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Roman Reigns (2nd-R) celebrates his win during the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crown Jewel pay-per-view. (Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP)

For the first time since New Year’s Revolution over a decade ago, WWE will start their Major Event schedule not with the Royal Rumble, as Day 1 descends upon Atlanta, Georgia this Saturday night.

Weird seeing a WWE event start the year that is not my favorite match of the year (Royal Rumble and WarGames are my two favorite match types), but what is not weird are the ways we can make you money by placing wagers on the event via our friends at BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review)!

Right off the bat, WWE Hall of Famer Edge is a -700 favorite against Miz, who is a +400 underdog, now if you wanted to risk it all here, I’d throw my money on Miz for a win as I don’t see this feud reaching its end at Day 1, but with what is going on with COVID, coupled with Edge possibly having a set amount of appearances per year, it’s difficult to truly gage where this match can go. I’d avoid laying anything on this match unless you’re rolling it in with a more guaranteed parlay or have $20 you’re comfortable risking.

Championship Matches

With the WWE Championship match featuring favorite Big E (-135) and former WWE/Universal Champions Bobby Lashley (+250), Seth Rollins (+240) and Kevin Owens (+500), I would go with Big E here. I can see a chance where Rollins or Owens steal a win (especially with Owens reportedly resigning for major money a few weeks ago to keep him away from All Elite Wrestling), but if there is going to be a major title change, I only see it happening in two other matches.

One of those matches is the showdown for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship as Becky Lynch is a -300 favorite against Liv Morgan, who is set at +250 betting odds.

To be honest with you gang, I think this is Liv Morgan’s night at Day 1. While trying to guess WWE’s booking patterns is like guessing what the nation of North Korea will do in regards to diplomacy, the way they’ve built this up and the uncomfortable amount of people on the internet who would probably die for Liv Morgan, I can see the Long Island native getting the shock victory here and galvanizing a rematch either at the Royal Rumble or even Lynch winning the 30 women over the top rope showdown later this month and facing Morgan at WrestleMania in Dallas.

Yet again, I don’t write for WWE, but this would be something I think would work.

The Usos and the New Day continue their lifelong feud at Day 1 and I have NO problems with that because every time they face one another it’s instantly great television.

With the Usos a -250 favorite and the New Day a +170 underdog, the line makes sense as both teams could swap the tag team titles forever and fans wouldn’t take that much issue with it.

I feel like the Usos will retain here, but if you’re thinking what I’m thinking for the finish of this Pay Per View, The New Day may pull off the win.

Reigns or Lesnar?

Now to our main event. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. This angle has been one of the best things WWE has done in the last five years and it’s all been due to the genius of Paul Heyman and the extraordinary abilities of both Lesnar (+170) and Reigns (-250).

There are two clear roads ahead.

  1. Heyman and Reigns’ split was a clever ruse to get inside Lesnar’s head heading into the PPV and to get the edge on him
  2. Heyman helps Lesnar regain the Universal title and we’re off to the races with at least four months of the best thing that’s not Pat McAfee on their network.

I’m more inclined for option 2, cause you can only screw Lesnar over or play games with Lesnar enough to where it gets to become tiresome. Reigns’ time as Universal Champion has been one of the best heel title reigns in recent memory and will be the thesis statement for inclusion in any Hall Of Fame when he finally retires and does movies, like he should.

Bet Lesnar here and expect for chaos.

WWE Day 1 Pick: Brock Lesnar +170 at BetOnline

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