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My name is I. Dalbe.my username in cashpoint is -ceplis7
I registred in cashpoint30.10.13 and deposited 800 eur to cashpoint with my ewallet-SKRILL.
After couple day of playing(betting),mostly LIVE soccer betting my balnce reached 2160 eur I get email from cashier@cashpoint.com

Dear Mr Dalbe,

With regrets we have to inform you, that we had to close your account. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.

If there is remaining money on your Internet account, you may request your balance yourself, after we have receive a copy of your ID card.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

I sent my passport and requested withdrawl to my skrill by myself as stated in cashier email.On next day I get email from cashier again.

Dear Customer

To arrange your payout please send us as well a copy of any utility bill, like electricity or telephone invoice to compare your entered living address with your Cashpoint data.

As soon as we receive this document, we can finish the safety inspection on your betting account.
Best regards

I sent my bill and get this answer.

Dear Customer

We can not finish the safety inspection positively..As you have registered as a Latvian citizen we can do your payout for safety reasons only through bank remittance to your Latvian bank account. The bank account holder must be identical with the Cashpoint account holder.

As soon as you provide the underneath mentioned information, we can arrange the pay out for you.

Bank account holder name

Bank name

IBAN (Bank account number)
Swift Code

So,www.cashpoint.com forced me break the law-if I get money to my Bank account from company where I never made deposit I will be arrested by money laundering!!!

My deposit to cashpoint was trough skrill and money I can get to my skrill ONLY,and to my bank account I can get money in this case only from SKRILL not from cashpoint.
Please help resolve this incident if you can!

Best Regards


It is true that most bookmakers prefer or indeed insist on returning deposited funds and winnings to the same source as it came from [eg skrill/moneybookers account or bank account].I didn't know that that was a legal requirement,though.If the bookmakers have taken steps to confirm your identity,isn't it okay for them to pay you through a different account ? IMHO the risk of money laundering would be substantially reduced,since it was their idea rather than yours.
In any case,I cannot see how you would be guilty of money laundering - provided that both the moneybookers account and the bank account were yours.


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quincunx,lets see other side this issue.
I must get this money to my skrill and after I can used it-deposit to poker sites,for betting or casino playing.All my deposits will be without any fees!!!
Why I must now deposit this amount back to skrill from my bank account and paid commisions to skrill??


Do Skrill charge commission for bank deposits into your Skrill account ? What rate do they charge ?
Yes,I agree that it is inconvenient and slow - but it seems unavoidable.The bookies are not refusing to pay,they are just saying that they can't or won't pay by Skrill.
Bwin actually charge commission for withdrawals - which IMHO is worse.