways to approach and learn about these tennis betting markets.

WTA Tennis Betting Markets

While a trip to Las Vegas is always fun, most bettors use an online sportsbook to place wagers for their tennis picks. The odds are often separated by each individual tennis tournament. By clicking on the tournament you will see the tennis lines for each match.


Most tennis fans who recreationally bet will like to strike it big with a tennis parlay. Most seasoned tennis bettors prefer to bet straight (not a parlay). However, if there are two heavy favorites that you feel are undervalued, that is a great opportunity to make a tennis parlay.


Another way to attack the match is by the game totals. Sometimes, with a tough match, it is hard to predict the winner. If you expect a match will be close, the best way is to approach the match by betting an over on the game totals. Conversely, in a match that you think is a blowout, sometimes the game totals will provide more of an edge by betting an under, rather than laying the games on the game spread.


One of the most attractive parts of the WTA tennis betting markets is the ability to make lucrative futures bets and futures wagers which will be paid out quickly. For example, in the NFL season, to make a futures bet, you have to wait 16 to 20 weeks before you're paid out. When making a tennis futures bet, your bet will be resolved within one week, or two weeks if it's a Grand Slam. This opportunity to take advantage of high tennis betting odds with a short turnover in the time for which your money is being held. This gives tennis bettors a great chance to cash in on a tennis event.

Match Times

Match times are always an approximation unless it's the first match of the day. One match cannot begin until the one scheduled previously on the court is finished. Don't be alarmed if your match doesn't begin play at the time it is listed, tennis match times often start later than expected by tournament organizers.

How to Place WTA Bets

After the draw is announced, online sportsbooks will put out  future tennis odds for a tournament. Taking a look at the draw you can see which player has a favorable path to make it to the final. This gives you an opportunity to place smart futures bets.

You can also take a look at each individual match. You can try and find a player who you think is being undervalued by the market. These players are constantly in flux, their form is changing, and the difference in the level of play between the top players and the rest of the field is not that great. This means there are great opportunities for bettors, especially bettors who want the big payout on an underdog with a good matchup or in great form.

Regardless of what method you select from your betting options, you're sure to have some fun. As you continue to study these exciting tournaments and enjoy the beautiful sport of tennis you will begin to understand the tennis betting market and recognize the best opportunities for winning wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions About WTA Odds and Betting Lines

What are the most popular women's tennis tournaments with bettors?

The most popular tournaments are the Grand Slam tournaments. These are the Australian Open held in January, the French Open held in May, Wimbledon held in June and the US Open held in August. Tennis bettors enjoy these events because they receive the most mainstream coverage.

What are the best sportsbooks for WTA bets?

In American states with legalized gambling, the best sportsbooks are FanDuel Sportsbook, MGM Sportsbook, Barstool Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook. If you are betting on the offshore market, the best sportsbooks to use are Bookmaker, BetOnline and Bovada.

Are online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps safe to use?

Yes. Using the site Bookmakers Review will allow you to identify the best sportsbooks with the highest ratings that also provide the best customer service. Use Bookmakers Review to find the best online sportsbooks that are known for quick payouts and prompt customer service.

What is the safest betting market for WTA bettors?

As a beginner, you may want to start by placing futures bets before a tournament because a single lucrative payout can make your whole season. Next, continue betting on individual matches against the game spread. This allows you to learn about players without risking much of your bankroll.

Is WTA betting profitable?

Many professional bettors target the WTA because it is a smaller market when compared to other sports. Bookmakers are more prone to make a mistake on them because they will not be as hurt by a loss. Therefore, betting on the WTA is very profitable.