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The NBA has action just about every single night of the season which means tons of opportunity for us sports bettors to cash in. When it comes to navigating NBA odds, the most popular form of betting remains betting against the spread. While that will probably remain the case for years to come, the depth of basketball's odds markets has matured substantially over the years.

At most of the top online sportsbooks shown on the free Bookmakers Review Odds product, you will be able to find all of the most popular NBA betting formats, including full game, halves, and quarter lines against the spread, straight up, and against the total.

Betting NBA Futures
When it comes to NBA championship odds, you can view real-time NBA futures using Bookmakers Review.

NBA Moneylines
This is a very important yet overlooked aspect of NBA betting lines. Due to the nature of the sport basketball what most casual bettors fail to realize when reviewing NBA betting odds is how low the average margin of victory is for most teams.

Spreads of one possession or less are perfect opportunities to bet on. As a bettor, you would be shocked at how often you picked the right side but ended up losing your pick because the team did not cover the spread. In the long run, if your picks are better than break-even, especially with the help of our experts, you will find that this type of wager can be very profitable.

NBA Prop Bets Are Gaining Popularity
The props market when looking at NBA odds can be both enticing and misleading. Enticing because there are so many picks to choose from, misleading because some of the picks available on the market just seem so easy.

Not so fast! If you're looking to make a profit on prop bets, you must keep in mind that these odds are situational. The available odds are not based only on what the player has done for the season, it's based on a combination of that and recent trends. In order to make the best possible decision, you need to be informed and up to date. Our expert analysis from the NBA Picks section will help you identify trends that you might not have noticed otherwise.

Where Can I Bet On NBA Games?
All of the sportsbooks shown on the BMR Odds product accept wagers on NBA games. View a list of the best NBA sportsbooks compiled by BMR.

When Are NBA Odds Released?
The answer to that question depends on the sportsbook you are dealing with. Some of the biggest sports betting sites in the industry release the lines the night before the game. With these books, you will often see an NBA line today as well as games for the following day. Most of the time, you will not see the full slate available for the day, just a few of the earliest available lines.

Other online sports betting sites release the following day's NBA odds after the last game of that same day has been played.

NBA lines for all the games are usually available around 10 am ET. If you see a line that is still not on the board by this time, some question marks about who is available to play which of course affects the lines.

NBA props markets are the last of the NBA lines to be released and are usually available sometime between 11-12 pm ET. All of this information is important if you want to assure yourself of having a chance to pounce on the lines before bookmakers adjust their prices prior to tipoff.

Bankroll Management and NBA Betting
With sports that have games happening on a nightly basis, it is important that you manage your bankroll so that you have enough to sustain you through an entire season. The Kelly Criterion calculator provided by free for Bookmakers Review can help with this.

That is why we preach betting responsibly and that starts with knowing how much to bet and when. There is a key number that you need to remember and that's 5%. If you are betting more than Professional players stick to wagers of 1-5% of their total bankroll depending on how strongly they feel about a game.

A 5% bet then would represent a max bet. With proper bankroll management, you should be able to make it through an entire season without having to dip into your bank account several times. There's nothing worse than betting the entire regular season only to miss out on NBA playoff odds because you didn't manage your bankroll well enough to make it to postseason action.

What type of NBA Bet is the Most Profitable?
There is no simple answer to this question.

What makes you profit might be a market that others will tell you to avoid at all costs. You will hear people say things like "the only way to make money betting the NBA is with totals" which can be true. The problem with that logic is what is true for one person isn't necessarily a fact for another. The best thing to do is start off slow with 1% plays or less (it's ok to bet half and quarter units) until you figure out what works best for you.

Just make sure not to feel a false sense of security. Just because you got hot betting NBA 1st quarter odds last week doesn't mean that will continue the following week.

Remember, whatever trend you're seeing, oddsmakers are seeing too, and if they're doing their job properly, they're also seeing it long before you do. In turn, they are responsible with the process of adjusting the available prices on the market so you can't exploit market infficiencies. So take your time, study wisely but don't get comfortable, instead, make sure to stay on your toes for any kind of market correction so you stay ahead of the curve.

NBA Live Betting is Taking Over
While it isn't the most popular form of NBA betting yet, live wagering is growing so fast that it is destined to be the way most young people bet moving forward. That isn't to say it will become more popular than betting against the spread, but it is to say that this market will continue to grow which is great for bettors.

The other reason why it seems to be increasing in popularity is the fact that it gives fans the feeling of being part of the action. You've watched the game, you see how each team is playing and the strategy they're employing and you think you can pick the right side based on the information you've gathered.

Whether you're at the game or at home, a live wager gives you a stake in what can sometimes be described as the meaningless portion of a game known to fans as "garbage time". If you've ever watched a game and have seen a fan celebrating wildly at a play during garbage time, that guy probably had a live bet and you didn't realize it.