NFL Offseason 2022 | Going Through the Motions: How Bettors Find Value in NFL Betting Odds

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The NFL offseason is and Donnie RightSide has something to say! As we long for the Sunday action on the gridiron, why wait until September to get into the mix. A true bettor takes a page of the NFL offseason book and stays on top of all the important events: NFL Draft, rookie minicamps, OTA´s and mandatory training camps. That’s why Coach Donnie RightSide is here to help as he walks you through BMR’s NFL offseason workout for bettors.

One of the most important aspects for any NFL bettor is having the ability to find value. But what does that mean exactly? Is it a fixed number on a specific NFL game or chasing a steam move? At the end of the day, the value the NFL bettors need to win is all around the place, the key is being able to spot it…even if it means passing on a game!

The one and only, Donnie RightSide, delivers his takes on the NFL offseason, all the free-agency moves, and the futures odds markets while going over the basics of NFL betting, so you can get ready for the upcoming season.