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Make your mark in the world of hockey betting with expert NHL futures. Stay ahead of the game, anticipate the future champions and enjoy the thrill of predicting the next hockey legends with the top NHL futures, insider insight and tips from our experienced cappers.

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Winners +350 2022-23 NHL Stanley Cup Winner
+350 ODDS
$100 WAGER


Eric Kelly

Key Facts

  • The Carolina Hurricanes allow the least amount of goals per game of all the remaining teams in the playoffs (2.58).
  • Carolina had the best goals against record during the regular season, allowing 2.55 goals per game.
  • The Hurricanes have had the best Penalty Kill this post-season, having had a very respectable 91% PK unit.

The Carolina Hurricanes are now the second-biggest outsiders to lift the Stanley Cup following their 1-0 loss to the Florida Panthers in game one of the series, but we must remember the Hurricanes were the favorites to lift the cup before that loss.

We have been advocating for this Hurricanes team all season long, suggesting odds of +1700 and +1200 to lift the Stanley Cup at different stages of the season.

That said, if you missed those lines and are looking to get into the market now, their +350 odds to win the cup is definitely the best value pick right now.

Hurricanes Can Turn it Around

Although they have to come back from a 1-0 series deficit and then face the prospect of facing two tough teams in the Dallas Stars or Las Vegas Golden Knights in the final, we believe this Hurricanes team is the best value remaining in the Stanley Cup Futures market.

They have a resilient defense, two top goaltenders who allow 1.65 and 2.59 goals against this post-season. They also have a lot of depth in their team, with no less than 14 different players finding the back of the net this post-season, 12 of which have 2+ goals and 7 of which have seen 3+ goals.

We still believe the Hurricanes have what it takes to become Stanley Cup champions. There are a lot of veterans on this roster and they will be confident they can turn this around.

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Winners +350 at BetOnline

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Winners +350

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An Introduction to NHL Futures Picks

Whether you’re planning to bet on the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, or any other team out on the ice, we can help you make smarter NHL futures bets. 

Unlike regular sports betting, which typically revolves around imminent games or events, NHL futures betting operates on a much broader timescale. These can include predicting the team that will hoist the Stanley Cup, division winners or individual player awards.

Given the unpredictability and the long-term nature of these bets, the odds are generally more lucrative than those for immediate outcomes. However, such enticing prospects come with a higher degree of risk and uncertainty, which is why our experts offer NHL future picks.

What makes the best NHL futures picks?

Experienced sports bettors take a range of factors into account when making NHL futures picks. These data-based elements enable them to anticipate the likelihood of certain outcomes, as well as provide accurate recommendations and forecasts of future events. The following variables are commonly assessed by tipsters:

  1. Team Performance: Tipsters assess team performances from previous seasons, including certain records, score differences and home/away advantages. They also evaluate performance metrics such as shooting percentage, power play percentage and penalty kill percentage, which can impact a team’s overall success.
  2. Roster and Player Analysis: They consider team rosters, hockey player statistics and potential lineup changes as well as suspensions, trades or acquisitions that can affect team dynamics. It’s also important to pay attention to injuries, especially if key players are taken out of the game.
  3. Coaching Strategies: The style and strategies used by NHL coaches can significantly impact the final result of a game. Tipsters analyze coaching methods, tactical approaches and staff changes to determine how they may influence the probability of a team achieving victory.
  4. Schedule and Travel: The NHL schedule can be very demanding on its players, with teams frequently traveling and playing consecutive games. Tipsters consider the impact of travel fatigue and schedule congestion on team performance and how these elements can pose a challenge to winning.
  5. Head-to-Head Matchups: Examining historical head-to-head records between teams can provide valuable insights. Tipsters look at previous results, goal differences and trends in past meetings to estimate likely advantages or disadvantages for teams in upcoming matchups.
  6. Injuries and Health: Injuries play a vital role in team performance. Tipsters pay attention to injury status of key players, the impact of their absence and their expected date of return. They also inspect the overall health and fitness levels of teams, as a team’s physical condition can affect their long-term performance.
  7. Market Factors: Tipsters take into account the state of the market and the public consensus of teams. They look at variables such as media coverage, fan expectations and betting trends, which can all influence the value and probability of specific NHL futures picks.

What types of bets can be made with NHL futures picks?

The NHL futures market yields plenty of betting opportunities for hockey fans to make wagers ahead of the season’s schedule. Whether you want to wager on your favorite teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes or the Washington Capitals, using NHL futures picks from our expert tipsters can seriously help in boosting your prospective payouts.

Stanley Cup Winner

One of the most popular options that punters use NHL futures picks for is the Stanley Cup winner. This market entails making an early prediction as to who will be awarded the highly-coveted championship trophy after competing in the Stanley Cup playoff games. 

Conference Winners

Another type of hockey bet that bettors can rely on NHL futures picks for is Conference finals winners. As the National Hockey League is divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences, bettors can wager in advance on one or both of these competitions. The conference winner bet provides an extra level of excitement as the NHL playoffs approach, as it narrows down the field of probable winners.

Division Winners

NHL futures picks can also be used to bet on division outcomes. The National Hockey League is split into two conferences which are then further divided into four divisions, which are: the Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific divisions. Bettors can wager ahead of schedule on any number of the four. Since NHL futures picks account for team performance data, utilizing them with division winner bets can seriously give you an edge when wagering on which group will win their division’s title.

Regular Season Points

Another betting market that can be enjoyed with NHL futures picks is the regular season points bet. In this wager, a punter makes an estimated judgment on the total amount of points accumulated by a team during the regular season. This type of bet requires a comprehensive understanding of team dynamics, player performances and overall team consistency, which tipsters evaluate when making their futures picks. 

What are the benefits of using NHL futures picks?

There are several noteworthy benefits when it comes to using NHL futures picks for your hockey bets.

  • Higher Potential Payouts: NHL futures picks offer the chance to substantially increase your payouts. Since futures bets are placed before events and games occur, betting odds can be more favorable, especially for underdog teams that may have improved chances as the season progresses. By utilizing expert picks, bettors can set themselves up for receiving huge profits.
  • Extended Betting Thrill: NHL futures picks allow bettors to stay engaged and excited throughout the entire season. Instead of only wagering on individual games, futures bets provide a long-term investment in the result of a team or player’s performance. This adds an extra layer of thrill and anticipation to every game, making the NHL season even more captivating.
  • Hedging Opportunities: One advantage of NHL futures picks is the opportunity for hedging. As the season unfolds, circumstances may change that will lead to a shift in the odds. This flexibility allows bettors to effectively employ futures picks, as well as strategically place additional bets to mitigate potential losses or secure assured profits.

FAQs – NHL Futures Picks

How does an NHL futures bet work?

In an NHL futures bet, a bettor anticipates the outcome of an event or game that has not yet occurred. They allow you to place wagers before and after the NHL season starts. With an NHL futures bet, you can predict the Stanley Cup winner months in advance.

What factors should I consider when using NHL futures picks?

Relevant factors to consider when using NHL futures picks include team performance, player statistics, injuries, coaching strategies and historical trends. Evaluating these elements can increase your chances of making accurate predictions.

What is an NHL over/under bet?

An NHL over/under wager, also known as a totals bet, is where a punter predicts if the combined scores between two hockey teams in a game will exceed or fall short of a specific number set by the sportsbook.

Can I use NHL futures picks to hedge my bets on individual games?

You can certainly use NHL futures picks to hedge your wagers. A good time to use futures picks to hedge your bet is when the betting odds shift or if unexpected situations arise that could influence the result of your payout.

Can NHL futures picks be profitable?

NHL futures picks can allow bettors to significantly boost their profits. By using expert picks for NHL betting, you are employing the experience of handicappers that have been making winning predictions for years.