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The Best College Football Odds & NCAAF Lines

Betting on NCAAF college football has gone through the roof. This is one of the most popular sports in North America and with so many games on the college football schedule, NCAAF betting now pulls in more money during an entire season than the NFL.

So how do you get a piece of the action? Bookmakers Review will show you how it’s done; this guide will give you the basic tools you need to get the most betting value out of the college football season.

Understanding NCAAF Odds

It all starts with learning how to read the college football betting odds. Each sportsbook will post its college football lines before kick-off; you’ll need to understand those lines before you make your college football predictions for the week. We’ll show you how to understand the odds for college football and each of the popular bet types.

Overview of Placing Bets on College Football

College football betting sites are like investment brokers – they offer you some bets to invest in, handle your wagers and pay when you win. This could be a regulated in-state provider like Caesars Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook or an offshore company like Bovada Sportsbook. Either kind of book is fine for placing all types of bets, but you should definitely stick with the highest-rated companies here at Bookmakers Review.

Popular NCAAF Betting Markets

Speaking of betting types, here are some different ways you can get your money down on college football, starting with the oldest type of bet on the market.


The college football moneyline is the original way to bet on NCAAF football and still a popular type to this day. All you have to do is pick the straight-up winner for a single game or betting event.


Chances are you’re already familiar with the point spread. College football spread betting has been around since the 1940s; spread bets like Alabama -20.5 or Auburn +20.5 are now the most popular wagers on the market and they’re easy to figure out. The favorite, like Alabama in this example, has to win by a certain number of points (more than 20.5) to "cover" the spread, otherwise, it’s the underdog (Auburn in this case) who pays out.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals have quickly become one of the standard ways to bet on college sports since they were introduced about 50 years ago. Simply bet on whether the two teams in question will score Over or Under the given number of points — which is why totals are also referred to as over/unders.

Prop Bets

Props (short for "proposition bets") ask you to bet on something other than the game itself. These can be broken down by type of prop bet; player props deal with the statistical output of college football players, like touchdown passes or running yards per game, while team props focus on things like which team will score first.


Betting on college football futures lets you wager on events that won’t be resolved until a later date, like whether one of your favorite college football bowl games or if your favorite team will win the National Championship. Futures bets can be placed any time of year, even during the offseason; each of the college football teams still in the title hunt will have their futures odds posted before Opening Day and those odds will be updated as the season progresses. You can also still bet on futures during the college playoffs.

Live NCAA College Football Betting

The betting doesn’t have to stop just because your college football game has already kicked off. Live game odds are now available and updated all the way through to the final gun; many sports betting operators even allow players to bet on the outcome of the next play, like whether it will be a run or a pass. Live betting is a great way to get the most excitement out of every single college football matchup on the calendar. In-game betting can be especially fun during the tensest matchups during bowl season or in a busy event like a college football playoff game.

NCAA College Football Betting Tips

So you want to be a successful sports bettor and make more well-informed decisions throughout the 2023-24 college football season? Check out our NCAAF college football page at Bookmakers Review to learn more about online sports betting; in addition to college football picks and lines for upcoming games, we’ll give you tons of information you can use as the seasoned bettors do so that you can extract the highest potential payout possible from your college football bets.

FAQs — NCAA College Football Odds

What are the most popular NCAAF events to bet on?

The National Championship Game is usually the biggest game of the year, followed by the other College Football Bowl games like the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl and Peach Bowl, then the Conference Championships and finally the regular season games.

What causes college football betting lines to change?

Sportsbooks will move their college football lines in response to the betting action, ideally to balance the percentage of money bet on each side. Smart sports betting operators will strike this balance so they can pay off the winning bets with the money from the losing bets.

What does a plus or minus symbol in college football odds mean?

Betting on NCAA football with the American Odds format, the minus symbol (-) is used to show the favorite (the perceived stronger team), while the plus symbol (+) shows you the underdog (the perceived weaker team).

How do I convert NCAAF odds into percentages?

Use the free Odds Converter at Bookmakers Review to find the equivalent "implied probability" for any NCAA football betting odds that you plug in.

Is betting on the NCAAF with an online sportsbook or mobile app safe?

Betting on college football is as safe as making any other financial transaction — which is why you need to do your part to protect yourself, just like you would when dealing with banks or credit card companies.