Wyoming vs. Nevada – Free NCAAB Picks by BMR – Jason Radowitz – Jan. 17th

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After running his models and breaking down the stats, Jason found value in the Wyoming vs Nevada game and has a free NCAAB pick for you, so you can get the best return on investment with today’s play!

Join BMR’s betting analyst, Jason Radowitz, who’ll talk about the best value in his favorite game and share a great pick to bet on, as he breaks down the odds to give you his daily pick of the day!

At BMR, we got you covered with the best advice for your bankroll. With our daily NCAAB Pick of the Day, you’ll get the best bet of the day from one of our NCAAB expert handicappers.

Tune in to get the latest NCAAB betting trends and NCAAB odds for your best bets, expert predictions and the latest odds for 2022.

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