Italian Serie A Betting Odds, Spreads & Lines

The Serie A is at the top of the Italian football league system. Get access to the latest Serie A odds from all of the best sportsbooks around the world in one place. Also keep up with Serie A futures all season long to see which club has the best chance at securing the Coppa Campioni d'Italia.
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Serie A Odds & Lines

The Serie A is a professional league competition for soccer clubs positioned in the top tier of the Italian football league system. The division winner is awarded the Scudetto and the Copp Campione d’Italia. Set above Serie B, it’s the most exciting league of all Italian domestic leagues. Those in the top seven rankings can qualify for the Europa League or Champions League.

Today, we’ll explore the Serie A odds and lines. Our betting experts have made this guide to assist you in understanding the Serie A league betting odds and markets, along with providing useful strategies to implement in your Italian soccer wagering journey.

Understanding Serie A Betting Odds

There are three formats that Serie A soccer odds can be viewed in:

  • American (+100)
  • Decimal (2.00)
  • Fractional (1/1)

For the sake of today’s guide, we’ll utilize the American odds format – the simplest and most popular type of odds on the American continent.

The American format displays two options. Bettors will see a (-) or (+) symbol before a number. The former represents the betting favorite or a wager involving a team or player with an implied probability of 50.1% or higher. A favorite (-) or favorable betting pick shows you much you’ll need to stake to return a $100 profit.

  • Betting the favorite example: If Napoli is priced at -150 to win a single game on the odds board, a bettor would need to wager $150 to win $100.

The (+) symbol is an underdog wager, showing a bettor how much they’ll win from a $100 bet.

  • Betting the underdog example: If Inter Milan is priced at +200, a $100 stake would return $200 in profit.

Both examples also return your initial stake alongside your profits.

Serie A Opening Lines

As players don’t like to miss scoring chances during Serie A games, bettors shouldn’t miss the value found from opening betting lines.

An opening line is the first set of odds or lines that a betting site lists for a specific game or event. The opening line is the first opportunity for the betting public to see the true opinion of the oddsmakers.

Serie A Second Half Odds

Second-half soccer odds can be crucial for bettors looking to take advantage of live wagering or a team that usually performs better or weaker in the second half.

For example, if league leader Napoli is renowned for scoring more goals in the second half of the soccer match, it would be wise to approach this second-half odds market. Alternatively, a dominant team could unexpectedly enter half-time with a losing scoreline; approaching the second-half live betting odds can provide excellent value on their moneyline compared to how it was set pre-game.

Serie A Betting Markets

As the most popular division in Italian soccer, you shouldn’t be surprised to witness a wide range of Serie A betting markets. But no matter what your sports betting choice is for an exact match or if you’re approaching the futures betting markets or a game parlay, it’s helpful to know the most approached betting markets.

Below you’ll find the most popular Serie A betting markets:

  • Moneyline (Pick Team A or Team B to win)
  • Three-Way Moneyline (Pick a team to win or the draw)
  • Totals (Combined Score)
  • Team Totals (Separate Scores)
  • Handicap Betting (Spread betting)
  • Asian Handicaps (Addition or deduction in a team’s score)
  • Future Bets
  • Team Props
  • Player Props

Serie A Betting Strategy

Once you understand the Serie A betting odds and the scoring chances involved, you’ll want to implement a betting strategy into your Serie A wagering repertoire.

Below you’ll find some quickfire betting tips to remember before attacking the Serie A betting markets:

  • Study and research for upcoming seasons
  • Don’t strictly bet favorites
  • Shop for the best odds
  • Don’t force bets if it doesn’t feel justified
  • Accept losses, but never chase them
  • Maintain a bankroll with a 1-5% cap on each wager

These are all important things to keep in mind if you want to get in on some exciting betting action.

FAQs – Italian Serie A Odds & Lines 

What team has won the Serie A the most times?

Juventus is the most successful club in Italian domestic soccer; they have collected 36 Serie A championships.

What is the safest type of bet?

The higher the implied probability, the safer the bet. However, the catch is higher probability odds provide less profit, and long-term, placing higher stakes can lead to a damaged bankroll.

What is the biggest rivalry in Serie A?

The Milan Derby – or the Derby della Madonnina – is one of the world's most historic domestic soccer derbies. AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium and a lot of history.

Is betting with an online sportsbook or mobile app safe and secure?

Yes, but you must ensure the operator you are placing bets with is a reputable and trustworthy sportsbook like the ones found in our reviews. Most sites have betting interfaces that are optimized for mobile use if they lack an app feature.