Will The Match Be an Entertainment and Economic Success Without a Professional Golfer in the Mix?

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NFL quarterback Tom Brady at the Miami Beach Golf Club. (Photo by Giorgio VIERA / AFP)

This year’s “The Match” has brought a new dynamic of no Professional Golfers in the mix and that connotates a few interesting questions to consider.

Can Four NFL Quarterbacks Bring the Entertainment Normally Associated With “The Match”?

It remains to be seen if the two teams of the four quarterbacks from the NFL can bring the entertainment required for a game of golf.

I sincerely have my doubts that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers playing Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes will bring the golf skills required that the viewers enjoy.

For sure, the Twitter banter is seriously underway and that will need to continue on the course with the players fitted with mics for some light-hearted entertainment.

Banter is not the main thing for the viewer potentially, but it is plausible they set the Wynn Course up as easy as possible with pin positions that collect the ball.

This could help the aesthetic of the approach shots look better and create excitement to make up for missing out on the crazy spin shots golf professionals have in their lockers.

Are the NFL Players Good Cappers?

Tom Brady is a reliable 8-handicapper while Aaron Rodgers has been under a 4- handicap at one point.

Both bring a solid look to the proceedings so with an easy course set-up, they could thrive, and their confidence grow.

  • Josh Allen played the Pebble Beach Pro-am with professional, Keith Mitchell and that can only be a huge positive from an experience perspective.
  • Like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen is rumored to be a single-digit golfer.

Both will need to be, to compete but I do expect them both to be decent players and the Television company to have done their homework, after all, the last thing they want is a one-sided contest.

If Allen and Mahomes are true, solid single-digit handicappers this could be an exciting spectacle especially if the course and twelve chosen holes play on the east side.

Why “The Match” Went With Four Quarterbacks for a Game of Golf?

It is undoubtedly interesting that the Television supplier has decided to go with a game of golf between the NFL star quarterbacks only.

Last year’s renewal was the first time the Wynn Course had played host to “The Match” between Brooks Koepka and Bryson Dechambeau.

The match was billed as a grudge match between the two principals but never really hit the heights of previous renewals.

Rather interestingly, the four renewals prior featured Phil Mickelson on three occasions and twice, Tiger Woods.

Woods and Mickelson were the only cast in the inaugural version of 2018 before star quarterbacks or NBA players made it two teams of four with at least one of those two box office golfers featuring.

We may never know the true reasons but it’s entirely plausible having no Tiger Woods due to the precarious nature of his recovery from last year’s car crash injuries or Phil Mickelson available has contributed.

Certainly, Mickelson’s actions over the proposed Saudi League have brought the wrong image of obnoxious greed to the sport of golf, and fundamentally “The Match” organizers are aware of this context, given that “The Match” has raised huge sums of monies for charities in America.

It has been stated, that over $30,000,000 has been raised in five renewals of “The Match” and that is something the event can be very proud of, meaning a little distance from the Saudi drama in the short term is understandable for the charitable event this year.

Will the Match Be an Economic Success?

We’ve discussed how uncertain it feels as to whether “The Match” will bring the entertainment and excitement of the previous “The Match” renewals without professional golfers in the mix.

I do, however, expect “The Match” to be an economic success on many levels.

  • Firstly, the good causes and charities that benefit from charitable donations are a huge positive, one could argue that overwhelmingly that is the most important ethic associated with the contest.
  • Secondly, the televised audience won’t suffer too badly, after all, these four quarterbacks are box-office and many like myself will be curious as to how this plays out.

If the viewing figures do suffer markedly, “The Match” will have the option in 2023 of bringing back professional golfers.

Is Woods Coming Back for 2023?

The chances are, Tiger Woods could be fully fit by then, and he will be their first port of call.

It’s also possible the furor surrounding the politics of the Saudi League and the perception of obnoxious greed associated with some of the sports’ PGA Tour stars would have settled down.