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MMA fans can check out the latest UFC odds and compare fight odds across the top sportsbooks. Not sure who the best fighter is tonight? Our UFC picks can help you make smarter bets.
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The world of mixed martial arts has taken a massive leap in popularity in recent years, most notably with promotions such as the UFC becoming the forefront of professional combat sports events. Here at Bookmakers Review (BMR), we want to supply the betting public with the best available MMA odds to cater for your UFC predictions. Therefore, giving you the best possible return on the investments you’ve made.

Read on for our expert advice in choosing the best online sportsbook, how to analyze UFC odds, and a complete guide on the available MMA betting markets. Including UFC lines and UFC fight night odds predictions

Whether you’re new to gambling or a long-term bettor in a different sport, UFC odds are offered through a multitude of different styles and will provide the needs of most. As mentioned, the popularity of MMA/UFC has grown to new heights, and as the sport is just twenty-seven years old, there is always room for improvement when placing your wagers.

The most crucial aspect of UFC betting odds is finding the most value, which gives us at Bookmaker Review the opportunity to assist your UFC handicapping by searching for the best bookmakers available and supplying the best UFC odds.

The second most important condition is understanding what you’re betting on and choosing the correct betting market that suits your needs.
Below, we have conjured up a list of all the available betting markets currently offered to place wagers against, including the most and least favored approaches to UFC wagering.

The most simplistic form of UFC odds will fall under the money line category, known to gamblers across multiple sports and still today the most favored way to place a bet. If you’re betting ‘the money-line, you are simply choosing which fighter you believe will be victorious on the night. In the same way, you would bet on your favorite sports team to collect a win.

UFC lines can sometimes mislead the public, and similar to team sports, the underdog can sometimes be a worthy bet to place. The sportsbooks must dictate a price towards the fighter they deemed the favorite, dependent on their fight history, professional record, current form and many other attributes. Their judgment can often become cloudy, or better yet, the betting public will favor the less talented martial artist giving you an edge and more lucrative value for your money.

For example, in a recent UFC pay-per-view event, the most famous fighter in modern-day mixed martial arts (Conor McGregor) competed for a second time versus Dustin Poirier. McGregor opened as the -175 favorite (175$ stake returned $100 profit), and Poirier opened as the +150 underdog ($100 stake returned $150 profit).

Once the odds had closed, we witnessed the price of McGregor excel into the -300 region, making his true odds become more than 100 points higher. When betting long-term, these line movements can cost bettors a considerable decline in their return on investment. On the flipside, Poirier odds became extremely valuable, closing at +247. The moral of the story is that the oddsmakers did not create this money line price; the public did by placing their money on McGregor. And if you don’t research the actual odds, you can lose value without being aware of it.

Between diehard UFC fans and casual viewers, they all hold one thing in common – everybody enjoys a fight-ending finish, whether it be via technical knockout, knockout, or submission. In the betting world, these are known as propositional bets (prop bets), and they offer a significantly higher return of profits if predicted correctly.

Although this betting method decreases your implied probability, there are sure edges found amongst the UFC betting market. Let us use Gerald ‘GM3’ Meerschaert, for example, from the seven contest’s he has won inside a UFC octagon, six of those fights he completed via submission. When betting on these kinds of prop bets and yes, your chances become slimmer, but your returns are also more prosperous. A fighter to win by submission often ranges between +300, with some leading up to +800 and beyond.  

Propositional bets can also be used to boost odds on a fighter you believe is so dominant that his juiced money line odds will offer more value if you think he will end the fight. When a high-level fighter is priced at -800, it doesn’t sound tempting to wager $800 and only collect a $100 profit. Still, should you increase your odds with a prop bet, it can become a more systematic way of gaining profit on fighter’s who are talented enough to finish the fight quick. And you don’t have to choose one particular outcome; bookmakers will offer you a‘ fighter to win inside the distance’ prop covering all methods of victory inside the 3 or 5 rounds.

While browsing through the available UFC betting markets, you will stumble across a well-known format used through all popular sports, the under/over. Typically, a sports team will score under or over the predicted score oddsmakers have provided, and the UFC is not much different. The main difference here is that you’re anticipating if the fighters will survive the total rounds available or not.

The most common being over 1.5, under 1.5, over 2.5 and under 2.5 – meaning that through three, five-minute rounds, you must predict whether the fight will surpass or fail to reach the time limit you bet on. 1.5 rounds are equal to 7 and a half minutes inside a UFC octagon, where the 2.5 rounds equal to 12 and a half minutes. This method can often be exploited if the oddsmakers have overpriced an O2.5 without noticing the fighters at hand are better at finishing a fight than expected.

If you’re placing a bet on over 2.5 rounds, you would be rooting for both fighters to avoid being finished via submission or knockout, which can also be exploited when two well known knockout artists have outstanding durability and are being under-priced towards the over.

Another way to approach betting on rounds is by predicting which round you believe fighter A or fighter B will complete their knockout or submission in. This method allows bettors to take advantage of knockout artists such as Francis Ngannou, who have finished many of their professional fights in the first or second round. The odds-on round betting becomes highly tempting, but you should also note these methods are complicated to profit from long term.

UFC prop bets are targeted towards the connoisseurs of mixed martial arts wagering. Although we have touched on a few already (Method of Victory & Round Betting), there are a plethora of different prop bets being added by bookmakers on a weekly basis.

For example, Jorge Masvidal versus Kamaru Usman II will take place this weekend, and there are 56 prop bets available to choose from. Some of the more common UFC prop bets include ‘the fight to go the distance’, Fighter A or B wins via DQ, and the fight ends/does not end in round 1/2/3/4/5.

The most significant aspect of propositional betting is that it does not always require you to give a foregone conclusion on who will win the fight; you can view the contest from a different angle and attempt to make profits in alternative ways.

On occasion, UFC fight night betting odds can offer little to no value at all. This is where your chance to nail a parlay bet becomes viable.

A parlay bet in UFC combines your money line selections into one overall bet, meaning that if you chose three fighters in your betting slip, they would all need to win for your chance to return a profit. There are no limits on how many fights you add, and you can even create parlays by using multiple different sports. The most tempting parlay is when you can add two fighters who you believe have a small chance of losing, and their juiced odds become even/plus money once they’re wagered in the same bet.

Long shot parlays of 9-10 fighters can sure be fun, but remember, your probability of winning is dramatically decreased with each additional fighter. With that said, stakes often become lower, and a small $10 wager can return hundreds of dollars if your UFC fight odds are the correct choice.

Where Can I Bet on MMA Events?
You can find many sportsbooks that offer odds on MMA events, and some of the more popular bookies will offer odds on less popular events. UFC is at the forefront of mixed martial arts promotions, but competing companies such as Bellator, ONE FC, LFA, PFL & KSW have betting lines available throughout the year.

How Can I Make Money on UFC Betting?
Countless variables are put into sports handicapping, and If you’re short of time, you can always look for free UFC picks here at Bookmakers Review. Our dedicated analysts put their time and effort into doing the research so that you don’t have to.

Alternatively, you can take it upon yourself and put in the manual research whilst remembering a few critical pointers like bankroll management, line movement, odds shopping and fighter analysis.

Can I Bet UFC Fights Online?                 
Yes, but once you’re confident enough to begin online betting, you will require a highly rated, trustworthy sportsbook that also offer MMA betting. If you are struggling with choosing a bookmaker, fear not, as Bookmaker Review is dedicated to bringing you the best odds, offers and always discredit the bookies who are not playing by the rules.

How Do I Read UFC Betting Lines?
Reading odds can become a daunting task, but the simplest way to approach reading odds is by entering your stake and noticing the return. If you want to read the odds accurately, always remember that a minus sign (-) before the odds number will require you to stake that amount for an even return.
A plus sign (+) before your odds will be the amount of profit you’ll return from an even stake. For example, -200 odds require a $200 stake to return $100 profit and your original investment ($300 total). +200 odds with a $100 stake will return $200 profit and your original stake ($300 total).

How Are UFC Odds Created?
The bookmaker creates UFC odds, and their lines are concluded through statistical research and insider knowledge that, more often than not, give the bookmaker an edge on profits.

What Are Vegas Odds?
Vegas odds explained – These odds are usually the starting point for smaller bookmakers when they’re attempting to lure in new customers. Vegas odds are among the most sought-after odds and sometimes the first to be released, giving the less popular sportsbooks a chance to compete with the big boys.

Can I Make Long Term Investments on UFC Betting Lines?
Yes, the most advantageous but rarely used method amongst professional MMA handicappers is compound interest betting. There are various methods and tactics to make MMA wagering a long-term investment; be sure to do your research and find what is best for your bankroll.

Which Bookmaker Should I Use for UFC Odds Predictions?
There is no one answer because sportsbooks are consistently competing to offer the best UFC odds and deals. If you are looking to invest as a long-term bettor, you will be required to have multiple accounts across various bookmakers. Line movement and line value are crucial when betting over a long time, as the smallest increase/decrease in the odds available can impact your return of investment.

Bookmakers Review will assist all your betting needs, not just in UFC but across all sports betting markets.