NFL Offseason 2022 | Rookie Bettors Minicamp: NFL Betting Basics

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As the NFL rookie minicamps start taking place in the first two weeks of May, at Bookmarkers Review we take a look at some of the basics so you can get a jump start on the 2022 NFL regular season. With the NFL Draft in the rearview mirror and the new talent getting acquainted with their teams we have to remember that there is another decisive factor in the offseason and that is the NFL Free Agency (just ask the Denver Broncos and their new QB in Russell Wilson).

So if you are wondering what are some of the basic topics you have to consider when looking ahead, take a minute to listen to what Donnie RightSide has to say. And if you participate in the forum, he might even read one of your comments!

The one and only, Donnie RightSide, delivers his takes on the NFL offseason, all the free-agency moves, the NFL futures odds markets while going over the basics of NFL betting, so you can get ready for the upcoming season.

At BMR, we got you covered with the best advice for your bankroll so you can tackle the 2022 NFL regular season in the best possible shape.