2022 NFL Draft Props: How Many Quarterbacks Will Be Selected in the 1st Round?

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The 2022 NFL Draft is weeks away, and we have more questions now than we have seen this late in the process in recent memory. We think we know who will be the first player drafted, but even experts have questions surrounding the rest of the draft.  

This is because of so many factors. The leading factor is the fact that so many teams are making major moves in free agency. If teams have needs, they are sorting them out with trades or signings before the draft itself. We now have a gap between the worst teams with dozens of problems and the top-tier franchises with no major issues.  

We’ve also seen plenty of elite prospects in recent years. Many teams have solved issues at quarterback and receiver, which changes the needs for the 2022 NFL Draft. Add in the fact that the class is underwhelming as a whole, and this should be a crazy draft filled with surprises.  

Quarterbacks carry the weight of a draft, and that will be hard to do this season. The best quarterback would be QB5 last year. So, how many quarterbacks will go in the first round?  

The Only Lock In the First Round 

Last year, there were five quarterbacks who knew that they would hear their name called on the first night of the draft. This year, we only have one. That is Malik Willis, the former quarterback out of Liberty. Willis is far from a lock to start in his rookie season, but he has the traits and upside that are worth reaching on.  

Willis could go anywhere from 2nd overall to 20th, but he is a lock to go in the first round. With a few teams still hoping to take a quarterback for the future, someone will see him as a project. He could play behind Jared Goff in Detroit. He could compete with Darnold in Carolina. Seattle could use a first-round pick to begin the rebuild.  

No matter where he goes, Willis will hear his name called on the first night of the 2022 NFL Draft. 

Other QBs in Contention 

There are three other quarterbacks with starter potential at this point in the process. Kenny Pickett, the Pitt quarterback, could be QB1 if the right team falls in love with his leadership. However, a few red flags keep him from being a lock in the first round. He’s old for a rookie, and he has a low ceiling. His small hands will deter some teams from taking him, and he likely won’t get much better than he is right now. 

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Matt Corral is another great quarterback, but he hasn’t made much noise in the pre-draft process because of an injury late in the season. He hasn’t shown his athleticism, and he wasn’t able to compete in many drills in front of teams. We would be talking more about him if he were healthy, but this is the worst time to be unavailable on the football field.  

After Corral, Desmond Ridder deserves some love. The Cincinnati quarterback is easily the most successful out of this group, but he also struggled against Alabama on the biggest stage. He’s another veteran with little room for growth, so teams may see him as a veteran backup as opposed to a project to compete and become an elite starter. There is still value there, but it might keep him out of the first round.  

How Many Quarterbacks Will Go Early?  

There are other prospects like Carson Strong who will be fun to watch, but these are the only quarterbacks receiving buzz in the first round. Willis will likely go in the top 10, and a team like Pittsburgh or Detroit could look for another quarterback in the back half of the first round. Teams like Atlanta and Seattle could trade back and take a quarterback if they prefer, but some teams will either take one in the second round or wait for a better player in the 2023 NFL Draft.  

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