Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl LVII Must Bet Props: Funny and Weird Wagers You Can Make

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The Super Bowl draws more viewers and likely more single-game sports bettors than any other event in the year. But while you can analyze the offenses and defenses for two weeks as much as you want, there are a ton of props that have nothing to do with the game of football itself. 

These props range from harmless fun like a 50/50 coin flip to more novelty items like how long the national anthem will take, and sometimes they are just downright weird as we are about to see. 

We went through some of the top-rated sportsbooks to find the funniest, weirdest, and possibly most profitable NFL picks you can bet on for Super Bowl LVII. We are not saying you should bet on all these props, but we just wanted to make sure you knew that you can. 

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Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, February 12, 2023 – 06:30 PM EST at State Farm Stadium

But Now Wait a Minute 

  • Prop: America the Beautiful – Who will be shown first: Travis Kelce (-220) or A.J. Brown (+165) at Bovada (visit our Bovada Review)

No disrespect to A.J. Brown, who is a very fine wide receiver, but he does not have the star power the camera will be drawn to like Kelce. In fact, they have several of these props and it would be easy to see the Chiefs winning each of these matchups, including Patrick Mahomes shown before Jalen Hurts, and Andy Reid shown before Nick Sirianni.  

Country Singers and Their Extra Syllables  

  • Prop: How long will it take Chris Stapleton to sing the US National Anthem? (Odds via Bovada
  • Over 2:07 (-190) 
  • Under 2:07 (+145) 

Country music is not my thing, so after firing up Chris Stapleton’s song “Tennessee Whiskey” to get a feel for his singing, I heard him turn “know” into a multiple-syllable word that took 4 seconds to sing. 

This one is going over.  

I Am Not My Brother’s Keeper 

  • Prop: How many TikTok videos will Jackson Mahomes post during the Super Bowl? (Odds via Bovada
  • Over 1.5 (+145) 
  • Under 1.5 (-190) 

If it’s anything over 0.5, we all lose.  

The less you know about Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, the better off you are.  

The Gatorade Bath 

  • Prop: What Color Liquid Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach of Super Bowl 57? (Odds via Bovada
  • Orange (-110) 
  • Lime/Green/Yellow (+210) 
  • Blue (+500) 
  • Purple (+800) 
  • Red (+850) 
  • Clear/Water (+1200) 

Apparently orange has been the most frequent since 2001 with 22.7% of the Super Bowls ending in that color. Last year, Sean McVay of the Rams was dumped in blue Gatorade (+300 odds).

This feels like a good spot for lime/green/yellow since you have the Eagles favored to win, and they might want the green. Plus, you seem to get a little leeway with three colors listed under one bet. 

There actually was no Gatorade shower for Doug Pederson on the 2017 Eagles when they won the Super Bowl, and Andy Reid was hit with orange for winning Super Bowl 54. Does red have a chance if the Chiefs win another for Big Red? 

I think if I had to bet, I’d fade the favored orange and go with green or red. 

The Drake Curse 

  • Prop: What team apparel will Drake be wearing on Super Bowl Sunday? (Odds via Bovada
  • Chiefs (-350) 
  • Eagles (+245) 

Drake is a rapper from Canada who has allegedly shown some interest in the Seahawks over the years, but he will apparently rep any team that’s hot right now. However, this does not feel like someone who would jump on the Eagles, so backing Mahomes and the Chiefs is likely the right call here. 

As if the Chiefs needed any other bad juju going their way this weekend. On the other hand, Drake reportedly hit a big bet on the Chiefs beating Cincinnati in the AFC Championship Game, so maybe he has one more in him.  

The Carl Cheffers Curse 

  • Prop: Distance of longest enforced penalty in game? (Odds via Bovada
  • Over 15.5 Yards (-215) 
  • Under 15.5 Yards (+160) 

This one actually is worth playing. For a penalty to be over 15 yards, we are talking about defensive pass interference, which is something Super Bowl referee Carl Cheffers loves seeing his crew call against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cheffers got them in the second quarter of Super Bowl LV on a bad DPI call on a Mike Evans pass. It should absolutely happen again as no defense was flagged for DPI more than the Chiefs (15 times) this season. Love the over here.  

Can I Get a Nipple and Butt Cheek Parlay? 

Please be, yes? Ever since Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl 20 years ago, people expect it to happen again, and yes, you can bet on an exposed nipple at +800 odds at BetOnline. Pity you cannot parlay the nipple and butt cheek together. 

But Rihanna is a beautiful woman and if a thong-type outfit counts for showing her butt cheek on the stage, then this should absolutely hit. 

What Is PopCorners? 

  • Prop: First TV Advertisement: PopCorners (-115) or Pringles (-115)? at Bovada

PopCorners? Never heard of them, but they look like a decent snack. Maybe more people will try them after seeing a commercial here, which is why we’ll back PopCorners to show up first as they need the attention more than the established Pringles. Their commercial needs to air while people are still hungry, sober, and happy before the game drags them into depression later.  

Junior, Double, Triple Whopper 

  • Prop: Andy Reid Special – Will he eat a cheeseburger before the end of the Super Bowl broadcast? Yes (+650) No (-1400) at Bovada

If Big Red wants a tasty burger, he should be allowed to have one, but we can safely say this will not happen during Sunday’s broadcast.  

I’m the Captain Now 

  • Prop: Andy Reid or Nick Sirianni to be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct (+100000) at Bovada

This may not be known by many, but the NFL added a rule change in 2017 where a head coach can be ejected now if they receive two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in a game. But no coach in NFL history has ever been ejected from a game, so do not expect this weekend to be the first.  

Brotherly Love? 

  • Prop: Jason Kelce to punch Travis Kelce in the head/helmet during an in-game altercation (+50000) at Bovada

We end on the most bizarre scenario yet. The Kelce Bowl being the first Super Bowl where two brothers squared off is a big storyline this week, but what a crazy twist this would be if a fight broke out between them.

Of course, they likely will never be on the field for the same play with both playing offense, and if this somehow did happen, you would have to wonder if it would be investigated for fraud because it is so preposterous.  

But Philadelphia fans would eat it up if it did happen. 

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