Free NCAAF Picks by BMR – NCAAF Pick of the Day – Expert Predictions (Dec. 10th)

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Today is a good day for free NCAAF picks! Well, every day is a good day for free NCAAF picks, but you know, it’s also Friday so… It’s kind of special. Anyway, Chris Giannini has a new prediction for you that will make the start of your weekend even better. Join along!

In this edition of BMR’s Free NCAAF Picks, the guru of plays himself, Chris Giannini, delivers his Pick of The Day for Friday, December 10th as the NCAAF action continues and we all look to cash in!

At BMR, we got you covered with the best advice for your bankroll. With our daily NCAAF Pick of the Day, you’ll get the best bet of the day from one of our NCAAF expert handicappers.

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