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What are UFC parlays?

Fight fans are lined up with their fight cards and ready to place wagers now more than ever on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Whether you want to see an elite fighter have another title opportunity in the heavyweight division, light heavyweight division or flyweight division, understanding UFC parlays is essential if you wish to make the most of your betting opportunities. Today, our UFC parlay betting guide will cover what UFC parlays are, why they are relevant to betting, the different forms they come in and how bettors can use them to maximize the potential for successful bets. 

To put it simply, parlays are a type of wager in sports betting where you bet on more than one outcome in a single bet. In this wager, all of the individual bets must win in order for your parlay to be victorious. For example, if you place a parlay bet on three UFC fights, all three fighters must win their respective fights for you to win the bet.

Why are UFC parlays important in betting?

UFC parlays provide bettors an increased chance of having boosted winnings by allowing them to combine multiple wagers into a single bet with higher odds and a larger payout. In a parlay bet, the person wagering must correctly forecast the result of two or more fights, with all of the individual bets needing to achieve victory in order for the bettor to be paid out.

If you place a three-fighter parlay and all of the fighters emerge with a victory, you will be paid out higher than if you had bet on one fighter to win. Ultimately, there are multiple betting markets for UFC and if you find a parlay to be unsuitable for you, you can rest assured that have plenty of other choices. 

What are the different kinds of UFC parlays?

There are several different kinds of UFC parlays that bettors can utilize. Here are some of the most popular forms of UFC parlays:

Two-Fighter Parlay

A two-fighter parlay is the simplest type of UFC parlay. In this bet, you select the winner of two different fights. Both fighters must win their respective fights in order for their bet to be won. If one of the fighters loses, the whole bet is void.

Three-Fighter Parlay

A three-fighter parlay is similar to a two-fighter parlay, but you wager on the winners of three different fights. All three fighters are required to achieve victory in their particular fights for your bet to be successful. If one of the fighters loses, the entire bet is lost.

Round Robin Parlay

One of the most complex UFC parlays is the round robin. With this wager, you bet on multiple two-fighter parlays simultaneously. For example, if you bet on a round robin parlay with three two-fighter parlays, you are actually betting on three different combinations of two fighters. If any of these amalgams win, your bet will be successful. 

Using UFC Parlays to Win

If your goal is to win with UFC parlays, our team of experts would like to emphasize the following tips:

  1. Research: Prior to placing a parlay wager, it is essential to research the fighters involved in the matches. Look at their records, fighting styles and recent performances to help determine the likelihood of them winning. It also helps to be aware of the current betting trends and UFC picks for a fight or event match. 
  2. Choose carefully: When selecting fighters to include in a parlay, choose carefully. It is important to select fighters who are likely to win their matches. The more fighters included in the parlay, the higher the potential payout, but there is also the chance for maximized losses.
  3. Look for value: It is important to look for value when placing a parlay wager. This means looking for betting odds that are better than they should be. By finding value in the betting odds, a bettor can increase their potential payout while minimizing their risk.
  4. Bankroll management: It is important to manage your bankroll when making a parlay wager. Only bet what you can afford to lose and steer clear of pursuing losses by increasing your bets unnecessarily.

FAQs – UFC Parlays

Can you do parlays in UFC?

You can indeed make a parlay bet, in addition to many other kinds of bets in UFC.

How do you parlay a bet in UFC?

To parlay a bet in UFC, all you have to do is choose the fights or event matches that you wish to wager on and select an offshore betting site like the ones listed in our many reviews. From there, you will add your bets to your betslip, pick the parlay option and place your wager.

What happens to UFC parlay if no contest?

If one of your betting picks fails to win outright and a fight is declared to be no contest, what happens will depend on the specific sportsbook operator you are using. Most of the time though, your original stake will be returned to you. 

What is the best to bet on in UFC?

There is no bet that is superior to another. One wager will suit a better’s preferences more than another, so it ultimately depends on your situation.

What are the different types of UFC parlays?

The different types of UFC parlays include two-fighter parlays, three-fighter parlays and round robin parlays.