Wyoming Wants Ex-China Bitcoin Miners


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Jun 4, 2016
Wyoming wants miners

With the ongoing crypto miner repression in China, the companies behind the operations are actively seeking to relocate to more welcoming jurisdictions. Wyoming, which has maintained a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, is looking to be the next top hub spot for mining. Pro-Bitcoin Senator Cynthia Lummis has sent an open invitation to miners via social media whilst recently defending Bitcoin's carbon footprint in an interview.

Referring to research conducted at the University of Cambridge, Bitcoin mining uses roughly 40% renewable energy while the traditional economy is currently estimated to use only 12% renewables. Senator Lummis went on to say, "Bitcoin mining is already more environmentally adapted to non-carbon emitting energy sources", referencing innovation occurring in her energy-rich state of Wyoming. Bitcoin miners are helping to utilise the gas that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere with mobile mining platforms - keeping carbon out of the air while using it to produce another product in the form of Bitcoin.