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WNBA Odds & Women's Basketball Betting Lines

Basketball odds and lines in North America are not relegated solely to the NBA and men’s college basketball. Sports betting operators routinely offer lines on the WNBA, the world’s premier professional women’s basketball league.

The current roster of the 2022 WNBA champions, the Las Vegas Aces, is comprised of WNBA draft picks. Las Vegas defeated the Connecticut Sun, 3-1, in the best-of-five championship series. The basketball player who shined the brightest was the Aces' point guard, Chelsea Gray, who was named the Finals MVP.

Afternoon basketball action is not uncommon in the WNBA but whether it is a night game or a prime-time game, the best online sportsbooks have odds and lines on all of these games regardless of the time of day. Nowadays, the WNBA is more popular with fans and basketball bettors alike.

Understanding WNBA Odds

WNBA betting odds work exactly as they do for any other basketball league including the NBA. There are point spreads, moneylines, totals, and player props which are readily available at all of the leading online sportsbooks. Understanding these odds is easy and will be explained in further detail below.

WNBA Vegas/American Odds

Whether they are in Las Vegas or offshore, sports betting operators deal WNBA odds with point spread lines on every game. These are very easy to read, as the underdog gets points while the favorite team gives points. This is the oddsmakers' way of leveling the playing field. The greater the disparity there is between the teams the bigger the point spread. Let’s use the example below.

  • Atlanta Dream -7 vs. Dallas Wings +7

In this example, we see that the favorite is the Atlanta Dream because there is a minus (-) sign before the point spread while the Dallas Wings must be underdogs because there is a plus (+) sign before the point spread. The line on this game is 7 which means Atlanta must win this game by 8 or more points in order to cover the spread.

Conversely, Dallas can lose by 6 points or less or win the game outright to cover the spread. If Atlanta wins by exactly 7 points then the game is considered a push (tie) and the wagers will be returned to those who bet on the favorite and the underdog. There is no profit but there is no loss to the bettors.

Opening Lines

Every online sportsbook releases an initial set of point spreads which are called opening lines. Professional sports bettors wait for these lines to be released to find out if any weak numbers can be exploited. The lines are dynamic and they will change depending on the amount of money being bet on each side.

Women's basketball game odds are no different than lines on the NBA. The betting limits are generally smaller because there is less betting action on this league but there are professional handicappers who bet on women’s basketball religiously.

2nd Half Odds

To reiterate, there is no difference in the way online sportsbooks deal women's basketball odds from men’s which makes it perfectly reasonable that there are second-half odds on every WNBA game.

Second-half odds are simply the line set on the teams entering the second half of play. The oddsmakers will deal a second-half point spread as well as a total. The game is considered to be 0-0 once the third quarter begins and the final score will determine the outcome of the wagers, whether the game ends in regulation or overtime.

Popular WNBA Betting Lines

Betting options are as plentiful in the WNBA as they are on any other sport and in any other league. WNBA basketball odds and lines include player props, team props, and a host of other proposition bets.

Every major online sportsbook will offer WNBA moneyline odds as well as WNBA futures before the season begins and adjusted odds throughout the year. The betting volume on the sides and totals determine if the lines will move and how far. Prop bets will also see shifting odds depending on the betting action.

Any leading online sports betting site will have all of the WNBA sides, totals, props, and futures available. As the league increases in popularity, so too will the number of people who will be betting on the games from preseason through the playoffs.

How to Place WNBA Bets

As stated, any of the industry-leading sportsbooks will have a full menu of betting options and if the line is Team A -5 versus Team B +5 then we immediately know that Team A has a better chance of winning as the favorite while Team B is the underdog because of the minus (-) and plus (+) signs, respectively.

Depending on the betting volume, the lines will either remain where they are or move one way or the other depending on whether more money is being bet on the favorite or the underdog. Placing a wager on a WNBA team or total is as easy as signing up at any of the most respected betting sites in the world. Online sportsbooks like Bookmaker.eu, BetOnline, Bovada, and Heritage Sports all feature plenty of WNBA lines and props.

Frequently Asked Questions About WNBA Betting Odds

When are the WNBA playoffs?

The last day of the regular season is September 10th and the WNBA playoffs will begin after that. The WNBA national championship will occur once the final two playoff teams are determined.

Is WNBA online betting safe?

Betting on the WNBA online is as safe as betting on any other league but it is the sportsbook that you are using that determines whether or not your bet is safe. Make certain to research your sportsbook before you fund an account.

When can I start placing WNBA bets?

Major online sports betting sites will have championship futures, props, and season-opening lines several weeks before the season begins on May 19th, 2023.

When do sportsbooks release their odds to the betting public?

Some books release their lines earlier than others but the soonest you are likely to see WNBA lines is when all games are completed the day before.

Can you make a living betting on the WNBA?

There are thousands of professional sports bettors and many have a specialty. When it comes to evaluating basketball odds and lines only those who are disciplined and dedicated enough can make a living on sports betting.