Australian mainland states to sanction Tasmania

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Industry sources reported that Tasmanian racing will risk sanctions if it gives a license to Betfair.

“Many senior racing officials don\’t want Betfair and will do their best to see it doesn\’t get a license,” said the source.

Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon confirmed he would spend the next six weeks consulting with interested racing groups both in Tasmania and on the mainland, but he also said the Betfair model suited Tasmanian racing.

Mr Lennon provided details about the negotiations with the betting exchange. The Tasmanian Government requested an upfront payment and a tax fee based on the gross profits generated from all Australian horse racing, paid irrespective of where the punter is based.

“If I didn\’t believe that it was a potentially good opportunity for the Tasmanian racing industry then this Government would not have continued discussions with Betfair,” said Lennon.