Best Bets for the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen. (Photo by JOHN THYS / various sources / AFP)

After a cracker of an F1 race in Belgium (and yes that was a joke) we head to the Netherlands were they will be hosting their first F1 Grand Prix in 36 years. We are going to cover the calamity of the previous few races as well as our favorite betting picks for this Dutch GP.

Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

Sunday, September 5, 2021 – 9:00 AM EDT at Zandvoort

Belgium GP A Calamity

It’s such a shame that the previous few races have not lived up to the excitement that we experienced at the start of the season. Verstappen has basically been deprived of fighting for this championship as his rival Hamilton knocked him out of the British GP (quite literally, and Verstappen was very lucky he didn’t end up with any serious injuries). The other Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas caused a pile up on the first lap of the Hungarian Gp, which caused Verstappen to finish just 9th and finally he didn’t even get to race on Sunday, although he will still be happy, he gained 5 points on Hamilton after driving just two laps of the race under a safety car.

The Belgium race was a complete joke and a lot of F1 fans were left disgruntled, especially those who attended and stood in the stands getting soaked to the bone for 5 hours, just to see a 2 lap race. Yes, the conditions were very bad, BUT the way they handled the situation left a bad taste in a lot of people mouth. They hadn’t prepared for a scenario like this in F1 and you know the famous saying, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Formula1 Pre Race Facts

  • Zandvoort is located near the sea and would be an ideal location to go watch a F1 race, especially with those crazy Dutch fans.
  • It will be the first time Hamilton takes on a championship rival on home soil since Sebastian Vettel in 2018.
  • The last corner of the 2.6-mile circuit is now banked, meaning the track inclines around the final bend.
  • The impressive fact about the Zandvoort banking is that it is actually twice as steep as the turns on the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • Prince Bira of Siam won the first Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort in 1948. A member of the Thai royal family.
  • Several of the current F1 racers have won here at Zandvoort in the younger categories, including Hamilton, Verstappen, Valtteri Bottas and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Winning Driver Odds

  • Max Verstappen +110
  • Lewis Hamilton +110
  • Sergio Perez +1200
  • Valtteri Bottas +1800
  • Lando Norris +3300
  • Charles Leclerc +4000
  • Carlos Sainz +10000
  • Rest of Field +15000

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Formula1 Race Picks

Essentially the oddmakers are saying it’s a 50/50 between Hamilton and Verstappen and we believe Verstappen to be the better driver right now, although Hamilton has had a knack of finding a way to win races this season that maybe he didn’t deserve.

It’s hard to oppose Hamilton but with Verstappen racing at home first the first time we believe it might just be enough to push him to victory. Verstappen has been faster than Hamilton as of late but it’s been the British driver who picked up the most points in the previous three races due to the Dutchman’s misfortunes.

This season has seen a solid trend of the classified drivers category going under 17.5 and on 9 occasions this season we have seen over 18.5 classified drivers. With this being a new track we believe now is the time we might actually see a few driver mishaps and we might cash under 18.5 classified drivers. Unfortunately for us the F1 bookmakers are thinking similarly to us but we have found some good value elsewhere.

With today’s technology and the cars less likely to “break” we see less and less DNF’s, added to the fact that today’s bunch of drivers are relatively safe and not reckless, which has also contributed to the DNF’s downfall. We think there’s some nice value at +150 for 17 or 18 classified drivers, this means we win if their 2 or 3 DNF’s.

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Max Verstappen Pole Position +120
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