Card Player magazine instrumental in assisting North Dakota with House Bill 1509

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The “Internet Poker Bill” passed the State\’s House of Representatives vote last week and is now scheduled for State Senate vote on March 15. It would create an online poker jurisdiction in the State.

In assisting with House Bill 1509, Barry Shulman, editor of Card Player magazine, and Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, attorney with expertise in online gambling law, provided necessary legal analysis, industry statistics and will testify in the North Dakota State Senate on March 15.

“Online poker is now a $2 billion business and, just last year, online poker play increased approximately 600%. Now over 100,000 people are playing poker on-line at any given time on over 400 different poker sites,” said Barry Shulman.

“This bill could potentially match the whole revenue stream that the state has now,” said Rep. Jim Kasper, North Dakota House of Representatives.

Kasper estimates the HB 1509 could bring up to $500 million of new revenue to the state. Under his plan, North Dakota would use 60% of the poker revenue for property tax relief, 20% for public education and 20% for the state\’s general fund.

Kasper said North Dakota will fight the federal government in court if the federal officials block state law.