Super Bowl 2022 | Free NFL Prop Pick on 4th Down Conversions by Donnie RightSide – Feb. 13th

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Looking for the best betting analysis for the Super Bowl 2022 and the Rams vs. Bengals matchup? Look no further as our sports wagering sherpa, Donnie, has the perfect analysis for this one! Just check out the video, place the prop bet on a possible Bengals 4th down attempt and wait for the game to finish so you can cash your ticket.

The one and only, Donnie RightSide, delivers his pick of the day as the NFL action continues and we all look to cash in!

At BMR, we got you covered with the best advice for your bankroll. With our daily wagering analysis videos, you’ll get the best sports bet of the day from one of our expert handicappers.

Tune in to get the latest betting trends and NFL odds for your best bets, expert predictions and the latest odds for 2022.

Stay tuned for more content!

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