Should You Bet on Where Aliens Would Attack First?

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Participants dressed as alien characters from the film 'Mars Attacks!' launch their flying contraption during a Red Bull Flugtag event. Tengku Bahar/AFP

Aliens have been a celebrated part of popular culture for a long time now. Everybody knows the TV show X-Files or any number of movies, such as those directed by John Carpenter. Many will assert that there is a difference between the world of tv shows and movies and that of reality.

In terms of public perception, this gap is being bridged, however, as polls indicate that an increasing number of people believe in the existence of aliens. Reports from the American government lend further credence to this belief.

Given these historical developments, the prospect of an alien attack has become a pressing question. For reasons that I will explain, you should get involved, as a bettor, in the question of which country aliens will attack first. And yes, that is an option!

What Is The Bet?

For your sports (or alien in this case) betting, you can find this wager in BetOnline’s “Entertainment” section. You’ll see a James Bond bet at the top. Right below it is the bet that we’re currently interested in. For reasons that I’ll get into, it is very important to read the fine print.

Though the question implies it, it is not necessarily really about which country actually gets attacked by aliens. We are not necessarily in the region of facts here.

Instead, the question is really asking which country will the NSA — an intelligence agency belonging to the U.S. government — confirm to have been attacked by aliens.

Allow me to explain why I think this way of reading the question is important.

Are Aliens Even Real?

First of all, I think that aliens are real. The universe is so infinitely large — there are quintillions of planets out there. Surely, we are not the only planet inhabited by forms of life. It also seems incredibly arrogant to think that we are the only species capable of space travel.

I think a bigger question is: given the tiny part of universal history in which we humans have existed, is it likely that aliens would exist at the same time?

Speculatively, this question seems more damning to believers in alien life. But empirically, a lot speaks for their existence during this segment of universal history. UFO sightings have formed a rampant part of human history, extending back into ancient times. Some skeptics want to explain away alleged alien sightings by claiming that they are just instances of military technology.

But the fact that sightings have taken place in a time period before technology was sufficiently advanced to mimic or at least engender the impression of alien aircraft shows that one cannot reduce these sightings to instances of technology.

Even focusing on current times, the Navy has released videos of UFO sightings that have landed on the front page of the New York Times. Navy pilots encountering these UFOs express wonder at what they saw. This wonder is unsurprising given the movements these aircrafts have made that defy human comprehension of physics.

Where Do These Sightings Take Place?

The question of where aliens will attack first may initially seem difficult because it is asking us to investigate the intentions of a species foreign to humankind. But we can look at patterns in order to discern these intentions.

UFO sightings tend to congregate around instances of military technology — I just talked about what Navy pilots have seen, for example. Test sites, nuclear facilities, and the like have encountered UFOs on several occasions. This pattern has bred the theory after World War II that aliens were interested in our nuclear technology.

Are They Aliens or Are They Humans?

But would aliens or humans be more interested in human military technology?

If aliens are advanced enough to reach us, then surely they could not feel threatened by human technology, especially when humans are so far from attacking aliens that we question their very existence, that governments doubt the need to drum up hostility towards aliens as they always drum up hostility towards nations whom they want to attack, and so forth.

Maybe aliens don’t feel threatened by us, but simply value our resources? The same line of response is valid: they surely do not depend on our resources. Maybe they would like to gather our resources even if they don’t depend on them.

While they could be advanced in empathy, they could also have no qualms about eliminating a totally foreign species — we could be to them what, for example, ants are to us — in order to gather a few resources. But they would also have no qualms about attacking any number of other planets.

If aliens were to pillage specifically Earth for resources, they would have done so already, especially before we advance in military technology, no matter how inferior human technology is to theirs, if they desired our resources.

Because aliens still have not attacked us and yet have the means to do so given their obviously superior technology and yet know what resources we possess, they must not find our resources valuable or worth exploiting.

Humans and Military Technology

I do not think that aliens will attack us.

But this is where BetOnline’s (visit our BetOnline Review) fine print comes into play: aliens do not need to actually attack Earth for the bet to hit. The NSA only needs to think or at least claim to think that they’ve attacked humans.

There is technology in place to create the appearance of UFOs. Just because UFOs have been sighted before this technology existed, does not mean that there are also fake UFOs. Both are logically compatible with each other: aliens are real but there are also fake aliens.

Why Would Any Country Want to Employ Fake Aliens?

To answer this question, recall the connection between military technology and UFO sightings. Different countries are definitely interested in each other’s military development.

They want to spy, to understand what other countries possess and to investigate where these possibly interesting technological possessions are located. However, spying and attacking are two different things.


Because the bet is void after December 31, meaning that the bet is void if no country is attacked by aliens according to the NSA, we should focus on current issues.

Right now, around the world, we are seeing restrictions on human liberty due to fears surrounding the coronavirus. Governments are very good at using these fears — justified or not — to gain more power and control over their citizens.

An alien attack would be an amazing way to stoke this fear especially if the Coronavirus is not sufficiently functioning as a source of fear. Based on its high vaccination denial rate, one such country where fear over the coronavirus is low is Russia.

In Russia, only 44.2-percent of the population is fully vaccinated against COVID. The population is thus largely not sufficiently afraid of the virus to get vaccinated. Russia is just the place, therefore, for a fake alien attack to take place that will be perceived as a real alien attack.

The Kremlin will use this “attack” to gain control over the Russian population in line with what other countries are able to achieve thanks to COVID and fear-generating propaganda.

For the above reasons, invest in Russia for your alien attack pick.

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